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Laboratory Description:

BLIRT (BioLab Innovative Research Technologies) is a biotechnological company established in 2008 and based in the Gdansk Science and Technology Park. BLIRT operates within a unique hybrid business model, combining contract laboratory services and an R&D company.

Benefiting from the scientific potential of its staff, the synergy created by the coming together of various fields of science within the context of modern technical facilities, Blirt offers high quality services in the scope of formulation of expression systems, isolation of new proteins and the optimisation of production processes and conditions for protein purification. Blirt has the know-how and capacity to meet the needs of both large pharmaceutical companies or research institutions and small-medium sized research and development companies. Our list of services covers a wide range of specialisations related to the following areas:

1. Proteins

2. Analytics

3. Chemical syntheses

4. DNA Gdansk

Experience, knowledge and the involvement of leading scientists provides the necessary competence in the performance of research projects, both commercial and scientific. The potential of individual departments, allows Blirt to conduct its own R&D projects in the following areas:

 Industrial Biotechnology (known as white biotechnology), related to the development of novel enzymes and biocatalysts, which have the potential to revolutionise certain stages of industrial production.

 Pharmaceutical biotechnology, aiming, inter alia, at development of a new antifungal drug and its production technology.

 The chemistry of biologically active compounds in the scope of adaptation of synthetic routes for technological requirements. Alternative biologically active compound synthesis routes are being developed in order to reduce process costs through the design of a synthesis that uses cheaper substrates and performs in reaction conditions requiring lower energy levels.

The high quality of offered services and performed research is confirmed by implemented Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001 and performance according to the GLP standard.

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