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Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre ? STC was established in 1963 as Hong Kong?s first independent and not-for-profit Testing, Inspection and Certification organization. Committed to providing professional, reliable and comprehensive services, STC is accredited by HKASCNASDAkkSCPSCSATRALUCIDEONJTA and MHLW for specific test items as listed on the respective scope of accreditation. Dedicated to meeting the needs of different industries and global demands, STC soon expanded its operations and established customer service centers and state-of-the-art laboratories all around the world in Asia, North America and Europe.

Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical Products

Chemical Products
Consumer Products
DNA Food Testing & GMO Testing
Environmental Analysis
Food Contact Materials & Kitchenware
Food Quality Testing & Food Nutrition Analysis
Microbiology & Sanitation
Pharmaceutical Testing
Environmental Test- Novel Coronavirus / Monkeypox Virus/ Burkholderia Pseudomallei
Face Mask Test
CCC for Solvent Based Coatings for Woodenware
Registration and Filing for Domestic Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics
Health & Personal Care Products

Electrical & Electronic Products

Automobiles & Automotive Component Testing
Battery Testing
CCC for China Electrical Products
Electrical & Electronic
Electromagnetic Fields / Radiation (EMF / EMR)
Energy Efficiency Labeling
Low Voltage Directive (LVD) testing
Micro-Motors Testing
Power Tools Testing
Radio Frequency & Electromagnetic Compatibility
Smart Toilet Testing
USB Testing

Textiles, Furniture, Footwear & Materials

Apparel & Textiles
Bags, Luggage & Accessories
Construction & Building Materials
Down & Feather
Eco-Textiles & Biodegradable Materials
Footwear & Leather
Furniture & Home Textiles
High Performance Textiles
Paper, Packing & Product Materials
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Tapware & WC
Buyer Guide (Apparel & Textiles)
Rehabilitation & Personal Care Products

Toys & Children's Products

CCC for Children?s Vehicles
CCC for China Toy Safety
Children?s & Baby Products
Children's Jewelry
European Toy Safety
Gifts & Premiums
Japan Toy Safety
Sporting Goods
Stationery & School Items
US Toy Safety
Buyer Guide (Toys & Children's Products)

Medical Devices

Safety & Performance
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Optics & Environmental Reliability

Transportation And Materials

Rail Transit Vehicles and Parts
Automotive and Auto Parts
Fire Retardant Testing on Materials
Physical Testing on Materials
Chemical Testing on Materials
Environmental Reliability Testing

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