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Mechanical Testing Laboratory Services

Quality Testing, Inc. was founded to meet the need for a professionally run mechanical testing laboratory for physical properties testing and identification. We have been testing for clients nationwide since 1996, and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

Our laboratory offers machining and testing of  metals and composites, as well as consulting, development and testing of welding procedures. Our metals testing lab is large enough to provide detailed, reliable results, but small enough to permit a great deal of flexibility in scheduling, as well as personalized customer service. We treat every test as though it's the most important test we've ever conducted.

Mechanical testing is not just a part of our main business, it's our specialty.Unlike many testing laboratories which include testing the physical properties of your metal as part of their business, mechanical testing IS our business.  We specialize in destructive metal testing for the purpose of determining the physical properties of your material in order to provide you with the necessary information you need to make critical decisions regarding your project.

"Accurate Results on Time through Technology"

"Quality" isn't just our name, its our goal. Every time we test the integrity of your sample, our integrity is on the line as well.  We take care when we perform a test to make sure that the results are complete, correct and reliable.

We take special care to fabricate your test samples within tight tolerances, according to specific ASTM, ASME, AWS,  or ABS standards using our in-house machine shop with highly sophisticated CNC milling centers and industrial grade band saws.   Fabricating precise test samples ensures that you receive superior quality data on time.

You might think all the extra attention to detail is time consuming, but nothing could be further from the truth. Quality Testing's efficient, calibrated equipment and years of laboratory testing experience allows us to provide our services with as quick a turnaround time as anyone in the industry.

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