Laboratory Description:

The Actlabs Group of Companies provides contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis from academic research applications to routine quality control functions.

Activation Laboratories provides our services to many fields, including Geochemical, Petroleum, Industrial Minerals, Forensic, Pharmaceutical & Clinical, Environmental & Occupational Health, Agricultural and Materials Testing areas.


To be recognized throughout the world as a leader in analytical testing and development services in the pharmaceutical, minerals, environmental, forensics, and material testing markets. Utilize new technologies and develop new methodologies before the competition to allow us to serve niche markets.

Mission Statement:

* Provide prompt, accurate, high quality and cost effective development and testing services. * Continuously improve performance and apply innovative technologies to allow us to solve difficult problems. * Employ highly competent personnel while creating a culture of pride in their work. * Contribute positively to the success of each of the industries that we serve. * Remain a good corporate citizen that practices long term, responsible and sustainable resource management and growth.

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