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Most Recent ant fly Laboratory Requests

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Contract Laboratory has received the following ant fly Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These ant fly Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their ant fly Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a ant fly Laboratory, please Submit a ant fly Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

CLIA Split Sampling Comparison Study

CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for IgE Split Sampling Comparison / Testing using the following
 Optigen® US 36 Inhalant
 Optigen® US 20 Food View More

Bioassays: Enumeration of recombinant viruses and sylvatic plague vaccine baits (SPVB)

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for enumeration of recombinant raccoon poxvirus in viral serials and sylvatic plague vaccine baits (SPVB) using a ... View More

Cell Culture Supernatant Factor VIII Level

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory for partial thromboplastin time PTT testing PTT testing for the development of a human cell culture line. The cell cultur... View More

EPA OPPTS OECD skin and respiratory irritant tests

Safety Service Company needs USA Product Safety Laboratory for performing EPA OPPTS OECD skin and respiratory irritant tests such as (e.g. OECD No. ... View More

ASTM Surgical Sealant Burst Strength

Medical Device Contract Lab needed that who can conduct ASTM F2392 Burst strength test for surgical sealant. View More

Honey Analysis

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for honey analysis for the following:
- Botanical/Geographical origin: pollen analysis
- Authenticity: fore... View More

Cosmetics Allergen IFRA and EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for allergen testing of a few ingredients for IFRA and EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC Annex III listed allergen... View More

3 OTC Topical Ointments Formulation and Manufacturer

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for bulk formulation and manufacturer for 1-3 OTC Topical Ointments. 1 Antibiotic, 2 Antifunga... View More

USA Based Laboratory Consultant needed to set-up a Mineral and Agriculture Testing Laboratory. View More

ISO Breast Implant Fatigue and Diffusion Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Medical Device Testing of Breast Implants to ISO 14607:2018, especially the fatigue test (Annex C.1), the si... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testing

Personal lubricant company needs FDA GMP Laboratory for condom compatibility testing (Burst & Tensile) required for FDA 510k to ASTM D7661 Standard ... View More

Vegan Powder Testing

£800 BUDGET APPROVED Food Laboratory needed for vegan powders testing for identification of sweeteners and quantity. of sweeteners.
View More

Grassland Biodiversity Study

20k BUDGET APPROVED Environmental Laboratory needed for grassland biodiversity study project to determine the content of leaf pigments (e.g. chlorophy... View More

Skin Hypoallergenic Claim Validation Study

BUDGET APPROVED Paper product company (bath tissue, paper towels, napkins, and facial tissue) needs third-party Clinical Research Laboratory with 100 ... View More

Anti-Factor Xa Analysis

Medical Center needs Clinical Laboratory for Anti-Factor Xa testing View More

Honey Antibacterial Testing

Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for antibacterial properties testing og of special kind of honey.
View More

Air Purifier Antiiviral Testing

Air purifier manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-viral testing of air purifier against H5N1_Influenza A subtype / H7N9_Avian Influena... View More

Blood and Plasma Antimicrobial Drug Concentration

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for HPLC quantification of various antimicrobial drug concentrations (voriconazole, gentamicin, meropenum, colistin, a... View More

Cactus DNA species identification

USA Genetics Laboraory needed for DNA species identification of a dehydrated and powdered plant, a cactus Echinopsis pachanoi. We need to determine th... View More

Cosmetics Test Method Development

Experienced Microbiology Laboratory needed for research study to develop new cosmetics microbiology test method . One of the most important parts of ... View More

Pesticide Residues

Europe Contract Agriculture Laboratory needed to quantify pesticide residues in adult bees, bee wax, and honey. View More

Ceramics ASTM Fatigue Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM fatigue testing of ceramics in accordance to the following ASTM standards:

1. 1. ASTM C1361-10, Constant-A... View More

Waterproof Apparel Testing

Apparel business needs USA Consumer Products Laboratory to ensure it's waterproof apparel is compliant for waterproofing specification. View More

ISTA 6 Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ISTA 6 ? Amazon packaging requirements for overboxing to certify the package as ISTA compliant. View More

EPA GLP Water Supply Contaminants Testing

New York City Area EPA GLP certified Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed to test for generic e. Coli and other biological or chemical contam... View More

Disinfectant Virucial Efficacy Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Virucidal efficacy testing of disinfectants against African Swine Fever Virus as per the following test methods:
A... View More

Headphone Plastics Harmful Substances Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for harmful chemicals testing in the plastics packaging of a headphones product that comes in a plastic tube. We ... View More

Veterinary Dietary Supplements

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for a broad array testing of animal supplements/nutraceuticals for metals, chemicals, and other contaminants... View More

ASTM Radiant Barrier Laminates Testing

India Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of radiant barrier laminates and film for Emissivity/Refictivity as per ASTM standard... View More

Large tobacco company needs regulatory consultant for consultancy services regarding Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for Na... View More

Plant Phytochemical Analysis

Researcher needs India Laboratory for NMR analysis to isolate an phytochemical from a plant . View More

Nicotinamide Mononuculeotide Third-Party Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Third-Party Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to provide a quote for compositional analysis of Nicotinamide Mononculeotide (NMN... View More

Bioanalysis Buffer Analysis

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for identification testing on the major components of 3 'proprietary' bioanalysis buffers These are standard bioanaly... View More

INetwork Laboratory

LONG-TERM TESTING Integrated medical office focused on wellness and looking for an In & Out of Network laboratory for basic blood panels, such as for ... View More

Tomato Plant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for conducting a study of tomato plants for 2.4D and glyphosphate rersidue View More

Spice Blend Deformulation

Restaurant Franchisee Company needs Food Laboratory for deformulation testing of spice mixture. View More

Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of of mosquito repellent (our new product) against mosquito species causing malaria, Dengue and ... View More

Mouse Antibodies

LEGAL Law Firm needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for inquiries regarding Mouse Antibody Production and Virus Detection testing. View More

Hand Sanitizer Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Bioactives Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for antimicrobial efficacy of a new hand sanitizer against Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epi... View More

Carbohydrate Resistant Starch

Food Laboratory needed for determination of resistant starch in carbohydrate foods.
Please submit response with the method and the cost.
View More

Clinical Research Skincare Efficacy Studies

Clinical Research laboratory needed for conducting efficacy studies on skincare cosmetics which will be exported from China. The skincare products inc... View More

Lubricant Po; Testomg

North Americal Oil Laboratory for lubricant testing to the following standards: :Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method). ASTM D27834 Stand... View More

Nano-emulsions Formulation Surfactants

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for analysis of 2 nano emulsions formulation surfactants (emulsifier formulations) for percentages of
Carrier ... View More

FDA Imported Honey Testing

BUDGET APPROVED USA FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for testing imported samples of raw unfiltered honey and I would like to get it tested for the abse... View More

Platinum Group Metals testing

Mineral Company needs Metallurgical Laboratory for testing concentrates at 75 mesh that I want tested for platinum and palladium or any of the PGM (Pl... View More

Fragrance Deformulation

Company needs USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for deformulation of fragrance for the exact ingredients and quantities. View More

Vitamin Finished Product and Raw Material Testing

Vitamin company needs Analytical Testing Laboratory to test our finished products and raw materials for anthocyanins and polyphenols. The matrix for t... View More

Deformulation of 2 Products

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation testing of 2 Products: A nematicide and a fungicide. The product contents/description is miss... View More

SAE Deicing / Anti-Icing testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to SAE AMS 1435 FLUID, GENERIC, DEICING/ANTI-ICING, RUNWAYS AND TAXIWAYS testing View More

Flea and Tick Efficacy

Europe Laboratory needed for EU approved mosquito repellency efficacy testing of organic natural spray against tick and mosquito.
View More

Veterinary Laboratory needed for evaluation of an all natural anti tick, flies pet collar to determine if the product really is 100% made from natural... View More

USP First-Aid Bandage Sterility Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP 71 sterility testing of 4 different types of gauze and adhesive bandages in first aid kit. Each bandage is indi... View More

Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid Analysis

NEW PRODUCT Agriculture Laboratory needed for analysis of new organic fertilizer/biostimulator, it is peat based and has a high content of humic acids... View More

Agriculture Plant Seed Growth Study

Third-Party Agriculture Laboratory needed for plant growth studies of experimental seeds in new growth medium versus control seeds for evaluation from... View More

NFPA Bar Stool Fire Retardant Certification

Fire Performance Laboratory needed for NFPA certification of a foam bar stool for compliance of fire retardant to NFPA 260 Standards View More

ASTM Public Playground Equipment Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of playground products to ASTM F1487 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification For Playg... View More

Plant Species Analytical Testing

Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory needed for plant species testing for caffeine, polyphenols, alkalis, etc., as well as toxicity. I would like inform... View More

In-Vivo General Safety and Pyrogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Toxicology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for in-vivo general safety and pyrogen studies on an oil based emulsion vaccine ... View More

Pillowcase Hyaluronic Acid and Washability

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for softlines testing of pillowcase for % of Hyaluronic Acid along with how many washes it can withstand. The fibe... View More

Jewelry Lead and Cadmium Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for EPA testing of Jewelry Pendant for lead and cadmium using EPA test methods 3050, 3051 and 3052, View More

UPLC-MS/GC Honey Testing

Healthcare Company needs Agriculture Food Laboratory for honey testing for antioxidant total polyphenols by UPLC-MS/GC View More

Condom Biological, Toxicity, Microbiology and Packaging Studies

Product Safety laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO testing of a liquid applying the following tests: ASTM D7661-10, Standard Test Method for Determini... View More

Ozone Forbidden Substances

Cosmetics Analytical Test Laboratory needed for certification of shaving cream and deodorant to certify there are no ozone forbidden substances under ... View More

Particle Size Analysis of 4 Antifoams Formulations

Physical Chemistry Research Laboratory needed for particle size analysis of 4 aqueous Antifoam formulations to compare particle size average, distribu... View More

Laboratory Acquisition

Laboratory wants to acquire an Environmental, Oil or Food Testing lab in Southwest area like-FL, RX, NC, SC, LA, MN, AZ, AK etc View More

Natural Rubber Thread Biodegradation

Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for biodeqradation activity testing in natural rubber threads.For this analysis we are requesting to send quot... View More

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

R&D company needs large/ well-known virology laboratory for disinfectant efficacy testing against H1N1, Enterovirus 71, Asfivirusprovide, Escherichia ... View More

ASTM Pop Top Bottle Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of pop top bottle to ASTM D3475 Standard Classification of Child-Resistant Packages View More

Cosmetics Safety Assessment and Clinical Trials

Consumer Product Safety Laboratory needed for cosmetics safety assessment and clinical trials for required testing to be compliant to registration of... View More

Detergent Toxicology Studies

Toxicology Laboratory needed for eye irritant and corrosivity toxicity studies on one of our detergent product. View More

Agrifood Strawberry Crop Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed to provide costs involved for analysis of the following parameters of strawberry crops for:

1. Firmness and color ass... View More

Wasabi Plant Testing

USA Agriculture Laboratory needed for wasabi plant testing for the levels of 6-MSITC and isosaponarin present in an extraction of leaves from wasabi p... View More

Lumpy Skin Disease | Foot and Mouth Disease Study

ISO 17025 accreditedMicrobiology Laboratory needed for anti- viral efficacy of a disinfectant on: 1. Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) virus and 2. Foot and Mo... View More

IEC Cable Load and Mechanical Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC FRP Cable trays and Ladders for Loading Test compliant to IEC 61573 . Please provide a quote and contact me as so... View More

Cannabis Child Resistant Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child Resistant Packaging testing for the cannabis industry to get CRP certification. View More

EPA Filing - Alkylphosphite Polymer Determination

Materials Laboratory needed for polymer analysis for HPLC determination of unreacted monomer and additive in a viscous liquid polymer. Specifically l... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing on Streptococcus Mutans bacteria View More

Unknown Protein Peak Analysis

Biopharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory CE-MS or CZE-MS testing for identification of an unknown protein peak in a... View More

Small Molecule Competitive Enzyme Inhibitor

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for small molecule developmental study involving small molecule competitive enzyme inhibitor and purified human enzyme... View More


Microbiology Laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of plant based compound activity against MRSA by LCMS . View More

Oral Care Product In-Vitro Product Efficacy

Oral care company needs USA Laboratory for in vitro efficacy testing of toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses for the following:
- Anti-inflammatory ef... View More

UAE Food Laboratory Partnership

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP United Arab Emirates Hotel is looking for UAE food laboratory to partner with to perform their restaurant's food testing... View More

Illegal Substance Testing

HR Consultant needs Forensics Laboratory for illegal substance residue testing of small sample container and a straw like item we suspect to have bee... View More

Medication Child Resistant Carton Testing

USA Packaging Laboratory needed for Medication Child Resistant CR paperboard cartons testing in accordance with the USA and European Child Resistant ... View More

Non-Destructive Measurements

Independent Laboratory needed for NDT Non-Destructive Measurements for quantitative surface roughness measurement of two types of electrical gold plat... View More

Bioactive Molecules Dosing Studies

Biochemistry Research Laboratory needed bioactives molecules application dosing study on oxidative stress and antioxidants View More

Florida Fire Flame Retardant Compliance Testing

Large Corporation needs Independent Laboratory for Florida fire flame retardant compliance testing of felt sound/echo reduction panels. View More

AIS 075 Anti-Theft Testing

India Automotive Laboratory needed for AIS Anti theft testing of keyset to AIS 075 Approval of Vehicles with regards to their protection against unaut... View More

FDA Biopharmaceutical Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity Testing

Biopharmaceutical Company of recombinant therapeutic proteins needs FDA GMP Laboratory for Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity testin... View More

Carotenoids Content Analysis

URGENT LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Aquaculture Company needs Accredited ISO 17025 recognized and specialized laboratory with EXTENSIVE experience in the det... View More

Soil Fertilitiy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for soil fertility, pH, organic matter content, suitability to support plant life.The soil samples wo... View More

Garment Claims Substantiation

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for assistance on development of testing for claims substantiation of a garment that could protect against lower ... View More

AOAC Sporocial and Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

Large Pharma / Medical Device Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for AOAC sporocidal and disinfectant efficacy testing. View More

Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins and Ergot sclerotia and ergo alkaloids

USA Life Sciences Company needs laboratory for AOAC and ASTM endotoxin (total) and scorched particle testing of Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins an... View More

Plant Based Beverage Ingredient

Two Food Laboratories needed (one in USA and one in India) for testing plant-based beverage ingredient with HPLC-ELSD. View More

Buffer Chemical Analysis Services

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical analysis services on a set of buffer solutions we would like to carry a composition... View More

Anti-Denque, Zika , Influenza and Zika

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing two bovine colostrum samples that for anti dengue, Influenza A and HIV and Zika activity.
The goal is ... View More

In Vivo Acute Toxicity and Product Safety Study

FUNDING APPROVED Preclinical CRO needed for in vivo acute toxicity and product safety study of pharmaceutical drug coating using 5 different medical d... View More

Powdered Blend Coffee Blend Substitute Comparison Study

Food Consumer Products / Sensory Laboratory needed for conducting beverage comparison study of powdered spray dried coffee blend substitute to other p... View More

Araucaria araucana DNA Analysis

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT University Researcher needs Environmental Genetics Laboratory for DNA analysis to determine the sex of Araucaria araucana. Si... View More

2 Confectionary Product Deformulation

Food Laboratory needed for deformulation testing of two packaged confectionary products in original packaging, and would like deformulation completed... View More

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) analysis

Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Clinical Laboratory needed for Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) analysis View More

FDA Compliant e-Cigarette New Product Development

FDA compliant laboratory needed for product development and running experiments on a new e-cigarette product. Development will include analysis of t... View More

Food Calorie Testing

Restaurant needs Food Laboratory for calorie testing of multiple food products. View More

Antimicrobial Cloth REACH, Heavy Metal and Anti-Bacterial Efficacy Studies

Packaging Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for testing antibacterial cloth according to

Polyurethane Physical Properties Prior to and after Oil Soak

Large Chemical Company needs materials laboratory conduct a study of the physical properties of polyurethane samples before, during, and after an oil... View More

Lubricant R&D Studies

LONG-TERM TESTING Research and Development Laboratory needed for weekly lubricant testing of 12 samples View More

Disinfectant Virucidal Activity

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal activity of a disinfectant product? View More

Liquid Sunscreen Reverse Engineering / Deformulation

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to reverse engineering/deformulation of a liquid sunscreen. Although we know most of the active ... View More

Masking Tape Comparison Study Testing

Organization considering moving to new supplier of masking tape product and wants Materials Laboratory to run comparison study between new and old t... View More

Sugar Divinylbenzene (DVB) & Ethylvinylbenzene (EVB)

I'm looking for a laboratory which can measure on syrup (of sugar) : divinylbenzene (DVB) & ethylvinylbenzene (EVB) with limits of quantification < 4... View More

Sodium Chloroacetate REACH testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Ion chromatography analysis of a sample of sodium chloroacetate powder for REACH testing. Quantification of sodium a... View More

Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay

CAP and CLIA Certified Genetics Laboratory needed for quantitative Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay of # genes in FFPE primary mela... View More

Soil Conditioner Evaluation

Environmental Laboratory needed for agriculture evaluation testing of soil conditioner in soil & coir for fruit & vegetable yields, water retention, r... View More

USP Pharmaceutical Stability Studies

Pharma Manufacturer needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for one-time USP stability study testing for various tablets (apap,asa,caffeine, phenylephr... View More

Honeybee Pheromone Duplication

Agriculture Laboratory needed for duplication of queen honeybee pheromone attractant.

View More

Diesel Engine Lubricant Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for diesel engine lubricants testing and in low emissions internal combustion engine and high performance tests with the latest ... View More

Food Hand Sanitizer ASTM Antimicrobial Efficacy Studies

Personal hygiene productscompany needs NABL Accredited Microbiology Laboratory to study the ASTM antimicrobial efficacy of food compliant hand sanitiz... View More

Foam Environmental Simulation and Packaging Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and packaging testing of new foam composite packaging materials made from wood and nanocel... View More

Quote for Anti-Microbial Efficacy Testing

Physician's Office has developed an anti-bacterial product needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-miicrobial testing against Bacillus Cereus, E. Coli,... View More

ASTM Biomechanical Testing of Orthopedic Implants

Medical Device Laboratory needed for Biomechanical testing for orthopedic implants i.e. interlocking nails, bone plates, bone screws and spine fixatio... View More

EPA Test Method Microbiology Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

EPA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology disinfectant Efficacy testing to EPA test methods. View More

Dietary Supplement Deformulation

Health Corporation needs dietary supplement product deformulated to show specific ingredients and quantity per ingredient and percentage amount per in... View More

ISO Opthalmic Implant Intraocular Lenses Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed to perform hydrolytic, biocompatibility, and photostability test for hydrophobic intraocular lenses as per ISO 11979 ... View More

Request for Quote RFQ: Lubricant Wear, Load and Weld Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for lubricant testing to determine if lubricants meet the wear, load and weld requirements imposed by the relevant standa... View More

Packaging DIN Microbial Barrier Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for DIN microbial barrier testing of packaging to (DIN58953 - 6 Sterilization; sterile supply; sterilization paper for... View More

Government of Canada Pharmaceutical Equivalency Study

Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for physiochemical testing done for two formulations of liquid suspension of potassium chloride (20 mEq/15 mL) medic... View More

Pyroligneous acid Extract Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyse extract Pyroligneous acid. If the answer is positive, we need to know the prices in quantification o... View More

Blood Autoimmune Myositis Antibodies Testing

Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for blood testing for antibodies to rule out Autoimmune Myositis (anti Cn-1a-auto-antibodies). View More

Dog Paw Sanitizer Anit-Microbial Efficacy Study

Pet Products Company needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for anti-microbial efficacy testing of dog safe paw sanitizer formula to test the formulation's... View More

SAE Lubricant Evaporation Loss

Oil Laboratory needed for Evaporation Loss% testing at 250 C max in SAE 10W lubricant. View More

SAE Lubricant Viscosity Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for SAE 15W40 lubricant testing 1: High temp high shear viscosity @150 C 2: Low temp pumping viscosity, mPas -30 C ... View More

Gummy Candy Product Development

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed to formulate a new gummy candy recipe. There is a product in the market already that we would like to r... View More

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing live biotherapeutics, both as biologics (drugs) and(food) needs FDA Compli... View More

Phytochemical Testing

Certified ISO 17025 Food Chemistry Laboratory needed for phytochemicals testing

Total Carotenoids
Zea... View More

Water Cationic Surfactants

Utilities Agency needs US Environmental Chemistry Laboratory for water testing to measure cationic surfactants (CTAB/CTAC) in water.samples. View More

CEC Lubricant Biodegradability Testing

University Engineering Researcher needs Biodegradability Testing of lubricant with oil and sand to Coordinating European Council?s CEC L 33 A 93 View More

Honey Authenticity and Antibiotic Testing

USA Importer needs Food Laboratory for authenticity and antibiotic testing for honey.
View More

Surface Antibacterial Resistance Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Antibacterial Resistance Testing of door handle surface in compliance with the US requirements.
View More

Google Lens' Transmittance and Anti-Fog

Large Corporation needs Laboratory for transmittance and anti-fog verification testing of goggle lens' used in clean rooms. View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Condom Testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants wi... View More

Sustainable Apparel Certificates and Declaration Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conformity testing of the certificates and declarations for 3 different sustainable brand garments that are pl... View More

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API examination of complex oil-in-water emulsion drug and the h... View More

SAE Air Dryer Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for SAE Air Dryer Testing to SAE J2384 Air Dryer Test Procedure, This Standard defines the Tes... View More

Polyurethane Injection Process Development

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Polymer Laboratory needed for working on a project that wants to create an optimized process of polyurethane injection, that´s inc... View More

M. incognita nematodes Inhibition Efficacy

Life Science Company needs Laboratory for standard assay evaluating the efficacy of a compound for nematode (M. incognita) inhibition.
Method exampl... View More

Anti-Viral Studies (CPV, IFV, VSV, BPSV)

Life Sciences Company needs India Microbiology Laboratory to conduct anti-viral studies of calcium carbonate based substance against four known specie... View More

Jet Propellant 8 JP-8 Total Aromatics Content Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for Jet Propellant 8 JP-8 testing for total aromatics content and quantification of the total amount of naphthenes, olefins an... View More

Proanthocyandins HPLC Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Dietary Supplement HPLC-fluorescence test. It's a normal phase HPLC analysis for Proanthocyandins which can... View More

Garment General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

Apparel Company needs Textile Laboratory for General Certificate of Conformity GCC and REACH testing to support certification for finished garments in... View More

Industrial Propellant Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for propellant testing to industry standard qualifications and certifications including:
1. Thermal stability and JANNAF... View More

Infant Milk Products

Food Laboratory needed for 20 samples of infant milk products for the following: 17 alpha-nandrolone,Prolacin, Chlormadinone, 5 a steroids, IGF-1, me... View More

Pharmaceutical Excipient Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for excipient analysis of Maize starch and pregelatinsed starch from one of the tablet formulat... View More

Anti-Parasitic Efficacy Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-parasitic efficacy testing of a powdered product added to dog and/or cat feces against ce... View More

Pharmaceutical HPLC Impurity Determination

Pharmaceutical company needs Asia Analytical Chemistry for the HPLC analysis for the quantitative determination of hexetidine related substances (impu... View More

UKAS ISO Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

Large Disinfectant Company needs UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) Microbiology Laboratory for... View More

Camellia Cooking Oil Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for Camellia oil (also referred to as tea tree oil) used for cooking. We want to test for the contents of the following subst... View More

AOAC Disinfectant Virus Challenge Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for AOAC disinfectants virus challenge testing View More

USA Activewear Collection Textile Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Brand Development Consultant working with USA activewear lines needs USA Textile Laboratory to assist in incorporating textile and g... View More

Pharmaceutical Oil Based Gel Suspension

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for identification and quantification of one of the components in a three component oil based ge... View More

Mouthwash Microbiological Challenge Testing

Personalcare Products Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for antibacterial microbiological challenge testing for a new ingredient for mouthwash. Th... View More

Anti-HIV Activity throguh Protease Inhibition

India Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for evaluation of the synthesized chemical compounds for Anti HIV activity through protease inhibit... View More

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting a company in the development of an early warning system for cancer. Labora... View More

Plant Extract Microbiology Analysis

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing for plant extracts with 92-97% ethyl alcohol View More

HDPE FDA and MHRA Pharmaceutical Bottles and Cap Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Packaging Laboratory for FDA and MHRA 16CFR1700.20 testing to some HDPE bottles and caps.

This products are a Pharma... View More

Sporicidal, Fungicial, Bactericidal and Virucidal Effectiveness

Manufacturer needs Accredited Microbiology Laboratory for microbial
effectiveness of disinfectant as sporicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and viruc... View More

CLIA Molecular Diagnostic UTI and RPP Samples

CLIA Certified Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory needed to run some UTI and RPP samples. Ideally first step would be done by RT-PCR, followed by antiob... View More

Antimony Ore Chemical Composition

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for antimony ore chemical composition.
Would like to know the charges and time estimated

View More

Prostrate Health Natural Supplement Sterol Comparison Study

FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for a comparison study of multiple natural health supplement for Prostate Health for the composition and... View More

United Kingdom Agriculture Pesticide Residues Testing

Tree Nurseries needs United Kingdom Agriculture Laboratory for air and surface pesticide residues (dust/droplets/vapours) are on the inside of the equ... View More

Porcine Blood Nitrous Oxide Levels

Preclinical Laboratory needed to quantify the levels of nitrous oxide (N2O) in porcine blood samples. I will have approximately 150 - 200 samples to ... View More

Coconut Milk Xanthan or Guar Gum

Food Laboratory needed for coconut milk testing for the presence of xanthan or guar gum in coconut milk. View More

Microbial Efficacy Studies for Disinfectant and Bacertericide

Microbiology Laboratory needed for liquid disinfectant and bactericide efficacy studies against microorganisms bacteria, viruses, fungus, and don't l... View More

Perfume Clinical Research Studies

Perfume Manufacturer needs Clinical Research Laboratory for consumer safety testing including pediatric and children safety, skin irritation, oral irr... View More

FDA GMP Monoclonal Antibody Batch Release Testing

Large Biotechnology Company needs FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory for monoclonal antibody testing for GMP batch release
- physiochemical methods (co... View More

FDA Compliant Disposable Coffee Cup Testing

FDA compliant Food Laboratory needed for all relevant testing to import disposable coffee cups from china to the usa to determine if they are complia... View More

Peanut Allergen Comparison Study

Laboratory needed for Peanut Allergen Ara Comparison Study by conducting peanut allergen testing for 3 different brands to compare the difference in a... View More

FDA Compostable Straw Testing

USA FDA compliant Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis Testing of a component / material used in imported compostable straw to determi... View More

Zoledronic Acid Quantification

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for quantification of 6 1ml samples of the drug Zoledronic acid in distilled water View More

Protein Polymer Extraction Method Development and Optimization

USa Contract Research Organization to develop and optimize extraction methods ofr recombiant unstructured protein polymer molecules with Phenol, TCA/a... View More

Okra Genetics Experiment

India Food Genetics Laboratory needed to identify the metaphase stage in anther of Okra and its chromosome with the following genetics experiment:
... View More

Dermatological Patch Skin Cream Labeling Claims

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for claims substantiation testing on dermatological patch topical skin cream to to be able to say; Dermatologicall... View More

Industrial Microbiology Bacterial Study

Automotive Company needs Industrial Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological study in which the reproduction is determined on 6 different b... View More

FDA GMP Personal Lubricant Laboratory Analyses

USA FDA GLP Medical Devices Laboratory needed for ASTM and USP personal lubricant testing for the following:

Osmolality USP<785>
Specifi... View More

Electric Polyester Heating Element

USA Product Safety Laboratory needed for multiple tests on electric polyester heating element including:

IEEE 2... View More

Medical Equipment IEC Certification

ILAC accredited Laboratory needed for IEC Electrical Certification and EMC testing on two different types of Medical Equipment.

Monitor Pre-config... View More

Pepper Plants Capsaicinoids Concerntation

INDIVIDUAL Food Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for capsaicinoids testing by Liquid Chromatography in pepper plants View More

In vitro anti fungal efficacy test

Italy Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for In vitro efficacy test on an antifungal compound. The test is a reproduction of a previ... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility

Medical Device Laboratory needed ASTM compatibiity testing of lubricant with condom as per ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compati... View More

Adhesive Acute Dermal Irritation Study

Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute Dermal Irritation Study on a liquid adhesive according to 16 CFR 1500.41 Method of testing primary irritant su... View More

Low Sugar Product Glycemic Index Testing

Food Laboratory needed for Glycemic Index GI testing for a Low GI Sugar product.
Please provide a quotation and time required with terms and conditi... View More

Heavy Metals and Bisphenol A Testing

Large Corporation needs Asia Laboratory for heavy metals and Bisphenol A testing including: Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic (organic, inorganic)Methyl... View More

Tonic Water Quinine Concentration

Beverage Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for tonic water testing for the quinine concentrations in the tonic water made from natural cinchona bark... View More

Pharmaceutical Drug Comparison Study

FDA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for confirmation testing of the certificate of analysis for branded Pfizer antibiotic compared to two or three o... View More

Petroleum Laboratory Equipment

Petroleum Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote for the following equipment for their laboratory.

S/... View More

ISO Dental Implants Dynamic Fatigue Testing

ISO 14801 Dentistry -- Implants -- Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants View More

DEVELOPMENTAL - Medical Device Orthopedic Implants

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Experienced Medical Device company working to develop new orthopedic implants needs Medical Product Safety Laboratory for conducti... View More

Surfactant Critical Micelle Concentation

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory to determine the critical micelle concentration of a surfactant.
View More

ASTM Healthcare Hand Wash Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial efficacy testing of 2 different antimicrobial handwashes :

a) Standard Test Method for Evalua... View More

AACI Carbon Dioxide in Baking Powder

Food Company needs ISO 17025 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for AACCI quantification of the amount of carbon dioxide and the residual of carbon diox... View More

Flupaxiroxad in Cereal

Large Chemical Company needs Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for cereal testing to determine the quantitative presence of the active substance ... View More

Winter Glove Thermal Resistance

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for EN511 CONDUCTIVE THERMAL RESISTANCE TESTING (EN511) for winter gloves. And what is the test cost... View More

ASTM Baby Sling Testing

Baby Products Company needs India Consumer Products Laboratory for ASTM testing of baby slings to ASTM F2236 Standard Consumer Safety Specification fo... View More

FDA Sunscreen Testing

START-UP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for FDA compliant sunscreen testing services including SPF 50 static and 80 minutes water resistance in v... View More

Novel Compounds Inhibition Against NDM-1 Enzyme

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for study of novel compounds inhibition against NDM-1 enzyme produced by an anti-... View More

Evaluation of Several New Child-Resistant Jar Packaging

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Packaging Laboratory needed for certification testing of several new child resistant products. Please provide a quote for the serv... View More

Plastic Film Failure Analysis

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of plastic film used in agriculture industry that typically last 8+ weeks but is becoming brittle an... View More

Reusable Orthopedic Medical Device CE Marking Evaluation

Medical Device Manufacturer needs Medical Device Laboratory for Technical, Clinical Evaluation, Biocompatibility, Biological, Sterility/Endotoxin, T... View More

ISO Medical Implant Biocompatibility Studies

Medical Device Manufacturer needs Product Safety Laboratory for ISO 10993 medical implants biocompatibility studies:
(sensitization, systemic toxi... View More

Antimicrobial Efficacy Study in Novel Hand and Surface Sanitizer

NABL Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial efficacy testing in novel Hand and Surface Sanitizer. We want to check it's antimicrobial effic... View More

Dietary Supplement Active Ingredient Purity and Safety Studies

LONG-TERM TESTING Nutraceutical Laboratory needed to certify the active ingredient in our dietary supplement and ensure our product is clear of harmfu... View More

Bird Food Deformulation and Development

Laboratory needed for Reverse engineering of a bird food with a dough base. The type of grains are known, but the quantity or percentage is not. This ... View More

Biomaterial MBEC Studies

Biomaterials Company needs Medical Device Laboratory to for both FDA GLP and non-GLP MBEC studies to determine a biofilm susceptibility to antibiotic... View More

Company wants to purchase a CLIA and COLA certified clinical laboratory in the state of Colorado and New Mexico. View More

Plant Food Product Certificate of Analysis

Plant Growth Food Company needs Biochemistry Laboratoryfor complete Certificate of Analysis testing including amino acid analysis
Alanine Ala (A)
A... View More

Honey Safety and Contaminant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing for food safety and contaminants. View More

Bioactive Compounds Identification

Asia Botany Laboratory needed for extraction of the bioactive compounds in a dried plant material
View More

Disinfectant Biodegradability Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for biodegradability testing for a medical disinfectant product formulated with 10% quaternary amonium and 12% glutaral... View More

Distilled Vodka Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for distilled vodka testing for Alcohol and Sugar contents, pH, stability, acid levels, electrolytes like Potassium, antioxid... View More

EPA Natural Cleaning Products

EPA Certified Laboratory needed to perform the following testing on 5 anti-microbial natural cleaning products:

1) Green Ingredients verification
... View More

Meat Antibiotic Residues

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for antibiotic residues testing in meat and poultry samples View More

FDA GLP / AATCC Cleaning Wipes Testing

FDA Product Safety Laboratory needed for the following cleaning wet tissue wipes testing:
1) Cytotoxicity test: FDA GLP Guideline
2) Skin irritatio... View More

Isomers and Carbon Chains in Calcium alkyle benzene sulfonate Compound

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, identification of different isomers and different carbon ch... View More

Polymer Quantitative Composition Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for quantitative composition testing (material identification) of 3 polymer samples View More

ISO Medical Device Biocompatibility Studies

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Biocompatibility and Toxicology Studies for an Intimate gel lubricant to ISO 10993 Biological evaluation of m... View More

FDA Seafood Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for seafood testing including nutrtional analysis for micro/macro nutrients of seafood, PCB/heavy met... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testng

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM condom compatibility testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Persona... View More

Canine and Feline Virucidial Efficacy Studies

Microbiology Laboratory needed for performance testing and virucidial efficacy tests for a disinfectant cleaner against some common canine and feline ... View More

Seafood Microbiological and Antibiotic Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING ISO 17025 accredited Food Laboratory needed for seafood food testing for net weight, microbiological tests and antibiotics, View More

Fabric Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

Testing on antibacterial and antiviral properties of the fabric material of the following:

Staphylococcus aureus (AATCC 100)
Klebsiella pneumonia... View More

SASO Toilet Deodorants Bathroom Odor Removers

Independent Third-Party Laboratory needed with testing capabilities to test as per SASO 1959, SASO 1958, SASO 494 for the product - TOILET DEODORANTS ... View More

Mascara Clinical Claims Substantiation Clinical Studies

Cosmetics Company needs Clinical Research Laboratory for Clinical Trials for clinical claims substantiation studies to ensure that mascara is
1. Suit... View More

Medical Device Assay Development

Medical Device Laboratory needed to develop a colorimetric semi quantitative lateral flow assay for detection of malondialdehyde specifically, or all ... View More

Dimethyl Sulphate (DMS) in Drug Substance

FDA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analysis/ quantification testing of Dimethyl Sulphate (DMS) in Drug Substance by a validated method View More

Beverage Child-Resistance Cap Testing

Cannabis Company Packaging Laboratory needed for Child-Resistant Certification for Beverage Twist Cap View More

Stone Wool Insulation Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for NRC for stone wool insulation.

the product we want to test is  120kgs/m³ x 100mm thickness Board
1200(L) x ... View More

AOAC Disinfectant Efficacy

Microbiology Laboratory needed for AOAC disinfectant efficacy testing on the following organisms.

- Influenza A (H1N1)
- HIV-1 AIDS Virus
- Res... View More

Honey Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial and antioxidants properties testing in honey. View More

Disinfectant EPA Six Pack Toxicology Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA 6 pack toxicology testing for EPA disinfectant registration,
View More

Polyurethane Deformulation

Polymer Laboratory needed for deformulation of Polyurethane for individual diol component quantification and detail of additives, was, stabilizer, e... View More

Tea's Effect on Blood Sugar Level Research Study

Contract Research Organization needed for conducting a research study with quantitative experiments to produce banana blossom tea in powdered form. Th... View More

Perfume Fragrance Deformulation

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for fragrance deformulation on a men's perfume to determine the exact components and quantities. Plea... View More

Biodegradability Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for biodegradability testing of chemical product according to QUALIT DE L'EAU - PRODUITS DISPERSANTS - VALUATION EN MILI... View More

Personal Deformulation of Spice Mix

INDIVIDUAL Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation of homemade Spice Mix to determine the ingredients and the quantity of each o... View More

Disinfectant Anti-Viral Effectness and Kill Rate

Microbiology Laboratory needed for spray disinfectant virucidal efficacy and kill-tate testing against Influenza A. View More

Blue Dye in Shrimp, Feed, and Packing Material

Food Laboratory needed for Basic Blue 7 Dye testing in shrimp meat, shrimp feed (plant- and animal-based), and packing .

View More

Child-Resistant CR Package Testing of Mylar Pouches

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT California company needs Packaging laboratory needed for child-resistant CR testing on new mylar pouch with a type of ziploc closu... View More

Cannabis Child Resistance Packaging

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM child resistant certification testing of new cannabis containing beverage line.
View More

Plant-Oil Based Milk Food Products

Food Laboratory needed for osmolality determination on shakes and plant-oil based milks food products View More

SAE and DOT Tail Light Assembly Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE and DOT Testing of a clear lens that covers a tail light assembly and needs to be DOT compliant for GM to lice... View More

Invasive Plant Progressive Stress Study

Laboratory needed for progressive stress testing in a greenhouse environment of a semi-mature instance of the invasive plant Kudzu in an attempt to in... View More

Restaurant Menu Nutritional Value Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Restaurant needs Food Laboratory for nutritional value analysis of their restaurant menu items. View More

ASTM Polystyrene (HIPS) Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM polymer testing to make measurements according to ASTMD 1693 method on high impact resistant polystyrene sample(HIP... View More

Honey Testing

Beekeepers need agriculture laboratory needed for honey testing to ensure it is free from unwanted organisms. View More

Constant Acceleration Testing of Weather Antenna

Large Corporation needed for ISO constant acceleration testing commercial systems weather radar antenna assembly at a functional air transport level. ... View More

Anti-Lice Efficacy Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of ant-lice pharmaceutical chemical agent on lice eggs and adult lice. View More

Coatings Anti-Carbonation Certification

Third-Party Laboratory needed for anti-carbonation certification testing of exterior paint coating View More

EPA OPPTS Fly Bait Testing

EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS toxicology testing of fly bait to OPPTS 830.1800 Enforcement analytical methods. CAS# 131929... View More

Laboratory Start-Up Consulting

Laboratory consultant needed for advising on starting a Consumer Products Laboratory for testing gold and silver jewelery. we do not have any lab in ... View More

GLP/ICH Chronic Toxicity Study

LONG-TERM TESTING. GLP/ICH-compliant Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) needed for long term chronic toxicity study in rats, 6 month plu... View More

Spent Coffee Chlorogenic Acid Content

Food Laboratory needed for R&D Study spent coffee by the method rreferenced below for salt and alkali extraction. Quantitative results of chlorogenic ... View More

Kaolin USP Testing

ISO 17025 FDA GLP compliant Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing for kaolin View More

Multiple Cosmetics Product Clinical Research Studies

Cosmetics Manufacturer planning to enter USA Market need FDA Clinical Research Laboratory to product safety testing of all of it's cosmetics products... View More

Biodegradable Infant Bibs Dermatology Studies

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for dermatological studies on a 100% biodegradable infant bibs and mats. View More

FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Testing

USA FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for toxicology, labeling ingredients confirmation and contaminant testing of dietary supplements for ... View More

Medical Device OECD Biocompatibility

Medical Device Company needs USA Laboratory for OECD compliant biocompatibility testing. View More

Lubricant Testing

Large Oil Company needs Third-Party Laboratory for EN/DIN 51347 testing of lubricants - Testing under boundary lubricating conditions with the Brugger... View More

Isolation and Identification of Probiotic

Food Microbiology needed for characterization and identification of probiotic strains for a fermented food item to verify if all 10 strains of a prob... View More

ASHRAE Refrigeration Oils Testing

Large Corporation needs Third-Party Laboratory for ASHRAE Testing of refrigeration oils for sealed glass tube test as per latest ASHRAE-97 test proce... View More

Recombinant HGH Quality

Biotechnology company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for verification of quality and contaminants of recombinant HGH including other proteins,... View More

Preclinical Helicobacter Study

FDA GLP Preclinical Gastrenterology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for new drug efficacy testing on Helicobacter pylori infection model.
1... View More

Transfection of SH-SY5Y Neural Cells with Candidate Plasmids.

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced Biotechnology Contract Research Organization needed to conduct ongoing in vitro studies with SH-SY5Y cells including th... View More

FDA Laboratory Food Testing

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for spice testing for shelf-life, raw materials, chemical residue, sanitation, and contaminants testing of spice prod... View More

Cannabis Child Resistant Packaging

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child Resistant Packaging testing of boxes used for cannabis product. Please provide quote for one box size. View More

Spice Blen FDA GMP Food Testing

Importer needs FDA cGMP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for contaminant testing and confirmation of raw materials/ingredients in small batch of ... View More

Antimicrobial Effectiveness

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial effectiveness study of an antimicrobial agent in preventing the growth of bacter... View More

SAE Automotive Hose Testing

Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs automotive laboratory for SAE testing of a couple of different hoses to hoses for SAE J2064 norm Refrigerant Aut... View More

Fabric Confirmation

Apparel Manufacturer needs Textile Laboratory for confirmation testing of fabric used for production,. Vendor claims it is 50% Pima Cotton and 50% Mod... View More

Cream Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for quantitative composition of a cream to determine the amount of all ingredients and their amount found in the sample. View More

HALT and Thermal Chamber Testing

High Tech Firm needs Laboratory with a HALT and thermal chamber to conduct ALT thermal cycling tests We require the thermal chamber to be capable of a... View More

XRD Mineralogy Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for quantitative XRD on many samples (mineralogy analysis on Al-Ca-Mg-silicates) throughout the year to replace o... View More

Serpentine Rock Composition

INDIVIDUALGeology Laboratory needed for serpentine composition and classification testing (chrysotile, lizardite, or antigorite). View More

EN Medical Gauze Dressing

URGENT Medical Device Laboratory needed for conformity and odor control tests on two medical gauze dressing products including one with/ and one witho... View More

Metal Alloys Chemical, Mechanical Properties and Mechanical Behavior

LONG-TERM TESTING Metals Laboratory needed to perform chemical composition, mechanical properties, and mechanical behavior tests on a variety of metal... View More

Anti-Müllerian Hormone Blood Spot Testing

Clinical Laboratory needed for endocrinology testing for Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), also known as Müllerian-inhibiting hormone (MIH Anti-Mullerian... View More

Cosmetics Coatings Optical Contrast

Cosmetics Company needs Laboratory to measure the reflectance of multiple coatings consisting of optically variable pigment at multiple angles to quan... View More

Pharmaceutical Deformulation / Reverse Engineering

Pharmaceutical Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for quantifying the inactive ingredients in a suspension formulation as part of a reverse... View More

Antimicrobial Coating testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for n neutralization confirmation and sanitizer study on antimicrobial coating with 2 strains of the following organism... View More

FDA Beverage Testing

Importer of beverage needs FDA cGMP Food Laboratory for certification of a non-alcoholic beverage to be FDA compliant. View More

Fertilizer Germination Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for germination testing of a new fertilizer supplement to support filing with CFIA. Germination test is needed to det... View More

Hair Follicle Clinical Research Study

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for product performance study of hair follicle activation formula. Study is to substantiate claims substantiate t... View More

Third-Party Validation of Manufacturer's Specification

Life Science Laboratory needed for third-party validation testing (physical, microbiology, biological) of manufacturer's specifications of sterile per... View More

Animal Livestock Feed Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Agriculture Laboratory needed for product development, formulation and nutritional content of Animal livestock-feed from Brewers S... View More

Quotation for EP 5.1.3 standards Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for EP testing of PET to EP 5.1.3 standards Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testin.g at 7 intervals - 0, 6,24,48 hrs and... View More

ISO Anti-Vibration Glove Testing

ISO / iEC 17025 Laboratory needed for ISO Anti-vibration glove test to ISO 10819 Mechanical vibration and shock -- Hand-arm vibration -- Measurement a... View More

Qualitative Tuberculocidal Study

BSL-2 Microbiology Laboratory needed for qualitative tuberculocidal study including bacterial kill study, colony plating and counting similar to the ... View More

IMDG Marine Pollutants

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for marine pollutants testing to the test methods given in Chapter 2.9.3 of the International Maritime Dang... View More

Kombucha Antioxidant Testing

Food Laboratory needed for antioxidant testing in kombucha for product labeling. In particular Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols . View More

ASTM Antimicrobial Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing to ASTM E2180 Standard Test Method for Determining the Activity of Incorporated Antimicrobia... View More

ASTM Child-Resistant Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for child-resistant tin packaging testing to ASTM D3475 Standard Classification of Child-Resistant Packages View More

Cellular Adherence Study with HeLA, BAE, SH-SY5Y Cells

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Cellular Adherence R&D Study on 2D glass samples with 4 different types of nanotechnology surface coating on 3 di... View More

GLP Preclinical Studies

FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for GLP Studies on anti-parasitic combination product including: Pharmacokinetics Study, Tol... View More

EPA and ASTM Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for EPA and ASTM testing of tire derived oil analysis to the following Test Methods::
EPA Test Methods 3040 Dissolution Proced... View More

Effects of Autoclaving on Poloxamer 407

Polymer Laboratory needed to conduct a study on poloxamer 407, its potential degradants (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and formate) in water-base gel/li... View More

Grapefruit Peel Oil Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for quantitative analysis of samples of cold pressed grapefruit peel oil (GFP Oil) (think orange oil) for ppm a... View More

Anti-Fungal Toenail Ointment

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-fungicide testing of toenail ointment -anti fungal. View More

Chia Seed Testing

Accredited Agriculture or Food Laboratory needed for product composition testing in order to check and verify the quantity (%) of chia seeds in our pr... View More

Pharmaceutical Antiviral Efficacy

Pharmaceutical Company needs Preclinical Laboratory for efficacy and antiviral properties of a group of compounds in adenovirus. View More

USP Protein Analysis

Biotechnology Company needs FDA GLP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory for USP analysis of aprotein sample (solution form) for Particulate Matter (fo... View More

Jewelry Safety Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer product safety testing of jewelry items (necklaces, bracelets, rings) and their components to ensure... View More

Child Care Product Safety

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for physical and EN safety testing of dummy chains to show they are compliant to En-12586 Child Use & Care Artic... View More

HPLC Analysis

Functional Ingredient Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for quantification of Isocitric Acid and Isocitric Lactone by HPLC. View More

Medical Device Compatibility of Lubricants with Rubber Latex Condoms

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of personal lubricants compatibility with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condo... View More

Child Resistant Packaging

Packaging Laboratory needed for California Child Resistant compliant packaging testing of 3 different sizes of compostable bags used for marijuana d... View More

Biopharmaceutical Assays

LONG-TERM TESTING Biopharmaceutical company needs Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory to conduct assays for autophagy stimulation using Hela or other... View More

Environmental Simulation of Identification Tags

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and salt spray testing of a variety of products in a variety of different environments incl... View More

Tuberculosis Studies

Microbiology Laboratory needed for performing the following two Tuberculosis Studies:
1. Antimicrobial assay for Tuberculosis
2. Cell line study f... View More

Residual Host Cell DNA by qpcr

Biotechnology Company needs Genetics Laboratory needed to perform residual host cell DNA by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR),. Protein s... View More

Chemical Analysis

Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed to for quantitative and/or qualitative analysis on the following 6 chemicals:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Lead ... View More

EPA Environmental Laboratory tests and costs for EPA Generic Testing of Active Ingredients

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA Generic Testing and field testing for EPA Antimicrobial pesticide registration for the state of California... View More

Food Packaging Pouches

Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging study iof food pre-formed pouches / bags filled with Nitrogen gas to increase the shelf life of the food p... View More

EPA Antimicrobial Pesticide Registration Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA Generic Testing and field testing for EPA Antimicrobial pesticide registration for the state of California... View More

Cannabis DEA Schedule 1

Third-Party Laboratory needed for DEA Schedule 1 Testing for cannabis products: plant, oil, extracts, isolates including cannabinoid, potency, terpen... View More

Cleanliness of Oil and Coolant Lines

Automotive Laboratory needed for cleanliness testing of oil and coolant lines for engines as per VDA19 specifications. View More

Coffee Grounds and Coffee Oil

START-UP Coffee Start-up needs Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for coffee grounds analysis and the extracted coffee oil for:
1. unsaponifiable m... View More

ANSI Glove Cut Resistance

Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI / ISEA cut resistant testing of safety gloves to, ANSI / ISEA 105-2016, standards View More

Plant Structural Elucidation

Biochemistry Laboratory needed for plant structural elucidation by IR, Mass spectroscopy, NMR(1H and13C) View More

Plant Phytohormones Testing

Biochemistry Laboratory needed for phytohormones testing (plant hormones) including auxins, cytokinins, etylene, abscisic acid, and gibberellins.
View More

Earpug Noise Reduction Rating

Safety Laboratory needed for earplug Noise Reduction Rating testing compliant with ANSI STD S3.19-1974 for a new earplug design. Mean attenuation valu... View More

Glycol Refractive Index

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Refractive Index Testing performed on a a hydantoin glycol used as a resin cross linker used in coatings and poly... View More

Antiperspirant Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for deformulation, formulation, development and full chemical analysis of an antiperspirant pe... View More

Degree of Polymerization

Polymer Laboratory needed for degree of polymerization testing of Alkyl polyglucoside surfactant. The product is soluble in water. View More

Petrochemical Lab Construction

Architect / Consultant needed for assisting on design and equipment for Petrochemical Laboratory. View More

Product Development Test Method Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Method Development for laundry stains/testing
3 stains X 3 reps = 9 stains + 3 stains (... View More

Pharmaceutical Drug Packaging

Large Pharma needs CPSC Packaging Laboratory for child resistant and senior friendly testing of blisters and bottle packs. View More

Food Nutrittional Facts

FDA accredited Food Laboratory needed for nutritional facts and contamination of vegan nutrition solid beverage powder, consisting of different plants... View More

OECD Reproductive Toxicity Study

Toxicology Laboratory needed for reproductive toxicity study to Category 2 OECD 414, 443, 422 of lubricant product. View More

Food Deformulation

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation testing of pastry yeast seasoning product (yeast, sugar, etc) as well as the quantity o... View More

Laboratory Development

Laboratory Consultant / Architect needed to design analytical research and diagnostic laboratory. which provides analytical services in medical, veter... View More

Drug Anti-Pyretic Study

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for drug anti-pyretic testing preferably in mouse View More

EN Disinfectant Virucidal Activity

Disinfectant manufacturer needs microbiology laboratory for virucidal activity testing of the disinfectants production to test standard EN 14476 A1 (v... View More

Clay Environmental Toxicology Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for clay testing to determine it's safety for animals and plant life. View More

Petrochemical Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for petrochemical testing to analyze the end product of downstream petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, LPG, Lubricants, kerose... View More

Food Laboratory needed for blueberry testing for anthocyanin content View More

Water Organic Compounds

LONG-TERM TESTING Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for water analysis testing for determining the quantities of organic compounds. View More

Yogurt Deformulation

URGENT Food Laboratory needed for deformulation and reformulation of a yogurt to determine approx.quantities of ingredients to reformulate product. View More

Disinfectant Comparative USP Efficacy Sutdy

Microbiology Laboratory needed for comparative efficacy testing on Disinfectant (1 Liquid Disinfectant (1 Liquid & 1 Powder) for following viruses and... View More

Complex Sample Matrix

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyse the content of chlorine dioxide in chlorine dioxide solutions for disinfectant purposes.

The prod... View More

REACH Compliance

Laboratory needed for REACH compliance testing of sodium hydroxide, sodium glucoheptonate, and Calcium dihydroxide. Analysis for substance Identific... View More

Dietary Supplement Raw Material and Finished Product Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA cGMP compliant laboratory needed for identification of incoming powdered raw materials and finished product testing to show stre... View More

Preclinical IND Enabling Safety Studies

LONG-TERM STUDY FDA GLP Compliant Preclinical Laboratory needed for IND enabling safety toxicology studies for a radiopharmaceutical.powder View More

ANSI Vibration Glove Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed for Anti vibration glove testing according to ANSI/ASA S2.73 or ISO 10819, Mechanical vibration and shock - Hand-arm vibr... View More

Paint Anti-Viral Efficacy

Large corporation needs NABL Microbiology Laboratory for anti viral efficacy of paint against certain viruses. View More

United Nations Agriculture Consultant

Agriculture consultant to advice on the tolerance limits of pesticides as defined by FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as pr... View More

Clinical Trial Influenza Lab Testing

GLP Clinical Laboratory needed to measure detection of influenza AB antibody titres in plasma or serum. There would be approximately 1200 samples. View More

Fat Content Testing to ISO 17678:2010

Food Laboratory needed for I SO 17678:2010 or IDF 202:2010 fat content testing in butter type product which contains both milk fat and vegetable fat. ... View More

ASTM Metals Thermal Conductivity Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Industrial Laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing by laser flash method for metals as per standard ASTM: E1461-13. Therm... View More

Medical Implant Cleaning Validation and Steam Sterilization

US FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for cleaning validation and steam sterilization studies for medical implant and instrument set. Set is in rig... View More

Hydraulic Fluid Contaminant Identification

Forensics Laboratory needed for identification of contaminant in SAE10W-30 oil hydraulic fluid that caused hydraulic system in a farming machine becam... View More

HPLC Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ongoing HPLC analysis of about 40 samples a month on any of the following... View More

Implantable Medical Device Simulation

Medical Device Laboratory which has a MRI scanner needed for evaluation of implantable medical device. View More

Cardamom Oil

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Cardamom Oil testing to quantify the amount of sodium bisulfate and sodium tripolyphosphate in Cardamom Oil... View More

REACH Metal Characterization

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for characterization of alloys of FeSiBa and FeSiCeLa for REACH purpose including the following analyses

Ce:-Qualit... View More

Used Surface Profilometer under $5500

Laboratory wants to purchase second hand surface profilometers which can measure thickness of atleast a few nanometers(20-500nm) like Alpha step IQ pr... View More

USP Compendial Testing

Large Corporation needs Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Testing to USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
and USP <51> Su... View More

Beer Contamination Assesment

Insurance company needs laboratory for failure analysis contaminant testing of beer to determine if the contamination is due to the yeast or other co... View More

Tumorigenesis Study

Large Medical Device Company needed Toxicology Laboratory for Tumorigenesis Study according to Stem cell guidelines 2017 India and as per schedule Y o... View More

UN Drop Testing of Disinfectants

Packaging Laboratory needed for UN Drop testing for packaged goods using new tape to UN1903, DISINFECTANTS, LIQUID, CORROSIVE, N.O.S., View More

Biodegradability Testing

Chemical Manufacturer needs MPA Testing and OECD Biodegradability Testing of chemical as per OECD/ASTM D 2667-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Biodeg... View More

Child Resistant Packaging Certification

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child Resistant packaging certification testing for a paperboard box. View More

Drug Product Compatibility Testing

Pharmaceutical company needs Laboratory to perform ASTM condom compatibility testing of a drug product according to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Metho... View More

REACH Registration Testing

Laboratory needed for identification and quantification of Benzenesulfonic acid, C10-13-alkyl derivs, sodium salts CAS 68411-30-3; EC 270-115-0 for RE... View More

Disinfectant Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM disinfectant testing as per ASTM E2315 Standard Guide for Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity Using a Time-Ki... View More

Clinical Genomic Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Medical Company needs Genetics Laboratory for clinical genomic testing using either microarray to NxtGen testing for our patients. ... View More

Medical Device Biological Evaluation

Implantable Medical Device Manufacturer needs Product Safety Toxicology Laboratory for in vivo irritation testing as per ISO 10993-10 Biological eval... View More

ASTM Condom Compatiability

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of personal lubricants for compatiability with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and synthetic cond... View More

VOC Content of Surfactant

Analytical Laboratory needed for VOC Analysis of two different surfactant samples by SCAQMD Method 313 or similar methodology. Cannot use EPA Method ... View More

Gari Nutritional Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for nutritional analyses of gari samples (a cassava processed food product) for its amino acids profile and micronutrients (Vit... View More

Child Resistant Caps Testing

Third-Party, Packaging Laboratory needed for child resistant caps testing for the downward force and torque required to remove the caps need to be wit... View More

Fire Retardant Coatings Testing

Accredited laboratory needed that can provide 3rd party fire accreditation testing for fire retardant coatings. View More

Polyurethane Resin

Materials Laboratory needed for critical micelle concentration(CMC) curve using Dynamic Tensiometer (DCAT) for STD polyurethane resin versus surfacta... View More

EPA Air Sampling Tube Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for air sampling tube testing to EPA TO-17 test on 90 tubes for Transfluthrin.

Please provide quote that desc... View More

Antibody Testing

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Antibody testing for human parasitical infection with Sparganosis (Spirometra) by ELISA View More

Surgical Gown Comparison Study

Large Organization needs Medical Device Laboratory for comparison study on 3 or 6 Surgical gowns suppliers testing against BS EN 13795 , including Wet... View More

Efficacy of Natural Mosquito Repellent

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of organic natural mosquito and fly repellent to the Ministry Health of Israel requirements. View More

Leukocytes Analysis

Medical Device Laboratory needed for Clinical Study urine analysis for concentration of leukocytes. The following needs to be performed:
Negative uri... View More

Disinfectant Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Chemical / Cleaning Product Manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for virucidal efficacy testing of disinfectants against avian influenza.

... View More

Laboratory Purchase

Development Corporation wants to purchase Laboratory with real estate in California View More

ISO Medical Device IV Injection Testing

Medical device manufacturer seeking testing compliant with ISO 15747:2010, Plastic containers for intravenous injections relating to safe handling an... View More

1-(2,6-dimethylphenoxy)-2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamino) propane Analysis

ISO 17025 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for water testing for quantification of 1-(2,6-dimethylphenoxy)-2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamino)p... View More


Materials Laboratory needed for REACH compliant testing to the following 3 ASTM Standards

1.ASTM -D86, Standard Test Method for Distillation of Pet... View More

Anti-viral drug Testing / Virus-neutralizing monoclonal antibody

Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for anti-viral drug testing for assessment of a human mAb for its capacity to prevent infection of human c... View More

South America Oil Laboratory needed for Lubricant and Fuel Oil Analysis View More

Laboratory supplier needed for quote on the foowing pharmaceutical ingredients and packaging: Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCL Powder CAS No. 67-03-8 Applicat... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antiviral testing on tissue paper against the following viruses: adenovirus, human coronavirus, and rhinovirus. View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging certification testing of child resistant caps used on cannabis product. View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for a series of OECD physicochemical tests for EU REACH (Annex VII) for multiple cosmetic plant derivatives samples View More

ISO 17025 Accredited Toxicology Laboratory needed for biodegradability and toxicity testing of biodegradable plastic to validate biodegradability and ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for FDA compliant drug-drug interaction and leachable studies between 3 components of a new drug. All individ... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for child resistant packaging certification of jars View More

Laboratory needed for chemical analysis of wine: phenolic test, aldehydes, ester, alcohol, so2, antioxidants, tartaric acid, acidity, sugar View More

Food Company needs Environmental Microbiology Laboratory for pathogen testing of of dairy cow wastewater following treatment with composting worms i... View More

Large Corporation needs Consumer Research Laboratory for consumer panel flavor study on beverage can coatings to determine if the specific type of can... View More

University Scientific Researcher wants to purchase the following osteoblastic cell lines as well as antibiotics, culture medium, assay kits

1 MC3T... View More

Agriculture Laboratory needed for quantification of phytase in Mycelium dry powder samples. The Mycelium powder is comprised mainly of Aspergillus ni... View More

Food Laboratory needed for kombucha testing to meet Canadian Food and Labeling regulations, stability testing, nutritional facts labeling, alfatoxin,... View More

Partnership for sale in small size, fully equipped clinical laboratory as
one partner wants to exit. View More

Material Laboratories needed for ISO leaching rate testing of coatings to ISO method 10890:2010 of marine anti-fouling paint. View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for assay of select inflammatory biomarkers to confirm the presence of inflammatory cytokines: CXCL1, TNF alpha and IL... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for chemical analysis of polypropylene fabric to the below specifications:

1. UV content analysis. we wish to know the... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for dose response tests and coagulation assays to determine if there are anti-coagulation properties in 10-20 small mo... View More

University Researcher needs microbiology laboratory to screen liquid plant extract for antiviral activities View More

FDA GLP Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for ISO 10993-1 biocompatibility studies for implantable bone graft substitutes (granules), ... View More

Laboratory Consultant needed for assisting on the design and development of a telecommunication certification laboratory. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for disinfectant efficacy testing of two quaternary ammonium disinfectant products against viruses (Measles and Rubella... View More

FDA Contract Research Organization CRO needed for in vivo and in vitro studies of implant based bone cement medical device including material characte... View More

LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measuring fragile medical equipment post contact with human tissue. Components mu... View More

Large Technology Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Cleanliness Testing To VDA and ISO Standards: VDA 19 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness - ... View More

START-UP Outdoor wear company needs materials laboratory for breathability and waterproofness testing of new textiles materials used in rain pants. T... View More

Food importer needs USA food laboratory for tea testing compliant to FDA standards in addition to filing any paperwork . View More

URGENT 3rd-party Laboratory to perform automotive SAE J2064 hose assembly testing (permeability and/or coupling integrity tests) using 1234yf refriger... View More

Large Chemical Company needs USA based GLP Certified Laboratory for EU REACH testing to 7 OECD Guidelines including: OECD 102,Melting Point/ Melting R... View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for testing HOCL on the reduction in the amount of N. gonorrhoeae on the pharyngeal surface based on NIH protocol ... View More

FDA compliant Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for salmonella testing for testing for View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC testing of a linear accelerator according to IEC6060-2-1 & IEC60976 that use to radiotherapy and another produce ... View More

Laboratory wants to purchase a used Leica cm3600 cryostat View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Biohemistry Laboratory needed to test 500 samples to measure sucrose and starch levels in plant leaf tissues View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Nationwide medical network needs clinical diagnostic laboratory with PCR capabilities for testing 30 plus pathogens and antibiotic r... View More

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Laboratory needed for pilot plant scale polymerization trials to develop new products of a reactor system of 50-100 gallons size c... View More

URGENT Food Laboratory needed for comprehensive testing for Cider
including nutrition panel profile, total carbohydrates, and sugar profile. Also, w... View More

Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA Testing of powdered mushroom for
Polysacharides %
Beta Glucans %... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for BS EN disinfectant virucidal activity testing against a number of viruses: Norovirus, H1N1, Hand-Foot-Mouth-Diseas... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Company seeks microbiology laboratory for certification testing on international standards of 3 medical disinfectant products for e... View More

Accredited and GMP microbiology laboratory needed for virucidal testing of a disinfectant as per Australian TGA guidelines. The laboratory must be GM... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for performance testing for thermal resistance measurement (CLO value) of an insulated pair of pants. View More

Environmental Laboratory needed to identify residue which has accumulated inside a scrubber unit which is used to eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide gas in a... View More


Microbiology Laboratory needed for AATCC and JIS antimicrobial testing of textiles to the following standards:
1)AATCC 100
2)AATCC 147
3)AATCC 30
... View More

Importer needs FDA cGMP Laboratory for FDA customs testing of intimate personal edible lubricant. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for AOAC disinfectant efficacy testing for general disinfection on hard surfaces for use in Hospitals and medical Insti... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for toothpaste testing to substantiate it is fluoride free. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology and disinfectant efficacy laboratory testing services for 3 new disinfectants scheduled for testing next year as follow... View More

Biotechnology Firm wishes to acquire an existing small producer of monoclonal antibodies View More

Polymers Laboratory needed for conducting an environmental simulation study on polycarbonate headlight lens of an led headlight for freezing rain and ... View More

Agricultural Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for poultry feed testing for the antibiotics doxycycline. neomycin and kanamycin in poultry feed.... View More

URGENT Packaging Laboratory needed for testing product's packaging to ensure it adhere's to North American Child resistant packaging standards. (i) C... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for CPSC compliance flammability testing for infant sleepwear textiles View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Food Laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing of kombucha (fermented tea) for antioxidant content, sugar... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for perchlorate level testing of 20 plant samples or extract from plants that contain a relatively high level ... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for fir safety of electrical radiant heating systems and its ability to start a fire when installed in domestic or Comme... View More

Large oil company needs Laboratory for OECD 301B; CEC L-103-2 or CEC L-33-A-93 biodegradability testing for lubricant/grease products. CLP certificati... View More

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a can requires, head space gas testing and dissolved oxygen for beverage. Want to understand the oxygen level in the head sp... View More

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for reversed phase HPLC on 90 samples to detect the antibiotics and its concentration. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP compliant bioanalytical laboratories needed to perform In-vitro biological assay for Lot release tests. It is to measure the... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Cosmetics Laboratory needed for testing of multiple skin care projects in development. Quotes are needed on the following analytic... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory needed for content analysis of a craft cocktail made (quantites of ingredients, alcohol content, etc.) View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Medical Device Microbiology laboratory of Bioburden and sterility testing for implantable medical device. WE will send product for ... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis Testing on 4 all natural products including one topical mosquito repellant to be in... View More

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical research study to show they are safe to be used by pregnant women and children over 3 year... View More

Infant sleep wear fabric testing for the consumer protection agency. View More

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Clinical Efficacy testing on an Eye Lash Product including:
1. 25-30 subjects
2. 30 day study with... View More

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed for formulation of a sugar-free coating for sour candies. The final product must be USDA organic compliant... View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for comparison study of 2 hair growth products for hair growth speed.

We want to test their hair growth product... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical analysis of
1) Sodium Silicate
2) Fumaric acid
3) Tartaric Acid
4) Calcium hydroxide
5) Dis... View More

LEGAL Food Laboratory needed to test the fill of specific retail-sold canned tuna. The FDA has a very specific methodology mandated for how such measu... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM compatibility testing of personal lubricant products to ASTM D7661-10 for compatibility with natural rubber ... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for disinfectant efficacy testing as per BS EN standards or not. View More

Laboratory needed for surfactant brush cleaner testing from the official EU site OECD Annex II of Regulation No 648/2004. Basically, it is a compariso... View More

GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Regulation 1107 compliant OECD toxicity testing on a botanical extract active substance:
- OECD 402: Acute derma... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for child resistant package testing specific to flow-wrapped pouches View More

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for Ecotoxicological tests on our adjuvant for registration purposes in Central America. This includes tes... View More

Consumer Safety Products Laboratory needed for consumer safety testing of infant pillows for breathability, anti-suffocation and the risk of CO2 rebre... View More

Power equipment manufacturer needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to identify and quantify the species of organic and inorganic content contained in ... View More

Company wishes to purchase an existing laboratory for Lyme disease testing and co infections in Canada
triant steuart
View More

Plant based dietary supplement manufacturer need bioanalytical laboratory for blood testing for the measurement of NAD in human blood (Nicotinamide ad... View More

Materials laboratory needed for measurements on an anti-reflection coating on both external surfaces of a cemented doublet measured. The diameter of t... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor comparison study of the breathability of underwear and panty liner. View More

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for instant coffee testing for total glucose and xylose. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for accelerated aging study with testing monthly for a year.
Tests needed (per sample, per ... View More

FDA GLP certified or ISO 17025 Agriculture laboratory needed for insecticides, Fungicides, Acaricides and herbicides efficacy testing as per FAO Guide... View More

Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of biocidal product under EU Regulation 528/2012 (BPR) for product type 18 and 19 on the following species: mos... View More

Toxicology consultant needed for toxicological risk assessment based on PDE calculations. Company would provide the data and is not looking for new e... View More

Laboratory Consultant needed for advising on the complete set-up of CLIA urine and blood toxicology laboratory including laboratory equipment and star... View More

FDA registered and cGMP compliant analytical chemistry laboratory needed for latex and/or DEHP (Di Ethyl Hydroxy Phthalate) testing on rubber closures... View More

Materials laboratory needed for weathering and performance testing of coatings to determine which will preserve and protect the outdoor signs from gra... View More

Skincare company needs dermatology clinical research laboratory for development of a protective cream for prolonged work in gloves that helps avoid ex... View More

Laboratory needed for leak detector performance testing to SAE J1627, Performance Criteria for Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detectors View More

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer need for encapsulation and labeling services for 2 pet drug products supplies in different quantity bottles. View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Proposition 65 labeling compliance testing foracrylamide quantitation in food, coffee and dietary supp... View More

Chemistry consultant needed for technical support and formulation development of consumer goods products that fall into the automotive and household ... View More

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs food microbiology laboratory to test for contaminants from a alcoholic beverage cup. View More

University researcher needs laboratory to perform in-vitro study of antiulcer activity of plant extract according to the methodology methodology is I... View More

Medical device company needs FDA consultant for advising on the registration and classification of self diagnostic kits prior to manufacturing. View More

Environmental microbiology laboratory needed forsurface and air sample testing for fungal identification and semi-quantitation on Air-O-Cell spore tra... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive laboratory needed for resin testing to Mercedes Standard DBL 7384:2015: Supply Specification Coating of plastic parts in vehi... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for ASTM testing of cooling system additives to ASTM D3147-06(2013) Standard Test Method for Testing Stop-Leak Additives... View More

EPA GLP or ISO 17025 agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed that is accredited for the analysis of pesticides needed for quantitation of A... View More

Food laboratory needed for anti-oxidant testing (-Trolox) and Trace analysis (Ce137 and I131) (ICP-Ms) on Chaga Mushrooms. View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for osmolality testing for validation / verification of scientific study on human milk fortifier (infant f... View More