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For the past 15 years, Contract Laboratory has been facilitating the laboratory outsourcing and procurement for companies, governments and universities all over the world. Overall, we have facilitated over 80,000 Laboratory Requests. Let us help you in meeting all your laboratory needs and requirements!

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Need Third-Party Independent Laboratories? Save time searching and find the labs for your lab testing and analysis, scientific research and development, inspections and certifications. (Learn more)

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Need laboratory services such as FDA GMP, GLP, GCP, ISO auditing, consulting training, engineering, architecture, construction, design, logistics, packaging, sterilization... (Learn more)

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Our Most Recent Laboratory Testing Requests



India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical testing: The first chemical will include the following tests: 1. Color APHA 2. Chlorine content wt% 3. Specific gravity @ 25 degC 4. Viscosity @ 25 degC (cP) 5. Volatile loss @60degC, w/w% 6. Thermal stability, %HCl/gm at 175degC for 4 hrs 7. Free Mineral Acidity, %w/w 8. pH 9. Molecular weight Second chemical 1. Appearance 2.... read more

Plastics and Polymers

Plastics and Polymers

Materials Laboratory needed for foam testing... read more



United States Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for pharmaceutical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API testing : NIR spectro analysis on numerous samples of a solid API and comparison of results to published data... read more

Featured Industry Laboratory Testing and Research Services

Contract Laboratory facilitates laboratory outsourcing in every Industry. Learn about how we have worked with facilitating laboratory testing in some of the featured Industries below or Browse all the Industries we serve.

FDA GMP Dietary Supplement and Nutraceutical Laboratory Testing Services including Nutritional Analysis, Quality Control Release testing.

Nutraceuticals Testing and Research

FDA cGMP Laboratory needed for nutritional analysis of a multi-vitamin capsule or for microbiology testing of a new protein powder formulation? We can assist your Dietary Supplement Manufacturer with all it's raw material, in-process quality control, packaging, and finished product formulation, research and development, testing and analysis. (Learn more)

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CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research Services including Product Safety, Product Certification, Failure Investigations

Consumer Products Testing and Research

Need CPSC Consumer Products Testing Laboratories needed for clinical consumer panel studies, in-vitro toxicity studies or other product safety testing? Contract Laboratory can assist your company with all it's consumer products asessments, evaluations, inspections and certifications. (Learn more)

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Analytical Chemistry laboratory Services for Chemical Testing, Analysis, Formulation, Methods Development, Deformulation, Scientific Research and Development Services

Chemical Testing and Research

Need Analytical Chemistry Lab for chemical contaminant identification testing, OECD Chemical evaluations or new product formulation ? Contact Laboratory can assist your company with all it's chemical analysis, R&D, experiments, methods development, methods validation, and deformulations. (Learn more)

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Latest Contract Laboratory Analysis and Testing Articles

Learn more about laboratory test methods and how Contract Laboratory helps requestors meet their laboratory testing and scientific needs on our new Analysis and Testing Blog.

LED Lighting Scientific Research and Testing

According to Maria Nadal in a US Government The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) article entitled "Following a New MAP for Solid-State Lighting", "new LED products only stay on the market for about 12 months, and the technology keeps changing". With frequent changes in the technology for LED Lighting, there's an increase in development... read more >

Robot Scientific Research and Testing

If one watched the decades old cartoon The Jetson's, you would remember lovable Rosie the Robot cleaning George and Jane Jetson's glass capsule house. There probably are not many people that have not wanted their own Rosie the Robot.

It seems futuristic, but most people probably know there are Robot Test Standards courtesy Texas Engineering Extension Service vacuuming robots and medical robots... read more >