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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These cleanliness Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Road Vehicle Component Cleanliness

Large Electronics Company needs USA Automotive Laboratory for VDA 19.1 2015 / EN-ISO 16232 Road Vehicles ? Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuit... View More

Reusable Surgical Medical Equipment

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and AAMI Testing for verification and validation of cleanliness requirement for reusable surgical medical equ... View More

Cleanliness of Oil and Coolant Lines

Automotive Laboratory needed for cleanliness testing of oil and coolant lines for engines as per VDA19 specifications. View More

Cleaning Agents Effectiveness

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASTM coatings testing to ASTM G 122 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cleaning Agents. View More

Surgical Gown Comparison Study

Large Organization needs Medical Device Laboratory for comparison study on 3 or 6 Surgical gowns suppliers testing against BS EN 13795 , including Wet... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

Large Technology Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Cleanliness Testing To VDA and ISO Standards: VDA 19 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness - ... View More

ISO 17025 Automotive Laboratory needed for interlaboratory comparisons according to ISO 16232 Road vehicles -- Cleanliness of components of fluid circ... View More

Acoustics Laboratory needed for sound testing for paper towel dispensers including decibel, frequency, and plot spectrums, etc View More

Medical Devices Laboratory needed for performance and microbiology testing of medical textiles to EN 13795: 2011 A1: 2013 including Tensile strengt... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for GMW sediment testing as per GMW 16037 Test Method to Quantify Cleanliness of Powertrain Components View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for microbiology and physical testing of medical drapes and surgical gowns to several EN ISO standards:
1. EN ISO 2... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for ionic cleanliness testing of electronic component as per IPC-TM-650, method 2.3.28, Ionic Analysis of Circuit Boards... View More

EPA environmental microbiology laboratory needed for GLP disinfectant efficacy studies of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agent per OCSPP 810... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for standardized testing of eyeglass cleaning solutions. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for ongoing and yearly proof testing of various hose assemblies to IAW SAE J2064 using an inert gas and cleanlines... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing water samples to determine if they are DNAse, Protease and Nuclease free. View More

Automotive testing laboratory needed for VDA 19.1 cleanliness testing of a product. Quote needed. View More

Occupational safety laboratory needed for cotton dust testing of a powder. View More

Hygienic laboratory needed for FDA approved product safety testing of a reusable tampon applicator to meet the following criteria: product cleanliness... View More

URGENT. ASTM aviation laboratory needed for cleanliness testing via ASTM D4898 using a 0.8 micron filter meeting MIL-PRF-17331K specifications. View More

Materials laboratory needed for screw DIN Testing: 1) Screw Type: DIN7500 PE M3X8
Properties Class: 8.8
Surface protection: DIN EN ISO9227-NSS 360h ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for DIN fastener cleanliness testing to Screw Type: DIN7500 PE M3X8Properties Class: 8.8Surface protection: DIN EN ISO9227... View More

FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for testing non-condensate steam used for sterilizing pharmaceutical manufactured products. View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for the testing of lamps including vibration tests shower tests and dust tests etc. View More

FDA GLP laboratoryneeded for vendor qualitificaiton testing of surgical drapesL Resistance to microbial penetration - dry and wet, Cleanliness-microb... View More

Dental distribution company needs viral & bacterial (live/viable) analysis from wipe/swab samples. Analysis should include identification of specific... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs laboratory for cleanliness testing of medical electrodes. View More

NABL approved laboratory for millipore cleanliness test for filterable residual contaminate weight View More

USA ISO laboratory needed for ISO Particulate Cleanliness testing of electronic component to ISO16232-10 Road vehicles -- Cleanliness of components o... View More

Canada mechanical laboratory to outsource part washing and testing for Ford program - est. annual volume is 850,000 pcs.


India Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Surface cleanliness to ISO 8296-2003 . oil freeness test by ink test/ ARCO TEST on automotive component af... View More

Electronics manufacturer needs electrical laboratory for ISO Testing: ISO contamination Testing according ISO 16232 Road vehicles -- Cleanliness of co... View More

Manufacturer of Fasteners need materials laboratory for JDS Testing: cleanliness per JDS-G169. What do you need to perform testing? How much is testin... View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO 16232, Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuits in Road Vehicles, 50 parts of 3.7 g each View More

Mechanical Laboatory needed for John Deer Specification Testing to JDS-G169 Gravimetric Cleanliness Classes. Cleanliness Testing from John Deere Stand... View More

USA ISO 9001:2008 Mechanical Laboratory needed for Millipore Cleanliness Testing The testing is to determine how clean a machine part is. The basic... View More

Bearing Manufacturer needs US Mechanical Laboratory for DIN Testing and ISO Testing to DIN EN 10247, ISO 683-17 (method K)cleanliness/nonmetalic inclu... View More

Pune India Mechanical Laboratory needed for cleanliness testing of catalytic converter set up to determine the cleamliness/residual dirt level of cata... View More

North America ISO Physical Laboratory needed for testing as per ISO 16232, technical cleanliness of metallic engine parts
particle size and quantity,... View More

South Carolina ISO Automotive Materials Laboratory needed for testing as per ISO 16232, technical cleanliness of metallic engine parts View More

Industrial Manufacturer needs USA/China Physical Laboratory for cleanliness testing of industrial parts to millipore spec class B View More

Industrial parts washer manufacturer needs physical laboratory for cleanliness testing of industrial parts to match customer's millipore spec View More

Analytical Chemistry/Toxicological Laboratory required for lab testing to validate a cleaning process. Will supply three unique medical devices at fou... View More

UK, EU Approved Cosmetics Microbiology Laboratory needed for Product Analysis for EU General Cosmetic Directive, Microbiological cleanliness (Contamin... View More

Midwest USA JDS-G169 JDQ 64 Environmental Testing Laboratory needed for Gravimetric Cleanliness Testing for an exhaust component for a new John Deere ... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for Cleanliness testing to ISO 16232 View More

Europe Physical Laboratory needed for testing Carbon Black and few more products for, power stretching, cleanliness level, overall weight and ext, but... View More

Analytical Chemsitry Laboratory needed for cleanliness verification testing of stainless steel parts after cleaning View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for comparision testing of two different types of washing systems that we use to clean the coils of saw blades(manufactur... View More

cleanliness testing of aluminum foil: gravimetic test, oil extraction test, n-hexane extractable material. check mechanical properties of aluminum
View More

cleanliness testing of aluminum: gravimetic test, oil extraction test, n-hexane extractable material View More

Evaluation of intermittent compression garments after re-processing View More