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Laboratory Profile: Custom Biologics

Laboratory Description:

Custom Biologics is actively engaged in bioanalytical development and bioanalytical validation of proprietary and non-proprietary analytical methods. HPLC-MS/MS and HPLC-UV are routinely employed to identify and quantify small molecules and peptides in non-biological and biological matrices. When necessary, study-specific GxP-compliant protocols guide the bioanalytical work. Our scientists have been complimented for their strong scientific expertise and rigorous attention to study data and regulatory guidelines.

Custom Biologics specializes in bioassay development and validation of new bioassay methods to meet the unique analytical requirements of our clients. The Bioassay Group continuously evaluates and implements new procedures and techniques to ensure that we exceed the test requirements of our clients. Our scientists have excellent working experience with our industry's current technologies and regulatory guidelines. Ligand-binding/enzyme immuno-assays, immunogenicity, neutralizing assays, cell-culture based assays and flow cytometry are some of the platforms routinely used to develop unique assays to evaluate the therapeutic potential of biological macromolecules.

At Custom Biologics we appreciate how critical and timely progress in biologics scientific research can be. We also recognize that the underlying ingredient of novel scientific discoveries is great science. We are committed to working closely with you and providing you the highest level of scientific integrity, dedication and customer service.

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