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Laboratory Outsourcing and Scientific Sourcing

Everyday since 2003, thousands of corporations, governments, organizations and educational institutions have utilized the Contract Laboratory to fulfill their laboratory service and product needs.

Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research

Independent third-party laboratories and scientific research facilities for laboratory testing, scientific research experiments, assays, analysis, arrays, product development, formulation, reverse engineering, examinations, evaluations, field inspections, engineering, failure investigations/failure analysis projects.

Laboratory Services

Scientific and Laboratory services for your laboratory including consulting and advisory services, construction, renovation, engineering, calibration, maintenance, sterilization, lyophilization projects, small batch manufacturing, synthesis, prototype development, statistical review, etc.

Laboratory Products

New, refurbished, or used instruments or supplies for your laboratory such as HPLC, spectrophotometers, lab disposables, water systems, personal protection, safety equipment, cell lines, assays, test kits, sampling materials, etc.

Laboratory Business

Laboratory business opportunities such as laboratories for sale, laboratory space to leases, grants, partnerships, licensing, technology transfer, etc.