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Laboratory Profile: Aegisolve

Laboratory Description:

AEGISOLVE is a trusted, independent, third-party cybersecurity laboratory providing critical testing services to government organizations, technology companies, and the cinema industry for over a decade. Aegisolve is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley.

AEGISOLVE helps companies and organizations with cybersecurity protection, navigating validations, customized testing and training that is focused on outcomes and sustainability. 

AEGISOLVE is the trusted partner of some of the world's leading companies and institutions with respect to maintaining cybersecurity best practices, FIPS validations, DCI compliance, and much more. 

AEGISOLVE is headquartered in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Visit for more information on AEGISOLVE's specific cybersecurity services. 

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(650) 386-1436

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415 Fairchild Dr

Mountain View, CA 94043 US