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NanoBiotec (dba PicoImmune Co.) provides many highly sensitive, multiplex and reliable bioassays to simultaneously monitor real-time protein and gene changes in various miniscule samples from cell culture, animals and patients to accelerate discovery and development of new therapeutics. 
Our services focus on various multiplex immunoassays, immune cell functional assays, flow cytometric analysis, and proteomic and genomic arrays, etc.

Our very cost-effective services help biopharma and academic investigators to discover novel drugs and personalized medicine for cancer, inflammation, and many diseases with unmet needs. 

To meet various assay performance requirements from our clients, PicoImmune has established a unique infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art platforms, such as:

  • Luminex-based Multiplex Immunoassay (96- and 384 well, Luminex-200 and FlexMAP3D); 
  • NanoString nCounter System for protein and gene profiling 
  • NanoString GeoMx DSP (digital spatial profiling) for spatial biology 
  • Mass Cytometry 
  • Flow Cytometry 
  • ProteinSimple Simple Western (automatic immunoblot; Capillary-based Nano-Proteomic Immunoassay); 
  • Simoa-based Ultra-sensitive Immunoassay; 
  • Forward and Reverse Protein Arrays (such as RPPA, antibody arrays) 
  • QuantStudio Real-Time PCR System 
  • IncuCyte Zoom live cell imaging


  • Odyssey Near-Infrared Imaging System
  • ProQuantum/ProCarta Multiplex Assay


  • Multiplex Gene Expression Assay
  • Invitrogen Evos FL Auto Cell Imaging System
Our team has strong expertise in drug discovery and development, bioanalytics, genomics and proteomics. Our scientists have been trained at prestigious institutes such as MIT, NIH, John Hopkins and worked over decades for multinational biopharma companies, including Novartis, BMS, Celgene, ... Our passionate scientists have extensive hands-on experiences and excellent publication records such as:

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