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Laboratory Product Requests

Number Category Description Status
11-00116 Cell Lines and Cultures Biotechnology manufacturer needs lab supplier of cell lines: RPMI 8226, U266 B1 and Esophageal and squmous cell adenocarcinoma."... Closed
11-00115 Laboratory Equipment "Soils and Geotechnical Tests Equipments; Concrete and cement tests Equipments; General laboratory Tests Equipments for Civil Engineering Purposes."... Closed
11-00114 Cell Lines and Cultures "New Zealand Universty laboratory requires cell line supplier of MIN6 Cell line for secretion research."... Closed
11-00113 Laboratory Test Kits, Assays and Arrays Test Kit Laboratory Supplier needed to supply Ferroxyl Test for Iron Based Substrate. We are nickel plating carbon steel and need to test for nickel coverage (exposed iron) using the above test.... Closed
11-00112 Laboratory Equipment Geology Laboratory needs geology laboratory supplier of geological laboratory equipment x-ray diffraction, thin section petrography; we require micro ring pulverizer, centrifuge, test tubes, oven, related equipment "... Closed
11-00111 Laboratory Equipment University Laboratory needed Serology Laboratory Test Machine... Closed
11-00110 Laboratory Equipment Engineering company needs laboratory supplier of Underground & surface mining models. 1.Models of stopping methods: stops b.shrinkage stops c.back-fill stops d.sub-level caring 2.Stopping methods for bedded deposit 3.Models of surface mining methods of stopping a.with wast deposition i... Closed
11-00109 Laboratory Disposables India Laboratory needs Microbiology Laboratory Supplier of microbiology anaerobic gas pouches along with catalyst to create anaerobic conditions for the petri dishes where the culture is grown.The incubation temperature is 55 degree celcius.So Please provide me the in formation regarding those pouc... Closed
11-00108 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures Laboratory needs laboratory suppler of DC2.4 cells obtained from bone marrow cells infected with a retrovirus encoding myc and raf by using supernatant from NIH J2 Leuk cells, as described by Z Shen, G Reznikoff, G Dranoff and KL Rock. 1997. The Journal of Immunology, Vol 158, Issue 6 2723-2730 "... Closed
11-00107 Controls and Standards University Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of phycocyanin standard urgently. How long it takes to get the standard shipped ... Closed
11-00106 Laboratory Disposables Laboratory needs laboratory supplier for laboratory pipettes: 500ea 25ml and 1000ea 50 ml reusable, autoclaveable pipettes. They must be tooled for cotton wads, 'shorty' versions for quick intake and release preferred. Pipette washer system capable of handling 25ml & 50ml pipettes. Replacem... Closed
11-00105 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory equipment: 1.Bench Top density meter (DMA 4500) for Crude Oil , fuel Oil & asphalt testing, According to the following test method Respectively ASTM D-5002 , ASTM D-4052 & DIN 51757 Requirements. QTY: 2 pcs 2.External Measuring Cell DMA HP , with ... Closed
11-00104 Laboratory Supplies Laboratory needs pH electrode Scrubber Neutralizing ... Closed
11-00103 Laboratory Equipment Mexico Laboratory needs laboratory supplier for the following laboratory equipment and instruments 1-spectrometer for mineralogical analysis of the ash by ICP or atomic emission. 1-ELECTRIC OVEN FOR EXPANSION IN FREE FSI INDEX COAL. 1-drying oven with temperature controller and air exchange. ... Closed
11-00102 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers "Oil laboratory needs 5 installations of Fischer retorting equipment for oil shale. "... Closed
11-00100 Laboratory Lamps and Lighting Laboratory signal light,air corps type c-3A... Closed
11-00099 Cell Lines and Cell Cultures University Laboratory needs Mouse MIN6 beta cells "... Closed
11-00098 Laboratory Equipment Oil Laboratory needs laboratory equipment: Reid Vapor pressure kit H2S measurement device in Oil Electric centrifuge to measure water concentration -0.2% Salt content analyzer Polarizing microscope ... Closed
11-00097 Laboratory Equipment Geotechnical laboratory requires direct shear testing instrument,cenchar testing equp,and slake durability equipment"... Closed
11-00096 Laboratory Equipment New setup laboratory in Malaysia university needs Laboratory Equipment : 1. Pulse Analyzer 2. Transducer and conditioning 3. Modal Exciters 4. Pulse sofware 5. Primary Calibration 6. Secondary Calibration 7. Sound lever meter 8. Sound Intensity probe 9. Vehicle suspension system 10. Sound intensity ... Closed
11-00095 Laboratory Equipment Start-up laboratory needs laboratory supplier of mechanical test equipment including Tensile Tester. Static or fatigue rated."... Closed
11-00094 Laboratory Equipment Crude Oil laboratory needs laboratory supplier of refurbished laboratory equipment: Viscometer for crude oil and their bath: similar to Walter Herzog model HVM 472 with standard accessories Apparatus for H2S in crude oil with H2s liquid kit: similar to Horiba Instrument Inc. Model SLFA-UV21 "... Closed
11-00093 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays India Processing plant Laboratory needs equipment for doing aseptic testing assays. ... Closed
11-00092 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays India Bioanalytical Laboratory needs laboratory test kits 1.superoxide dismutase estimation kit 2.thiobarbituric acid reacting substances (TBARS)estimation kit 3.serum zinc estimation kit ---each for testing 100 samples"... Closed
11-00091 Laboratory Equipment Stem Cell Laboratory needs Stem Cell lab equipment for a clinic specialising in adult Stem Cell treatments... Closed
11-00090 Laboratory Equipment "1, COD Reactor 2. Cyanide Analyzer 3. Fluoride analyzer 4. ICP spectrophotometer with hydride generator 5. Microscope 6. Total Organic Carbon "... Closed
11-00089 Laboratory Equipment Middle East Crude Oil Testing Laboratory laboratory for the oil and gas industry needed for laboratory equipment for laboratory analysis,corrosion,formation damages,scaling and waxes/"... Closed
11-00088 Laboratory Equipment Middle East Laboratory needs laboratory equipment for testing plastic caps."... Closed
11-00087 Samples Laboratory needs spores to conduct fungus resistance testing as follows: Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus funiculosum, Penicillium funiculosum and Aspergillus niger"... Closed
11-00086 Cell Lines and Cultures Research Laboratory needs Lab Supplier of cell lines of Head and Neck Squamous cell carcinoma for our work."... Closed
11-00085 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs Laboratory Equipment / Instrument Unit Price 1. Acoustic Vector Average Current Meter 2. Acoustic Water Level Measuring System 3. Acoustic Release 4. Air Temperature Sensor 5. Airborne Expendable Thermograph 6. Aqualung With Oxygen Cylinder, Complete Set 7. Automatic Recording Tide ... Closed
11-00084 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs Laboratory test cables(40 GHz) . ... Closed
11-00083 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory needs laboratory supplies and laboratory equipment: wooden boxes,Guage ,surgical Scsissors,saddle pad,Bath Towels,t-shirts,Textile plastics components,Assembled Computers ,Bathroom Accessories ,Door handle cover Products in large quantity We can be interested in the other product you may... Closed
11-00082 Laboratory Furniture "Beverage Laboratory needs to design and estimate cost for a laboratory with three island work-benches (14') with storage cabinets underneath (1/2-two door cabinet; 1/2 wide drawers). One wall work bench 30' and one 18'. ""... Closed
11-00081 Laboratory Equipment - Labware Chemical Laboratory needs Laboratory equipment: 1)Magnetic stirrer 2)Hot plate 3)Weighing Balance(0-200g) 4)Desiccator LR Grade chemicals 1)Sodium hydroxide pellets-1.0N used for analysis of de smut chemicals 2)Hydro chloric acid- 1.0 N used for analysis of degreasing chemicals Po... Closed
11-00080 Cell Lines and Cultures Bioanalytical Laboratory needs cell lines for following types of cancer, 1) Breast Cancer 2) Liver Cancer 3) Brain Tumors ... Closed
11-00079 Laboratory Furniture Clinical Laboratory needs Lab furniture including Sample chair and Reception Table... Closed
11-00078 Cell Lines and Cultures AG876 cell line (EBV type 2 cell line)for my research purpose"... Closed
11-00077 Laboratory Equipment - Refrigerators and Freezers "Good condition chest type ultra low temperature freezer (-80C) Small to medium size ( 3-12 cu ft)interior chamber. Prefer LN2 backup."... Closed
11-00076 Laboratory Equipment - Analyzers Fischer Assay Oil Benches & Controller design specification to meet the D3904 . The manufacture shall be ISO 9001 qualified . The Assay is for determination of the amount of oil , water , and spent shale contained in 100-gram oil shale samples . The bench and control system will be set to operate on... Closed
11-00075 Laboratory Equipment - Radiochemistry Laboratory needs low alpha partical testing standards needed for a Alpha sciences particel counter model 1950. Info from instrument manufacter ==> "Material: Th232 Size: ¼ in diameter Activity: 1000 to 1500 alpha/min over 2 Pi. It is advised to get encapsulated sources that prevent the formation ... Closed
11-00074 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Healthcare Laboratory needs AktaPrime(2), AKTA FPLC(1) "FPLC"... Closed
11-00073 Laboratory Casework Laboratory needs lab benches with epoxy countertops with drawers underneath for storage Please quote as to availability and price ASAP"... Closed
11-00072 Laboratory Furniture Bio Laboratory needs plastic peg-style rack to hold 20mL scintillation vials (28mm diameter). ... Closed
11-00071 Laboratory Instruments - Flow Analysis Mexico Laboratory needs two complete Flow Injection Analysis (FIAS) equipment in México City"... Closed
11-00070 Laboratory Equipment "Looking for an opportunity or auction of quality and affordable soil& rock testing equipments,maybe fairly used, but preferably, a complete Geotechnical laboratory equipment"... Closed
11-00069 Complete Laboratory Start-Up "Complete system to determine the contents of oil, water, spent hale and gas losss in oil shale samples. includes: -6 electrical furnaces, max. temp. 520 degrees C ,with outer covering of SS, can be programed and controlld separately. -condensers, with water circulating unit. -Escaped gases sha... Closed
11-00067 Cell Lines and Cultures University Student in Chennai India needs alzheimers cell lines. Please issue a list of alzheimers human cell lines, protocol and pricelists. ... Closed
11-00065 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Mumbai Biotech Firm needs to purchase LAL Endotoxin test kit for absence of pyrogen ... Closed
11-00064 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Pakistan Trading company needs equipment as follows: HPLC, detail mentioned below; Dual Wavelength UV-visible detector, Binary gradient pump, Data acquisition software with PC, Color printer, and with standard accessories Quantity : 01 No. Kindly quote your best FOB and C&F (Karachi/ Pakistan), pric... Closed
11-00063 Specimens "India University Phd student needs Streptococcus pyogenes isolates for research work. "... Closed
11-00062 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Iraq Pharma requires the following items: 1- Pyrogen plus 24 single test 0.125 Eu/ml Sensitivity 0.125 Eu/ml / 20 KITS 2-Pyrogen plus 24 single test 0.06 Eu/ml Sensitivity 0.06 Eu/ml / 20 KITS ... Closed
11-00058 Cell Lines and Cultures Biotechnology Company needs to purchase MDCK I - Madin Darbey Canine Kidney I - frozen cells. Please send us a quotation for the item."... Closed
11-00057 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Please provide quote for Book of technical conditions for Fischer Assay instrument to determine the content of oil in oil shale samples - The instrument,s provided with: 1- Temperature Control Unit 2- Bath cooling to maintain a stable temperature at 0.0 degree Celsius The instrument consists of ... Closed
11-00054 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Please send quote for the following supplies: -Bacteria (Total Viable) Test Kits -Coliforms Test Kits -E. coli Test Kits ... Closed
11-00053 Complete Laboratory Set-Up ""Need the following: 1- Destructive Sampling LAB complete 2- NON destructive LAB complete - Magno Flats ultrasonic Portable X-ray - Educational purpose - Composite cracks testing Kindly send us a net quotation and delivery time Separately training and installation if required. "... Closed
11-00052 Cell Lines and Cultures India Product Developer needs supplies of ovarian cell lines... Closed
11-00051 Laboratory Equipment Filtering Centrifuge needed to do the following: - combined function of washing, spin-drying, concentration and filtering -touch-pad design, all digital display for simple handling and clear display -programmable speed and time -special vibration-absorbing combination for automatic balance an... Closed
11-00050 Cell Lines and Cultures Large University needs to purchase bovine/mouse mammary gland cell lines... Closed
11-00049 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Need to purchase GPS 76 csx, current meter, flow meter and teodolit. ... Closed
11-00048 Laboratory Equipment Need Laboratory with a FiberFlow LDA System.... Closed
11-00046 Laboratory Equipment "Vietnamese university looking for equipments for new optical communication lab. Including, but not limited to: 1. Light source 2. Modulator 3. Receiver system Please contact for more information. "... Closed
11-00045 Laboratory Equipment Individual wanting to establish a complete Geological Laboratory in Yemen needs price list of equipment,using int'l name for reports etc..... Closed
11-00044 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Individual in India wants to purchase a lab machine for measuring mustard, groundnut oil - need setup in 30 days. Please send full information or quotation. ... Closed
11-00043 Laboratory Supplies Please provide prices for the following Lab products: Antibiotic for drug resistance testing for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Sigma No Antibiotic I-3377 Isoniazid R-3501 Rifampicin E-4630 Etambutol S-6501 Streptomycin Pyrazinomide FFR3 Respirator mask for TB laboratory Filter HEPA/UL... Closed
11-00042 Laboratory Equipment Biotechnology Firm is looking for several standard laboratory workbenches, all together about 60 ft long, and two fume hoods, 5-6 ft long.... Closed
11-00041 Laboratory Software - LIMS ""Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)needed.""... Closed
11-00040 Laboratory Equipment Hospital needs humidified chambers for staining virology slides... Closed
11-00039 Laboratory Equipment ""Indonesia laboratory needs the following for turnkey lab setup for measuring tinplate quality: 1. Alloy-Tin Couple value (ATC) 2. Iron Solution Value (ISV) 3. Pickle Lag Value (PLV) This project base on Turnkey project (purchase, Install, Commissioning and Training in Indonesia)""... Closed
11-00038 Cell Lines and Cultures India Biotechnology Research Laboratory needs Human Sebocyte Cell Lines (SZ 95)... Closed
11-00037 Laboratory Equipment "Environmental consultant needs laboratory equipment to setup a lab for environmental testing. "... Closed
11-00036 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays India Medical Laboratory needs one unit for LH, FSH, Estradiol and Beta HCG diagnostic Unit. "... Closed
11-00035 Laboratory Equipment Laboratory apparatus needed with accessories: Water Loss (Permeability) Test Using Packers, Apparatus and Accessories, Water Loss (Permeability) Test by Gravity Method, Apparatus and Accessories"... Closed
11-00034 Laboratory Supplies - Glassware "Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needs 24pcs of 100ml, 200% centrifuge glass tubes, API Standards, short cone, 200% Graduations ""... Closed
11-00033 Laboratory Equipment Africa Petroleum Laboratory needs Petroleum Testing Equipment needed.""... Closed
11-00031 Samples and Specimens "Geology Laboratory needs geology lab samples (rocks/Soils) ""... Closed
11-00030 Laboratory Equipment "Chemical Manufacturer Chemistry Laboratory needs Chemistry Laboratory Equipment: 1.Analytical balance 0/200 g - readability 0.0001 g 2.Technical balance 0/2000g 3.Bench pH meter- pH resolution 0.01 4.Thermostatic bath with agitator 14 L capacity 5.Magnetic stirrer (heating plate) 6.Test tube... Closed
11-00029 Laboratory Equipment Pathology Laboratory needs ssecond hand medical equipment for a full working pathology lab with x-ray and MRI scanning facilities in Africa. "... Closed
11-00028 Complete Laboratory Start-Up Malaysia Medical College needs complete set of laboratory equipment for: 1) Animal Biotechnology Laboratory 2)Plant biotechnology Laboratory 3) Environment biotechnology Laboratory 4)Medical Biotechnology Laboratory... Closed
11-00027 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers "Saudi Arabia Oil Laboratory needs oil testing laboratory equipment: 1. density specific gravity meter 2. metler tolledo weighing scale - equivalent. 3. tbn-analyzer 4. flash point close cup test 5. flash point open cup test. 6. mini pour cloud point tester w/ control unit 7. kinematic viscos... Closed
11-00026 Laboratory Equipment Qatar Oil Laboratory needs petroleum laboratory test ing equipments for "Testing Petroleum products for diesel, fuels, lubricant oils" (such as engine oil, ATF, gear and hydraulic)."... Closed
11-00025 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Mechanical Laboratory needs mechanical laboratory instruments ,tensile testing machine ,metallugraphy digital microscope and ultrasonic multi prop NDT flow detector.""... Closed
11-00024 Laboratory Supplies ""Need the following equipment: (1)Automatic Tag flash point tester,230v,50Hz, - piloted by microprocessor with digital display, standard model complete with all accessories including standard test cups, and pt 100 probe, ticket printer, accurate built in heating bath automatic magnet stirring and... Closed
11-00023 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Needed: chemical test kits that can easily test water for:  Chlorine level (most important)  pH level  Instructions in ENGLISH and Dari (if possible) The kit should be rather inexpensive and should be able to be used over and over. I also need quotes on:  Chlorine gas (I'm not sure what units t... Closed
11-00022 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers ""We have a continuous requirement for Grout Flow Cone and Mud Balance Scale. Minimum Quantity required is 100 PCS.""... Closed
11-00021 Laboratory Supplies Canada Diagnostic Company needs laboratory apparel suppliers that can meet my CPL 2-2.69 (ASTM) requirements, per a policy change under development.""... Closed
11-00020 Reference Materials and Controls Africa Sugar Factory's laboratory needs Laboratory Management software LIMS software"... Closed
11-00019 Cell Lines and Cultures India Contract Research Organization CRO needs immortalized hepatic stellate cell line of of human or rat origin.""... Closed
11-00017 Animal Models Pharmaceutical Company needs animal model for Exposure to airway allergens: mouse or guinea pig model of allergic response in airways, lungs."... Closed
11-00016 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Ferroxyl Test Kits needed for Porosity Testing by the ferroxyl test. This test will be done monthly. AMS-QQ-C-320 4.5.4""... Closed
11-00015 Chemicals and Reagents Need a stable isotope labelled DNA adduct, dG-N(2)-BPDE (7R,8S,9S-Trihydroxy-10S-(N2-deoxyguanosyl-3'phosphate)-7,8,9,10,-tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene). Require either: i) a deuterium-labelled dG-N(2)-BPDE OR ii) (15)N labelled dG-N(2)-BPDE for use as an internal standard for MS analysis.... Closed
11-00014 Cell Lines and Cultures "Looking for suppliers of a Squamous cell cancer cell line SCC-38. Our lab is interested in carrying some Head and neck squamous cell cancer HNSCC studies in vivo using nude mice, with a particular focus on use of optical imaging to characterize tumor growth, dissemination and treatment response. Th... Closed
11-00013 Cell Lines and Cultures Need human synoviocytes from osteoarthritic patients... Closed
11-00012 Specimens Looking to purchase large amounts of surplus rodents on a regular basis for the purpose of distribution as reptile feeders. Must be located in NY, Pa, Ct, or NJ. ... Closed
11-00011 Cell Lines and Cultures Our lab is interested in carrying some HNSCC studies in vivo using nude mice, with a particular focus on use of optical imaging to characterize tumor growth, dissemination and treatment response. Our literature search for a metastatising squamous cell cancer cell lines suggested that SCC-38 and Pam ... Closed
11-00010 Laboratory Supplies We require testing laboratory equipments & testing chemicals for lead, nickle, silver, gold, zinc, And other related metal in imitation jewelery as per international standard.... Closed
11-00009 Specimens Require: 1. Crystallographic Model : 2. Collection of minerals showing natural crystal set of 15. 3. Collection of minerals showing double refraction set of 6. 4. Collection of minerals showing lusture set of 15. 5. Collection of minerals showing crystal aggregate set of 5. 6. Collection ... Closed
11-00007 Laboratory Equipment "Laboratory Equipment needed for microbiology lab as follows: 1-autoclave 36 lit 2-Vertical Laminar Flow (90 cm) 3-Medium Digital Water Bath 4-Digital Stable Programmable Thermostat. 5-Colony Counter Complete 6- Oven 7-Incubator (2) 53 lit and other 80 lit 8-Magnetic stirrer with ceramic... Closed
11-00005 Cell Lines and Cultures "We require a source that can provide us with the mouse cell line FG-10. This is a S+L- line used for titration of Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus."... Closed
11-00004 Laboratory Instruments and Analyzers Need JFTOT - please provide cost and details.... Closed
11-00003 Laboratory Equipment Geotechnical Engineering lab needs equipment to perform the following tests: 1. Determination of natural moisture content. 2. Determination of specific gravity 3. Determination of Atterberg's limits. 4. Determination of in-situ unit weight by (a) sand replacement method (b) core cutter me... Closed
11-00002 Specimens I require approximately 200 samples for the fluctuating test, 2-5 samples for the re-spreading test, and 30 samples for the replica plating test.... Closed
11-00001 Laboratory Equipment Need the following Core and Mining Lab Equipment: 1. Porosimeter: for the measurement of pore size. [Pressure: 60,000 psia] 2. Capillary Pressure System: for the de-saturation of core samples by the porous plate method upto 200 psi. The measured data can be utilized to calculate Capil... Closed