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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Product Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Product Requests are received from a variety of laboratories ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational laboratories to government laboratories to academic laboratories actively seeking scientific and laboratory suppliers of scientific and laboratory instruments, equipment, testing kits, supplies etc. If you have any questions, please contact us or call 1-855-377-6821 Toll-Free 24/7.

Number Category Laboratory Product Description Status
16-00045 Laboratory Instruments Manufacturing Laboratory needs lab supplier of the following laboratory instruments: Jenway 6305 Spectrophotometer Genesys 30 Visible Spectrophotometer LAMBDA 265 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer UNICO 2150-UV Spectrophotometer Get back to us with your best pricing and availability. ... Open
16-00044 Laboratory Equipment" Laboratory supplier needed of laboratory tap head "green head. Please specify cost and whether they fit all taps including Bench taps, 2 way water taps and water mixer taps... Open
16-00041 Laboratory Equipment USA University Purchasing Department wishes to purchase Laboratory Equipment.... Open
16-00042 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Africa laboratory supplier needed for blood test kits , fatty acid test kits ... Open
16-00043 Laboratory Equipment" Africa Lab Supplier needed of microscopes... Open
16-00040 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays" US company needs Laboratory Supplier to provide labroatoryTesting kit specifically for numbered food dyes. ... Open
16-00039 Other University Laboratory needs laboratory suppliers to provide quotes for male B6.V-LepObOb mice (6-8 weeks)? We require 10 obese and 10 lean heterozygote controls. Many thanks,... Open
16-00038 Cell Lines and Cell Culture University pharmaceutical laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Oral squamous cancer cell lines OSCC for research purposes... Open
16-00037 Sampling and Collection Supplies Drug Screening Laboratory needs laboratory supplier to supply drug screening supplies ... Open
16-00020 Laboratory Equipment"" Africa Laboratory supplier needed for cosmetics lab equipment... Open
16-00021 Laboratory Instruments Africa Laboratory Supplier needed for Immunochemistry instruments and suppliers: Two equipment 1. Analyzer type: Fully automated, software controlled discrete immunoassay analyzer. 2. Test throughput : 100 to 400 tests per hour ( Two in number ) 3. Samples type: Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine a... Open
16-00022 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures" Ireland laboratory needs laboratory supplier of bovine cell lines... Open
16-00023 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures" Research Scientist needs laboratory supplier of human lens epithelial cell lines (HLE).... Open
16-00024 "Test Kits, Assays and Arrays URGENT Large company needs laboratory supplier of FERROXYL TEST KIT (ASTM 380) and other test kits and chemicals to use on a construction project ... Open
16-00025 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Africa Fisheries researcher,needs laboratory supplier of: Fish ELISA: SOD, CAT, GSH-PX, MDA, IGF-1, Na+/K+-ATPase, alkaline phosphatase, ã-glutamyl transpeptidase, IL-Ib, TNFa, IL-6, IL-10 mRNA, INFg, HSP 70, HSP 60, and HSP 90 gene expression kits, ; digestive enzymes (i.e. trypsin, amylase, and l... Open
16-00029 Laboratory Instruments Africa electrical laboratory needs laboratory supplier to supply a quotation for the following: 30 x Signal Generator 30 x Vdc Variable Power Supply 30 x Dual Trace Oscilloscope 30 x Fluke Multimeter 50 x Circuit slide switch 50 x Curcuit transformer (3A) 25 x Curcuit transformer (5A) Transistors 1... Open
16-00030 Laboratory Equipment Africa supplier needed for 1) Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line a) Product specifications: Thickness: 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm Width: 1250 mm, 1520 mm, 1570 mm Length: 5800 mm or any length between 2000 mm to 6000 mm. Other sizes are made available according to the customers? need b) Components... Open
16-00031 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of enzyme assays.... Open
16-00032 Laboratory Instruments Internal laboratory of stell company needs laboratory supplier to supply of "Sulfur Content tester for petroleum products".ASAP... Open
16-00033 Laboratory Supplies Laboratory worldwide exporters needed who can supply PP woven charcoal bags to company in Romania. Quantity Required : 10,000 bags ... Open
16-00034 Chemical and Reagents" USA University laboratory needs supplier to quote institutional prices of chemicals : Items: B-2 Riboflavin vitamin pure Food Grade powder. 99% min.USP---------------500 Kgs Thiamine Hcl ( Vitamin B-1 ) powder 98% min. USP ================500Kgs Potassium Iodide, USP Grade Food Grade powder. 99% ---... Open
16-00035 Laboratory Equipment Pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory needs laboratory supplier of sonic shifter sieve instrument ... Open
16-00036 Sampling and Collection Supplies Occupational Health Company needs laboratory supplier for COC and Collection cups for DOT drug collection samples. ... Open
16-00019 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of mouse hypothalamic cell lines -IVB cell lines -GTI-7 cell lines Please do send me the quotation if you have a the cell lines for the experiment.... Open
16-00018 Laboratory Equipment China Laboratory interested in purchasing used or reconditioned Biacore T100 ,T200 or a ProteOn. ... Open
16-00001 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures" University Laboratory needs supplier of cell lines: Sz95 and HaCaT keratinocytes... Open
16-00002 Laboratory Furniture and Furnishings" Africa Microbiology Laboratory needs laboratory furniture supplier for microbiology laboratory chairs that have the following specification: 1. The seat and back of chair should be made of polyurethane material. 2. The seat and the back specially designed with elliptical futures to enhance airflow. ... Open
16-00004 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Laboratory needs lab Peritonial fluid need to induce DLA cancer in mice.... Open
16-00005 Books, Manuals and Reference Materials UK Chemistry Laboratory needs to purchase beckman and thermo laboratories centrifuges service manuals... Open
16-00006 Lab Parts, Components and Accessories Laboratory service provider wants to purchase older AKTA FPLC instrumentation and parts. ... Open
16-00008 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Laboratory needs cell lines: Human Sebocyte cell line , Sebocytes - SZ95 or SEB-1 or SEB-E6E7"... Open
16-00010 Laboratory Equipment Internal Manufacturing Laboratory needs drop tester for wooden box, let me know whether you are dealing with such product. The min. required capacity is 3000 Kgs and lifting height is around 2 feet. ... Open
16-00017 Laboratory Instruments - Chromatography Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph Needed... Open
16-00016 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures India Laboratory needs laboratory suppler of Neuronal cell lines Cell line pc-12"... Open
16-00015 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Financial company needs oral fluid kits for cigarrette testing... Open
16-00014 Laboratory Equipment India Laboratory needs LPG cooktop Testing Lab Equipments as per IS 4246 & IS 5116" Gas meter, Pressure gause, Regulator, Thermometer, Weighing machine etc... Open
16-00013 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Europe Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of low volume cells require a "skirt". Each half has 3ea. 20mm septum fittings. H-Cell is for electrolysis experiments ... Open
16-00012 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Researcher needs human oral cavity cell lines for the research purpose ... Open
16-00011 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Agriculture scientific research center needs cattle sebocytes... Open
15-00013 Laboratory Supplies "University Laboratory needs scientific supplier of multiple Medical Laboratory and Supplies. "... Closed
15-00012 Chemicals and Reagents Asia Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of REAGENT, TOLUENE, TECHNICAL GRADE, 25 LTR CONTAIN, PLASTIC/JERRY CAN (Quantity : 11 EA) with the Certificate COO/COC/COA/MSDS ... Closed
15-00011 Chemicals and Reagents USA university medical school research laboratory needs lab chemical supplier A] Vitamin B2 98% Riboflavin : CAS No: 83-88-5 ,Universal USP Grade---400 Kg B] Vitamin B3 98% Niacin: CAS No: 59-67-6,Universal USP Grade---300 Kg ... Closed
15-00010 Controls, Standards and Reference Materials "Asia Clinical Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of reference material,: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) 2. Organochlorine Pesticides -Aldrin/Dieldrin,Bhc,Chlordane,T-Ddt,Endosulfan,Heptachlor Epoxide,Lindane,(2,4-D), (2,4,5 -T),(2,4,5 - Tp) 3. Organophosporus Pesticides ?Paraquat 4. Tributyltin ... Closed
15-00009 Laboratory Equipment "Laboratory needs Request for Quote RFQ on Lab Equipment: 1. Laboratory Safety Equipment (Laminar Flow) - Dimention: Width 1835 Height 650 Depth 525 Approx. Net weight (kg) 220 Electrical connection (V/Hz) 230/50 Work surface stainless 2. Laboratory Autoclaves (Autoclave) - 100 - 134 °C and 15 ... Closed
15-00008 Chemicals and Reagents REQUEST FOR QUOTE RFQ on laboratory chemicals: Copper sulfate?????....500gm ?.EDTA ?Sodium Ferrous ??..2kg ?? Boric acid ???????500gm 4. Potassium iodide ????..100gm ?? Manganese sulfate ???? ..1kg ?? Sodium molybdate ???....100gm ??Zinc sulfate, heptahydrate ....500gm ??Calcium chloride, anhydrous.... Closed
15-00007 Laboratory Equipment LAB EQUIPMENT TENDER: University Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of Molecular Grade Scientific Equipment ( tender notice required )... Closed
15-00006 Chromatography Supplies "Laboratory needs lab #supplier of #chromatography supplies: #AVERYDENNSION CHROMO #PAPER(KMH4644) "Less Gumming"... Closed
15-00005 Laboratory Equipment University Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Carbonation test chamber is required for concrete. Must be in USA."... Closed
15-00004 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Export company needs laboratory supplier or lab test kits: abTESTM DEN 4 qPCR I Kit ? 100 reactions ? Detection of DEN1/DEN2/DEN3/DEN4 with IC abTESTM CT/NG qPCR I Kit ? 50 reactions ? Detection of C.trachomatis and N.gonorrhoeae with IC ... Closed
15-00003 Laboratory Equipment Biotechnology Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of"1. Apparatus for determination of the indicator ?Anti-corrosive properties in distilled water? according to ISO 7120:2001 ?Oil and lubricating materials?. 2. Apparatus for determination of the indicator ?Corrosion on the copper plate?, according ... Closed
16-00003 " Oncology Laboratory needs radioimmunoassay kits to arrange hormone(thyroid,infertlity, tumor markers).in RIA LAB IN LARGE ONCOLOGY CENTER... Open
16-00009 """ Laboratory needs quote for deionised water system: deionised model 15-p plant for making deionised water ... Open
16-00007 "" Medical Equipment commission agent needs Africa lab supplier of USD. - STETHOSCOPES 19000 PCS - LAB MICROSCOPES or DIGITAL HANDHELD MICROSCOPES --- 800 PCS ... Open
15-00001 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Textiles Laboratory needed laboratory supplier of lab test kits for performing waste water quality test: Parameter Lower Limit Value Antimony ? 0.50 ppm Arsenic ? 0.01 ppm Cadmium ? 0.01 ppm Chromium ? 0.10 ppm Cobalt ? 0.02 ppm Copper ? 0.25 ppm Cyanide ? 0.20 ppm Lead ?... Closed
15-00002 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays""" Medical School Pathology Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of testing kits including: insuline , Hb1ac and Glucose estimation in mice. Superoxide Dismutase(cu/zn), catalase, glutathion peroxidase, Total antioxidant capacity, Thiamine and thiamine pyrophosphate (microbiology grade), Vit C and vita... Closed
14-00043 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Perkin Elmer Flexar 200 HPLC Autosampler Repair and /or Parts."... Closed
14-00042 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Pathology laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of Laboratory Diagnostic Test Kits: Pathological kit specially in RIA ( Thyriod , PSA. Vit B 12, ANA , Vit D3 for ELISHA READER "... Closed
14-00041 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Phlebotomy Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory clinical diagnostic test kits: RIA KIT FOR THYROID , PSA VIT.B12 VIT D ETC.... Closed
14-00040 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Supplier needed for laboratory equipment : diskette reader for the Elecsys 2010"... Closed
14-00039 Laboratory Glassware Core Analysis Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Laboratory glassware, specialising in glaswware required for Core Analysis Laboratories as well as for Medical, Chemical, Petroleum and general laboratories... Closed
14-00038 Lab Chemicals and Reagents "Airport Laboratory needs Lab Supplier of Laboratory Chemicals Crystals Sublimed Quantity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,2500 Kg Potasium Iodide AR Quantity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2000 Kg "... Closed
14-00037 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of BFCS 300 (or other similar brand) with all spare parts and accessory items & components. Also we are looking to purchase 4 litter of non petroleum brake fluid base (Referee) with corrosion test glass jar with finned steel lids. ... Closed
14-00034 Laboratory Equipment UK Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of the following laboratory equipment: 1) HPLC Instrument 2) HPLC Column 3) UV Spectrometer 4) Hardness tester 5) Friability tester 6) Analytical Balance 7) Disso Apparatus 8) Volumetric Flasks 9) Beakers 10) Conical Flasks 11) Measuring Jars ... Closed
14-00033 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures "Ph.d scholar doing research in myocardial infarction needs laboratory supplier of cell lines HL-1 or P-19 cell lines "... Closed
14-00032 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays India Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of hbsag test kit..blood typing kit ... Closed
14-00031 Laboratory Equipment - Mixers and Stirrers Lab. equipment; For concrete 1. 1560KN compression machine 2. Load pacing units 3. Compacting factor 4. Concrete mould 5. Sieve shaker and sieve sets for concrete For Soil 1. Mortar and pistle 2. Extruders 3. Density bottles and conical flask 4. Oven (300oC) 5. Atterberg limit device 6. Liquid Limi... Closed
14-00030 Laboratory Instruments Large International Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Dry Microbial Penetration Resistance tester used in ISO 22612. Please let us know if you have it available and the cost. Thank you! ... Closed
14-00028 Laboratory Equipment - Mixers and Stirrers University Research Laboratory needs lab supplier of laboratory stirrer that has tank with a high-speed rotating stirrer capable of being pressurized to 200 kPa, an air operated double diaphragm pump, an air compressor, a balance with a minimum capacity of 1000-g and a 3 piece-acrylic tube"... Closed
14-00027 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures "Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of BHK-21 cell line for research purposes"... Closed
14-00026 Laboratory Instruments "Analytical Chemistry Laboratory has Olympus/Coulter AU480 chemistry analyzer for sale here is some information. 10/01/2010 operational, Serial # 0060273, Count 0446739 This instrument has been in one of our Physicians office it is complete, clean and has been maintained on schedule. Daily... Closed
14-00025 Laboratory Instruments Laboratory needs laboratory supplier to rent a Sartocheck 3 or 4 filter integrity tester or find a company who will do the test at our New Jersey site."... Closed
14-00024 Laboratory Furniture - Used and Refurbished Diagnostic Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of used laboratory benches & laboratorycabinets... Closed
14-00023 Laboratory Disposables Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory sample collection supplies to analyse gas hydrocarbon substances.... Closed
14-00022 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Genetics Research and Development Laboratory is seeking canine cell lines, or DNA, isolated from the oral cavity. Primary need is Porphyromonas gulae culture. Other specific bacteria required during project design and optimization."... Closed
14-00020 Laboratory Equipment "Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of MECHATEST portable sampling solution.we want to know these product your company suppling or not.If yes what its price per unit. thanks & regards "... Closed
14-00019 Laboratory Equipment "Louisiana Laboratory need laboratory supplier of lab equipment: complete system for ASTM D2300 gassing tendency testing. We are looking to purchase asap. ""... Closed
14-00018 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Laboratory needed laboratory supplier of laboratory test kits reagent in our regular purchase such as: Elisa Method: Test kit for 1. Anti-Cyclic citrullinated peptide Antibody (ACCP). 2. Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA). And Some more Test kit such as: 1. Blood Sugar Reagent kit. 2. Sickle cell kit. 3... Closed
14-00017 Laboratory Equipment Medical College needs laboratory supplier of laboratory equipment ELISA readers, washer, titre, buffers, reagents, micropipette, HPLC, soxhalet extractor, separating funnel, incubators, chemicals, glasswares and cell lines. "... Closed
14-00016 Cell Lies and Cell Cultures Laboratory needs lab supplier of PC 12 Cell line... Closed
14-00015 Laboratory Equipment Africa laboratory needs laboratory supplier of various laboratory equipment... Closed
14-00014 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures University Laboratory needs cell line supplier of MIN6 cell line insulin-secreting cells from mouse"... Closed
14-00013 Complete Laboratory Set-Up "New Microbiology Laboratory being Set-up needs a microbiology supplier of the following microbiology equipment and suppliers: MICROBIOLOGY LIST QUANITY AUTOCLAVE 1 BIOSAFETY CABINET 1 INNOCULATION LOOP 20 HEATING PLATE 1 MSA 1 DEHYDRATED MAC CONKEY 1 DEHYDRATED MULER HILTON 1 DEHYDRATED SIM 1 ... Closed
14-00012 Laboratory IT, Computers, and Software "Medical laboratory needs electrophoresis laboratory supplier of electrophoresis soft and hardware diagnostic reagents and medical laboratory instruments"... Closed
14-00011 Laboratory Equipment Middle East Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory equipment: Capillary Pressure Desaturation Porosimeter, Gas PORG-200 Permeameter Gas, PERG-200 Permeameter, Liquid PERL-200 Soxhlet Extractor Electronic Top Loading Balance Soils Drying Oven "... Closed
14-00008 Isotopes Africa Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of radioisotopes.... Closed
14-00009 Controls, Standards and Samples "Clinical Laboratory needs laboratory supplier to purchase remnant samples: 1500 positive stool samples from 33 different bacterial infections. I can provide a full list of the remnant samples we are interested in purchasing. "... Closed
14-00010 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays "Bioanalytical Laboratory Supplier needed of very sensitive and specific recombinants needed for diagnostics kits development. Kits platforms include rapid tests, Elisa's and Western blots. """... Closed
14-00007 Laboratory Equipment Complete laboratory equipment for Oil analysis laboratory ... Closed
14-00006 Lab Test Kits, Assays and Arrays ""WE are looking for economical test kits suppliers for Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory offering services in Hyderabad, India. Inteed suppliers of testing kits based on PCR/RTPCR , ELISA may kindly sedn your best quotes""... Closed
14-00005 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Cell Line supplier needed for two murine microglia cell line N9 and BV2." ... Closed
14-00004 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures "University Laboratory needs cell line supplier of pc12 CELL LINE""... Closed
14-00003 Laboratory Equipment "Laboratory Supplier needed of Laboratory BS&W equipment, PVT Lab, H2S analyzer, API tester"... Closed
14-00002 Laboratory Equipment NNeed to outfit a small clinical laboratory with a sink, work counter, wall shelving, and a storage cabinet. Used equipment will be ok."... Closed
14-00001 Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer's Agriculture Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of Plc., 1- Coffee Sample Huller with Motor and essential Set of Spares. Quantity 01 No. 2- 2-3 pots Roaster with motor, with & without Grinder. Quantity 01 No. 3- Portable Digital Moisture Meter with Automatic Sample Temperature Correc... Closed
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