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GENETWORx was formed with patients as our central focus, translating the latest scientific findings into actionable knowledge and information for patients and their healthcare providers. We enable healthcare practitioners to provide targeted therapy to patients, based on their individual genetic profile.

21st century technology has led to next-generation sequencers and mapping of the human genome. Several new fields have emerged from this technology including gene base therapy, and the advent of a branch of pharmacology driven by genetic testing: pharmacogenomics.
Pharmacogenomics is a science that examines the inherited variations in genes that dictate drug response. This science explores the ways these variations can be used to optimize drug therapy by assisting in drug selection, maximizing efficacy, and minimizing adverse effects.
GENETWORx is a health management services company that specializes in bringing the benefits of genetic testing to the patient, via a network of healthcare providers who are knowledgeable about personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics.

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