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Contract Laboratory has received the following visual inspection Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These visual inspection Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their visual inspection Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a visual inspection Laboratory, please Submit a visual inspection Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Dry Spice Blend Deformulation

$2500 BUDGET APPROVED USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation (including olfactory match) of a dry spice blend such that con... View More

Houston Laboratory Space Needed

Non US Company Expanding into USA looking to rent or purchase scientific laboratory space in Houston for purpose of petrochemicals analysis. Also loo... View More

Haircare Shampoos, Conditioners, Additives Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conducting independent accelerated package stability, physical, consumer labeling claims and microbiology ... View More

United Kingdom Agriculture Pesticide Residues Testing

Tree Nurseries needs United Kingdom Agriculture Laboratory for air and surface pesticide residues (dust/droplets/vapours) are on the inside of the equ... View More

Consumer Products Heavy Metals Safety Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM heavy metals testing to ASTM F2999-14 Standard for Basic Inspection and Testing of Adult Ornaments:
1. T... View More

IEC Overhead Line Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of overhead lines according to IEC 61284 Overhead lines - Requirements and tests for fittings. The follow... View More

Coating ASTM Emissivity

Materials Laboratory needed for normal and hemispherical emissivity testing as per ASTM E408 Standard Test Methods for Total Normal Emittance of Surfa... View More

Forensics Failure Investigation

Forensics Laboratory needed for on-site inspection and failure investigation of failed industrial propane-fired heater involved in a fire and also pos... View More

Cordyceps Analysis

Third-Party Laboratory needed for inspection of cordyceps fo cordecepin and adenosi e etc View More

RAL Candle Quality Inspection Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for RAL Quality Testing of candles to RAL-GZ041 General Quality Inspection Specifications for candles. View More

Product Development Test Method Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Method Development for laundry stains/testing
3 stains X 3 reps = 9 stains + 3 stains (... View More

FDA cGMP Particle Size

FDA cGMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for particle size testing of Buprenorphine Base (C-III) substance using Sympatech Helios, ROdos, Vibri Instr... View More

Construction Inspection

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E 329 - Standard Specification for Agencies Engaged in Construction Inspection, Testing, or Sp... View More

Quality Control Testing of Candles

Candle Manufacturer needs Laboratory for quality control raw materials testing to RAl-GZ-041 edition 2016, General Quality and Ins... View More

Dietary Supplement Manufacturer needs Laboratory or Botanist for identification testing of Butea Superba with a reference standard or visual confirmat... View More

LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measuring fragile medical equipment post contact with human tissue. Components mu... View More

Large Technology Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Cleanliness Testing To VDA and ISO Standards: VDA 19 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness - ... View More

Laboratory needed for cargo pre-shipment inspection on Dry Turmeric Fingers including the Curcumin Content. View More

Company interested in acquiring an analytical laboratory in Saudi Arabia for the testing for quality assurance, testing, inspection, and certification... View More

Coffee machine manufacturer and coffee supplier needs food laboratory needed for inspection of green coffee beans for identification of arabica or ro... View More

Physical laboratory needed for DIN Testing of automotive parts to 5.9 Solar Radiation Test as per DIN 75220, D-OUT-F
Test duration 1 cycle = 240 hrs... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing for fire extinguisher compliance and safety testing to meet AHRI standards using the following guidelines... View More

LONG TERM. TESTING Petroleum laboratory needed for ISO and ASME Testing: of composite reinforcement to ASME PCC2/ISO 24817Petroleum, petrochemical and... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for load testing in accordance with IEC 62561-5, Clause 5.2.2 Lightning protection system components (LPSC) - Part 5: Req... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large manufacturing company needs food /commodities laboratory for bulk taner cargo inspections: Confirmatory Certificate of Analys... View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) to North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO AEP 64 sta... View More

Europe Materials Laboratory needed for Paint film performance tests on mild steel panels
Sr No Test
1 Salt Spray Test (504 hours)
2 Humidity Resist... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of various aerosol solutions to ASTM F2828, 12 Standard Test Method for Assessing Carpet Cleaning Effectiv... View More

Pharmaceutical manufacturer needs FDA cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory for Compendial testing for active components in a cGMP regulated manufactur... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs medical device laboratory for sterilization validation of device sterilization process.
1.¬ ¬Sterilization m... View More

Australia bioanalytical laboratory needed to make degalactosylated/desialylated bovine colostrum from normal bovine colostrum in various amounts.

P... View More

Large oil company needs electrical laboratory for electrical compliance inspections. At our facility we use hot sticks, release hooks, and other equip... View More

Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed to provide a quote for the failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts.

We require doing the following test... View More

Metrology Laboratory for genetic's laboratory site equipment inspection and certification to meet CAP/CLIA/AABB and ASCLD-LAB standards View More


USA UL certification laboratory needed for conveyor system testing (brand hytrol), with 3 electrical control panels the individual components in the ... View More

Southeast USA electrical laboratory needed for electrical control panel testing of installed a conveyor system (brand hytrol), with 3 electrical cont... View More

FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis PFGE analysis - genomic bacterial DNA (cut with restriction enzyme): ru... View More

ON-SITE Oman Contract Laboratory needed for valves and check valves inspection and now we retesting valves as per UL Standard 262 and 312 total qu... View More

Illinois food laboratory needed for sushi rice inspection testing for health department View More

Large pharma needs FDA cGMP laboratory for USP Lanolin foreign related substance testing. Laboratory must have had satisfactory FDA Inspection within ... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Optical testing for quality inspection of optical components, such as lens and mirror for Focus length, surface optical... View More

Medical Device Materials Laboratory needed for contact lens testing services provided for measurement of Ion Permiability, Oxygen Permiability, Power,... View More

Oilfield Product and Service Company needs United States Laboratory for Dimensional INspection and Surface Finish Testing View More

Materials Laboratory needed to test materials to AMS-STD-2154 Standard method for the ultrasonic inspection of wrought metals and wrought metal produc... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for evaluation of electrical system of X-Ray Inspection Vault The vault consist of: · 4 walls and a ceiling · 2 motor dr... View More

Utility company needs laboratory for reliable condition assessment, investigation and IEC Testing on a utility transformer corrosive sulphur problem ... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needed for accelerated aging and post accelerated aging tests medical orthopedic implant. The specifications are Medical p... View More

USA Laboratory needed for microscopy and imaging to visualize localization of a detection probe to low levels of antigen on the surface of a target ce... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM polycarbonate testing to ASTM G153 test cycle 1
environmental weathering testing:

15 flat samples (2x2 i... View More

Midwest USA laboratory needed for cargo inspection View More

Fertilizer Manufacturer needs Middle East Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Cargo Inspection: Certificate of Analysis confirmatory testing for Ortho... View More

Food Laboratory needed for tea inspection to all possible EU standards? such as food safety , Pesticides .. etc? View More

Oil laboratory needed for ASTM Testing.Quotes on Fuel testing: ASTM D6890 (Cetane) Oil: CLP - CLOUD POINT - ASTM D97 COPOF - VISUAL TEST OIL AND FUEL ... View More

Asia Electrical Lab needed for IEC TESTING: Electrical Laboratory testing Services for the 150 kV transmission insulators, such as the visual test, Dr... View More

USA clinical laboratory needed for HIV plasma testing: detect virus in human plasma using TEM Need to visualize HIV particles in human plasma using TE... View More

Asia metallurgical laboratory needed for metallurgical testing: cooper testing for copper ore inspection Copper Ore(Cu:10%+-) If you can, could you p... View More

Manufacturer of PVC Conduits Pipes and fittings , needs approved laboratory for materials testing: British Standard tests in the British Standard BS 6... View More



Vancouver Food Laboratory needed for tea testing for Canadian Food Inspection Agency Compliance. Testing of Organic tea made with specific leaves, sen... View More

Europe inspection laboratory needed. metrology lab to perform Faro insections of tooling weld fixtures and weldments etc, pull testing, weld evaluatio... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of coating product to ASTM E408Standard Test Methods for Total Normal. Emittance of Surfaces Using In... View More

Singapore/Malaysia physical laboratory needed to provide analysis/test for the Canrig Top Drive coupling bolt as per below scope. I have checked Ite... View More

CFIA Toronto food laboratory needed for CFIA nutritional testing full nutritional facts that are required for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of flat coupons to ASTM E408, Standard Test Methods for Total Normal Emittance of Surfaces Using Insp... View More

Europe ISO 17025 accredited laboratory needed to be audited to become main testing centre for the following tests:
- Chemical composition: ICPMS or ... View More

Preference for New Jersey Laboratory needed for Eddy current inspection of 5 mm diameter steel bars to check for surface defects View More

USA, Central USA, East Coast USA, West Coast USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for STP55/005, AMS D17.2 Testing. 10 coupons (5 ea of .080 mat'l and 5 e... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for non destructive testing and ASTM Testing: X-Ray/Gamma Ray Inspection
Radar Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
Dye ... View More


Asia Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for thermal emittance measurement as per ASTM E408, Standard Test Methods for Total Normal Emittance... View More

Brazilian Trading Company needs electrical laboratory for quality control testing to have quality control inspection on the production in China and qu... View More

Large Pharma needs pharmaceutical packaging laboratory for Packaging Testing : packaging anomalies quantitative characterization Analytical : packagin... View More

Large Construction Company needs Saskatchewan Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing Site inspection of cementitous fireproofing testing to ASTM E605 a... View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical Corrosion Testing. A programable corrosion chamber is needed for a 12 week corrosion test. The ch... View More

Eastern USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical Testing on a Clamp Mil Spec testing on a clamp assembly. 4.5.1 Hydrostatic Pressure4.5.2 Stat... View More

Multinational Corp needs Germany, UK, Canada or USA materials laboratory for API and ASTM Testing for pipeline material for the Diversion Gas Pipeline... View More

Non-destructive Laboratory needed for non-destructive testing: X-ray inspection of zinc die cast parts to detect internal cracks or flaws: parts quant... View More

USA Textiles Laboratory need for washer and dryer testing of depilling and garment enhancer laundry product Visual and microscopic photos needed. At l... View More

Food laboratory needed for formulation of beverage incluing organoleptic, ph, bix and visual testing with ingredients in advance and precise formulati... View More

Middle East food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for olive oil testing to the Canadian Food Inspection standard. Can someone contact me and let... View More

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Optical filter spectrum profile inspection Scan optical filter between 400-800nm. Focus on blocking wavelengt... View More

USA Electronics Laboratory needed for static breakdown voltage, insulation resistance between terminals, visual & mechanical, parametric defects, and ... View More

India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore UN or AOAC Analytical Food Laboratory needed for regular testing of food samples such as blended food (wheat, s... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Microscopy/Image Analysis-Preliminary work established that a ZnSe ATR crystal can "see" through all three coatings we ... View More

NE Wisconsin Mechanical Laboratory needed for Structural Steel Testing and Inspection View More

Asia Geochemical Laboratory needed for testing the following:
1.Thermal properties
a)thermal conductivity
b)Specific Heat
2) Geological
a)X-Ray R... View More

Ontario Environmental Laboratory needed to test air samples and swabs from inspections View More

China or Hong Kong Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for skin parameter testing as follows:
whitening / moisturization / oiliness / tanning ... View More

Saudi Arabia FDA Medical Devices Laboratory needed to test for Samples which are collected normally during inspection at the port of entry or at in... View More


New start-up company that holds a patent dealing with an expiration date product labeling system that employs a chemical time release indicator that a... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for testing Numerical Protective Relay including routine test(visual inspection,mechanical operation test,accuracy and me... View More

Hyderabad ISO Physical Laboratory needed to determine the depth of each layer of two different kinds of paint coating i.e red oxide + color paint on c... View More

Calgary, AB Environmental Laboratory needed for Native Seed Inspection. I have 1 kg of native seed (western wheatgrass (Pascopyrum smithii), northern ... View More

Vietnam Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for inspection, quantity and quality for crude oil petroleum product at petroleum terminal. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for BAM Testing, 3m Tecra Bacillus Diarrhoeal enterotoxin visual immunoassay View More

Central Florida Materials Laboratory needed for Magnetic particle inspection testing of aircraft braking systems components. View More

Montreal NETA laboratory needed for AIS Acceptance Testing: resistance test, relay synchronization and protection (including calibration and configura... View More

1) Vicat Softening Temperature (AUE-8" 03155)
2) weathering test, radiation of 2Gj/m2 indicating:
- difference of colour between exposed and non-exp... View More

India Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, ASTM C1036-06 Solar Radiant Heat % - for direct penetrate, reflectivity, absorb and total penetrate... View More

Canada Product Saety and Certification Laboratory needed for Pre-Shipment Inspection on Pressed & Baled Recycled PET Bottles. It is waste material tha... View More

Large electronics mfg need IPC-TM-650 2.3.28 Ionic Chromatography testing as process qualification on modled electronics parts This test is required ... View More

KSA Physical Laboratory needed to certify the load capacity of the tirak and its accessories in a yearly basis and inspections in 6 monthly basis. View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for particle testing of liquid injectables (20ml vials)tested by Visual Inspection for any foreign particles View More

Eastern USA environmental laboratory needed for ASTM pipeline inspection of transformer oils, natural gas, turbine oils, and aqua ammonia. View More

USA Product Safety Laboratory needed for preclinical study to be administered as a single, subcutaneous injection in dogs.

Conduct initial Safety S... View More

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (or within 3 hours) California Technical Bulletin 133 Materials or Product Safety Laboratory required for testing Upholstered... View More

Los Angeles ASTM D Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing on oil from tranformer for the folowing:

Dissolved gas analysis
DGA-24 hr ... View More

West Vancouver B.C Non-Destructive Laboratory required - I want cut a hole on the concrete roof about 2'x2'square ,Could You help me to do the nodest... View More

India Materials Laboratory required to test a sample from Indian Commodity Inspection & Quarantine Bureau & issue us a Ingredient Certificates. View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for Light and environmental stability test for finished products and formulations.
We are looking for visual analysis... View More

USA Preclinical Research Organization needed for Double Blind Placebo controlled crossover trial, in healthy individuals, one hour's duration, to dete... View More


California Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Contaminant in 5000 case batch of baked products. Contaminant is believed to be del... View More

USA Non-Destructive Laboratory needed for AMS-STD-2154 ultrasonic inspection of forgings of about 700 lbs per unit. 4340 Steel. Needs to inspect 200 ... View More

Agriculture Import Inspection Company needs California Microbiology Laboratory needed for mold testing in fruits View More

USA Radiological Laboratory needed for testing Skim Milk Powder to obtain Certificate of Inspection for Radioactivity for export out of the US. I also... View More

India Metallurgical Laboratory needed for port inspection of Iron ore in the stock yard of Krishnapatnam port. View More

China Metallurgical laboratory needed for non-destructive testing, X ray inspection on aluminium casting part. View More

Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for CTT Elastomeric Bearing Quality Control testing: Shear modulus testing, compression testing, 3rd party ins... View More

FDA GLP UK, Europe, Canada or USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Formulation & Packaging Stability Testing of a wax/pheromone hot melt dis... View More

USA, Non-GMP Microscopy and Imaging Lab needed forTransmission Electron Microscopy to test various HPLC fractions of a plasmid DNA product by TEM to v... View More

Textiles laboratory needed to provide a written and visual representation of the weave construction and fiber content and yarn analysis. View More

Analytical Chemistry Canada/USA lab required for the follow analysis to be completed on crude soybean oil as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: ... View More

NDT Mechanical lab needed for ASTM testing to aerospace specs including hardness testing; flourescent penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspecti... View More

Materials lab needed for testing ceramic/glass samples for a process that needs further refinement. I will submit sample parameters and the lab must ... View More

Non-GLP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Accelerated stability studies testing for 6 months

Sample preparation

Appe... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for testing on metal shavings from a ship presently in dry dock for repairs in Spain which during routine inspections ... View More

Physical laboratory surveyer needed for ASTM cargo inspection View More

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed Nutritional Testing to Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Nutritional Facts Table for my frozen food entree... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for AHJ Testing on Electrical footer bond buried and concrete poured prior to inspection. AHJ requires testing agency to... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for Non destructive testing to detect flaws, either by magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing or any other m... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for visual visual inspection testing of sterile liquid filled vials. Batch sizes up to 5000 ranging from 2ml - ... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Qualification Inspections Testing of lock nuts per NASM25027 Table 13 and Table 14
Samples ready View More

Steel trading company needs metallurgical laboratory for testing of Mild Steel Square and Rectangular Pipes for Visual Inspection, Dimensional Toleran... View More

FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for
The Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Testing is an in vitro neutralization testing for rabies virus. ... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for Electrical Inspections Testing on control panels. Majority of the panels are 24 vDc. Will need inspections on appro... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for final Quality Inspection Testing of brake systems from Indonesia (hand levers and brakes for bikes). View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for non-GLP USP Biocompatibility and Cytotoxicity Testing(MEM, some Agar diffusion) and hemolysis testing to support Rece... View More

Manufacturer of diffusion absorption refrigerators for RV's needs physical laboratory to visualize flow in a bubble pump generator used in a ammonia-w... View More

IEC electrical laboratory for testing the MCB,MCCB for our load centers and test the load centers complete according to IEC60898 and IEC60947-1 ,3 .... View More

Pre-shipment Inspection for imported food. View More

Asbestos testing Contract for performing asbestos testing for Texas asbestos inspection testing company. View More

"need physical description by ASTM D4979-89 (visual inspection) and Compatibility by IM-101S" View More

""Looking for a quote from a lab to perform USP Identification Testing for the following USP monogram chemicals:
1) Oxybenzone - IR & UV
2) Octi... View More

surface roughness and contour measurement of plastics.On-going inspection of molded plastic parts. 6 measurements/part, approx 250 parts in 3 wks, on-... View More