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Contract Laboratory has received the following industry standard Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These industry standard Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their industry standard Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a industry standard Laboratory, please Submit a industry standard Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Polystyrene Analysis

Polymer Manufacturer needs Polymer Laboratory for Polystyrene Analysis through polymerization process from monomer to polymer.
1-we need internationa... View More

ISBN Certificate

Large Food Company needs Europe Independent Industrial Laboratory for ISBN certificate, for nitrogen and CO2 analysis used in the food industry View More

Cannabis Child Resistant Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child Resistant Packaging testing for the cannabis industry to get CRP certification. View More

Residential Electric Meter Accuracy Testing

Organization needs Southeast USA Independent Electrical Laboratory for residential electric meter accuracy testing from a small poor town with only on... View More

Boeing and Airbus Surface Wipe Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Aerospace Laboratory needed for aircraft surface wipe testing according to AMS3819C Cloths, Cleaning For Aircraft Primary and Secondar... View More

Candle Industry Standard Development Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing of 3 different types of retail candles (both for purity levels and also for the % amounts of different... View More

Industrial Propellant Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for propellant testing to industry standard qualifications and certifications including:
1. Thermal stability and JANNAF... View More

ASTM Thermal Interface Materials Testing

URGENT Materials Supplier to the Automotive Industry needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing of Thermal Interface Materials to ASTM E595 - Test Me... View More

New Organic Fertilizer Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Large University needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for new organic fertilizer testing for Acetate, Butyrate, Ammonia, and Ammonium... View More

ASHRAE H2S Removal Efficiency

Air Purification Company needs Industry Laboratory for ASHRAE H2S removal efficiency to ASHRAE 145.2 Laboratory Test Method for Assessing the Performa... View More

Plastic Film Failure Analysis

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of plastic film used in agriculture industry that typically last 8+ weeks but is becoming brittle an... View More

Beverage Alcohol Testing

LEGAL Certified Laboratory needed for alcohol testing in beverage sold as nonalcoholic by Industry standard testing methods. Testing is done in the mi... View More

Food Acrylamide Reduction Study and Conversion of Sugars in Milk

Food Laboratory needed for the following Food Research Studies to develop applications for the reduction of acrylamide in fried food products in bakin... View More

Glazing Bonding Validation

Bonding validation by ageing test according to appendix 3 of the DVS1618 is needed for glazing that is produced for the train industry. View More

Failure Analysis of Adhesive

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of construction materials adhesive that moisture has infiltrated compared to the same adhesive in id... View More

SAE J2044 Life Cycle Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE life cycle testing of plastic fuel line connectors for the automotive industry according to SAE J2044 Quick Conne... View More

Polyethylene Film Shelf-Life

Engineering Firm needs Polymer Laboratory for shelf-life testing for degradation inpolyethylene film to be used for hygiene industry having oxo-biodeg... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for formulation of an ointment used to wipe skin while tattoing. We will send samples of products... View More

Agriculture Manufacturer needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for validated HPLC assay testing for the chemical called (n-butyl) thiophosphoric triam... View More

Physical laboratory needed for flame retardant testing to Information Technology Industry Council. standard 'M1', Biometrics View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing to support expiration date extension for adhesive tapes used in aerospace industry View More

Materials laboratory needed for measuring heat insulation properties of clothing insulation to the current industry standard for hand warmers. The lab... View More

University researcher needs food laboratory needed for water activity testing on mango muffins with custard filling. View More

Laboratory needed for EPA fuel efficiency certification testing of truck and large engine as well as emissions testing with use of a liquid organic en... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large pharma needs packaging laboratory for child resistance cap testing on a regular basis to industry approved test procedures. View More

Materials laboratory needed for integrity / life expectancy testing of PVDF and Tedlar used in Supported Structure industry and Fabric Structure indus... View More

Contract laboratory needed for accelerated product life testing on turnkey automation and lighting solutions used in hospitality industry. View More

Engineering laboratory needed for measuring the free flowing oxygen content of a vapor stream used in the petroleum industry. View More

Electrical laboratory needed for SAE external ignition testing of small marine electrical equipment for use in the marine industry to SAE J1171, Exter... View More

LONG TERM. Textile laboratory needed for testing water resistance of soft-shell garments according to apparel industry standards. View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Competitor Comparison study of the quality of industry kitchenware /cookware such as All-Clad, Mauviel and ot... View More

Bioscience company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for agar testing: gel strength in the range of is a range of 660-1200 g/cm^3 for bacteriological ag... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for Ingress Protection IP69K testing for an electric motor for food industry View More

Large manufacturer of electro-mechanical products for the aerospace industry needs test facility for various types of compliance testing per DO160G ... View More

Aerospace laboratory needed for contamination control product testing to approved by and other aerospace industry specified testing procedures AMS 381... View More

Consumer Products performance laboratory needed for waterproof testing for clothing. MIL SPECs or other standard industry tests. View More

Laboratory needed for Industry standards and safety testing for a piece of exercise equipment. No digital or electrical component to meet government a... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for vibration testing an automotive pallet load to ensure returnable packaging will hold up
pack ships for automotive ma... View More


Toxicology Laboratory needed for REACH OECD polymer testing to OECD TG 118 (1996) method on phenolic syntans, melamine, dicyandiamide, naphthalene, ch... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for performance testing of horse boot inner liner material for heat and water evaporation in comparison to indust... View More

UK cosmetics laboratory needed for full quality control testing and analyses needed for the soap industry including all raw materials (oil, water...) ... View More

USA physical chemistry needed for particle analysis and distribution testing of carbon black samples that range in size from o.2 micron up to 400 micr... View More

Laboratory needed for Quality testing of Influenza Candidate Vaccine virus stock(as per 21 CFR Part 58) for the below.

Adventitious viruses testing... View More

LONG-TERM Eastern Europe laboratory needed for long-term testing of injection, painting and chrome plating of plastic parts for automotive industry t... View More

Textile laboratory needed for Fabric testing for the Apparel Industry: dry clean testing, elongation testing, fabric thickness, fabric weight, shrinka... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Deformulation of a product needed within the cosmetic/aesthetic industry. Product is a combination of vitam... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing of water insoluble chemicals. (used in the oilfield industrythat require biodegrada... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for cytotoxicity testing of PVC Films used in the medical industry. I?m also interested in quotes for USDA class 6 testi... View More

Laboratory needed to quote for analysis of appx. 1 oz. of silicone based fluid: chemical composition (quantitative) analysis to a standard and industr... View More

India physical laboratory needed for cigaretter paper testing for paper board whiteness for cigarette industry. View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for craft beer testing for diacetyl levels in to acceptable level or industry standard for diacetyl in craft be... View More

United States FDA cGMP Microbioogy Laboratory needed for Biological Indicator Testing by FDA Industry Method: Reduced Incubation Time Study for Biolog... View More

Canada Agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mustard seed testing: Quality and utility of mustard seeds Oil percentage
- Contents of... View More

Saudi Arabia Materials Laboratory needed for Plastic film testing of EVA sheet.All laboratory test required in plastic film industry as will as report... View More

Australia Agriculture Laboratory needed for mustard seed testing: min/max amount of sand/soil would be expected in mustard seeds. View More

Law firm needs USA Experienced industrial hygiene laboratory for pet food plant grain mill grain dust an grain testing for aflatoxins to determine whe... View More

Manufacturers of consumables for the Civil Aviation Industry need India or Asia laboratory for FAA Testing. Tests as per FAA as well EASA test protoco... View More

Manufacturer of polymer film used in the food packaging industry needs ISO FDA GMP and NABL Packaging Laboratory for ASTM and ISO heat seal coating t... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for puncture resistance comparison study of flexible packaging materials. Would like to compare our structure to a compet... View More

Supplier of plastic parts for the automotive industry needs ISO automotive laboratory for GMW testing and ISO testing. Company is developing a new pro... View More

University Researcher needs packaging laboratory for leakage measurement testing within the alcoholic beverage industry to look at different materials... View More

Food Laboratory needed for quality testing: dairy testing of three dairy product samples including butter, cheese, and ice cream. My firm is very invo... View More

Colorant Manufacturer for coatings industry is interested in having coating approved for FDA food contact requirements and requires toxicological labo... View More

Southeast USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical testing of Steel material: 1) Stub column 2) Cantiléver 3) Cyclic for back and forward stres... View More

Norway mechanical laboratory needed for mechanical testing of automotive parts. Tests to be performed on interior parts for the automotive industry. View More

Pennsylvania Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for custom synthesis of 5 to 10 grams of CAS # 88373-30-2, 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4(1H,3H)-dithione,6-[[... View More

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Softness testing of nonvowens fabrics and laminates used in the hygiene industry (diapers) View More

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Quantitative Analysis of Pentobarbital Sodium (powder form). Instrumentation - GC/MS (or LC/MS) and NMR. Need res... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM-D-2183 Test Method for Flow Properties of Adhesives.ASTM-D-2863 Standard Test Method for Measu... View More

Keg Manufacturer (packing) for beer and wine industry needs FDA GMP food packaging laboratory for FDA food packaging testing. Our products have been t... View More

Food Laboratory needed for food migration testing performed on 13 different caps. These caps fit on bottles, such as honey bottles, mustard cap, relis... View More

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for salicylic acid testing: Titration of salicylic acid in a mixture polysaccharide/salicylic acid/ci... View More

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing of shells used for the food industry. The shells are washed in a chlorinated bath durin... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to ASTM E 408 of aluminium foil and metalized polyethelene(MPET) to ASTM E 408. Aluminum Foil isfor elami... View More

Canada Laboratory needed for pet food testing to Canadian Pet Food Industry Standard: nutritional testing, shelf life testing, pet food 6 samples View More

Ice Cream Manufacturer needs Southeast USA Food Microbiology Laboratory for Frozen custard testing - Petrifilm method for Standard Plate Count and Col... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for OHS air testing for air samples analysis in grain elevators to OHS standards in the grain industry. We need to de... View More

UK UKAS, ISO9001 analytical chemistry laboratory needed for phthalate testing of chemical finished products which are manufactured by ourselves and us... View More

Independent organization wishes to perform industry standard testing of generic drugs to determine if they meet or exceed acceptance criteria. View More

Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical identification of chemicals in sample to see if its the same as agriculture chemical called... View More

India Oil Laboratory needed for FVA Micropitting test- FVA Method No. 54/I-IV at 90ºC & at 60ºC

FZG test run according to DIN 51354-2 standard and ... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for Called protection test IP69K this uses high pressure heated water aimed at the test item at 4-5 different angles. W... View More


Eastern USA Mechanical IEC Electrical Laboratory needed for ASTM testing on fiberglass sticks used by the utility industry in accordance to IEC60855-... View More

Ohio Materials Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing: ANSI 26.1 test groups 4, 5, & 12 under "rigid plastics" for glazed materials used in the automotive... View More

India ASHTO Laboratory needed for transportation testing to obtain certification for geo-textiles for the construction industry. View More

Geological Laboratory needed for testing property testing for Avonite Stone Composite used in the bathware industry. View More

Eastern USA Metallurgical Laboratory needed for testing copper rings used in aerospace industry to determine what alloy of copper was used at time of ... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed to perform biodegradability test on a chemical named "wax" (paraffin used in manufacturing of yarn in the textile indu... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory need for polyethylene testing: surface testing for polyethylene and teflon - product contamination concerns in the... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial efficacy testing to validate the effectiveness of a microbiological filter. The filter is to filter air i... View More

Midwest USA Textiles Laboratory needed for testing washing of Hygenically clean laundry, to test the effects of washing proceedure on textiles worn in... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Analytical testing of Guar Gum Powder USP viscosity & Mesh size for various application in Food industr... View More

Large Pharma Mfg needs Singapore FDA GLP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Melamine Testing to Risk for Melamine Contamination, August

Assumption... View More

Middle East Consumer Products Laboratory needed for GB 5593 and GB 5594 electricaln testing of ceramic (porcelain)products. We want to test our fuse b... View More


USA Bioanalytical Laboratory required for testing pharmaceutical compound for ID of substance; concentrations; and (if possible) the identity(s) of an... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for implant testing on a partial knee replacement. We have a partial knee device that we would like to have mechanica... View More

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required to confirm the authenticity of mustard oil using carbon isotope ratios View More


USA Materials Laboratory needed for flammability and fire point testing of a variety of chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry for "fire Point"... View More

East Coast USA Laboratory to test Roman Shades for safety standards ie.choking hazard with infants. CPSC has rejected past industry standard and now r... View More

Chemicals Manufacturer needs SOuth Africa Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for solvent extraction reagent for Uranium extraction. We would like to hav... View More

Analytical Chemistry needed for testing percentage oil in cotton seed, mustard seed View More

Midwest USA ASTM 159-83, DIN 1686-2, and 1685-1 and EN1563:1997 Mechanical/Analytical Laboratory needed for testing Gray(class 2500-3500)and Ductile i... View More

Asia International Standard Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for performance testing of special chemicals used in the oil and gas industry - for... View More

USA ASTM Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analysis of Biodiesel to check for ASTM industry standards. View More

Texas Analytical/Microbiology Laboratories needed for testing in the food/dietary supplement industry. They have to either currently outsource part of... View More

Europe Plastics and Polymers Laboratory needed for standard Luposol Stress Crack Testing on plastic parts injected in PE-HD for the automotive industr... View More

Georgia Physical Laboratory needed for testing 2 - 4 samples of hardwood flooring on the Janka scale for relative hardness (to one another) as well as... View More

Large Automotive Manufacturer needs USA Materials Laboratory to verify chemistry & physical properties to specification provided. Material used in inv... View More

Europe Physical Laboratory needed for testing Carbon Black and few more products for, power stretching, cleanliness level, overall weight and ext, but... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry lab needed to test agrichemical products, as well as research & development. We are in need of a lab who can help us test var... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed to test simple printed plastic card for toy ages 6+ to global industry standards. View More

Physical laboratory needed for MVTR testing or WVTR testing. We are a manufacturing company of Carrier tapes and lock reels. As such, we are a semi-co... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to perform a 50 wash durability test on our applied labels and a TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment)test on our... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for contract testing of media used in the filtration industry
View More

FDA GMP Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing color and opalescence of clear liquids used in pharmaceutical industry (vialed solutions) View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for sterol glucosides testing in oil palm. food annalytical chemistry needed for nutritional tetsing inclu... View More

Analytical chemistry needed to test several fragrances to verify their biodegradability, using the "closed bottle test " or 301 d
Our fragrances are... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for accelerated ageing study testing on few materials for sour service conditions (oil and gas industry).
Test... View More

Materials laboratory needed for identity testing of acrylic textile fabrics to industry standards as the colors are running. View More

GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for shelf life, stability testing chemicals utilized in the flavor and fragrance industry shelf life tested... View More

GLP toxicology laboratory needed for repeated dose oral toxicity testing. (28 days) Not for pharmaceutical industry View More

Physical Laboratory needed for testing 4 production lots of our propellant (used for the airbag industry) to determine heat value(cal/g. View More

Hospitality industry company needed independent textiles laboratory needed for testing towels supplied to Costa Rica View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for HPLC, GC/MS Dissolution and compositional analysis of detergent product used in oil and gas industry. Requ... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Intermittent testing of Specialty Chemicals used in Oil and Gas Industry for Singaore company. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for honey testing for Method of Antibacterial Activity of Honey, Mirobiolgy standard Methods Manual for the New Zealand... View More