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Contract Laboratory has received the following simulation Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These simulation Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their simulation Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a simulation Laboratory, please Submit a simulation Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

ISTA Packaging Simulation Testing

Supply Company needs Packaging Laboratory for ISTA Package Certification Testing to ISTA-3A General Simulation Performance Tests View More

Foam Environmental Simulation and Packaging Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and packaging testing of new foam composite packaging materials made from wood and nanocel... View More

Polyurethane Injection Process Development

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Polymer Laboratory needed for working on a project that wants to create an optimized process of polyurethane injection, that´s inc... View More

Textile Fabric Allergen Barrier Use Simulation Testing

Texile Performance Laboratory needed for allergen barrier fabric use simulation testing by 50 times wash/dry tests for non-woven fabric.
View More

JIS Automotive Moisture, Rain and Spray Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for JIS environmental simulation testing of automotive parts to JIS D 0203 JIS D 0203: Method of moisture, rain and spray... View More

Transportation Container Conditioning and Environmental Simulation Study

Packaging Laboratory needed for transportation study and ASTM conditioning and environmental simulation testing of shipping containers and boxes to cl... View More

Environmental Simulation of Identification Tags

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and salt spray testing of a variety of products in a variety of different environments incl... View More

Integral Crystalline Water Proofing

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for complete concrete product testing by integral crystalline water proofing Tests like crystal growth thr... View More

Large Medical Device Company needs Laboratory for transportation environmental simulation studies on sterile disposables to simulate distribution acro... View More

Polymers Laboratory needed for conducting an environmental simulation study on polycarbonate headlight lens of an led headlight for freezing rain and ... View More

START-UP Biomedical Imaging Laboratory needed for cadaver imaging & experimental testing focused on the computational biomedical engineering, involvin... View More

Product Design Company needs Automotive Laboratory for conducting an environmental simulation study on a custom vehicle cover prototype. Study involv... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for surgery simulation and functional testing of sterile surgical packs after sterilization including on:
- aged sam... View More

Construction laboratory needed for environmental simulation / accelerated weathering testing of Exterior Grade High Pressure Laminates HPL as per EN-... View More

URGENT Large company needs physical laboratory for environmental simulation testing of 2 pallets of products. Laboratory must have walk in environment... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for cleaning validation study of the water cleaning cycle of a plastic covered electronic tracking device . Simulati... View More

Laboratory needed for simulated use testing of aluminum folding shower seat to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. There are two sep... View More

Medical Device company needs packaging laboratory for transportation simulation studies of polypropylene and polyethylene medical devices with a shelf... View More

Laboratory needed for IEC environmental simulation testing of electrical enclosures including corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres and salt spray... View More

ISO 17025 accredited automotive materials laboratory needed for solar / UV simulation testing of automotive laminated glass to DIN 75220, Z OUT condit... View More

Engineering company needs materials laboratory for environmental simulations testing of GRP (Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic) ground anchor for UV st... View More

Large automotive company needs environmental simulation laboratory for DIN vehicle-level UV solar simulation testing according to DIN 75-220.Aging of ... View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for UV weathering testing on equipment in compliance with IEC 60068-2-5:2010 Test Sa: Simulated solar radia... View More

Materials laboratory needed for environmental simulation testing of a rubber door sweep product:

Ultraviolet & infrared light

High (150F) and lo... View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for accelerated weathering testing of a mini-installation of a playground made from glued playground tiles.... View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for testing glass that has been treated with a liquid. View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for the testing of lamps including vibration tests shower tests and dust tests etc. View More

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for paint plastic cans testing for 28 days at stacked conditions to simulate summer test simulation
at da... View More

ISO 17025 and WHO certified laboratory needed for DIN Testing of automotive components 432H (high temperature relay) in accordance to DIN 75220, aging... View More

EnvironmentalLaboratory needed for OECD Testing of Sewage Treatment Water to OECD 303 for zinc phytate
Simulation Test - Aerobic Sewage Treatment --... View More

Laboratory needed for Environmental simulation testing including Temperature extremes , Humidity , temperature cycling , Thermal shock View More

Weathering laboratory needed for environmental simulation testing of bikes with salt spray. View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for accelerated simulation testing that simulates ocean shipping environmental conditions experienced ship... View More

Large Consumer Products company needs packaging laboratory for ASTM high altitude transporation simulation testing including subject packaged product ... View More

Europe environmental simulation laboratory needed with climatic chamber big enough to test pantograph for train according to EN50206-1 (According to E... View More

USA cosmetics consumer products laboratory needed for simulation of tweezer usage testing. Technical testing on different eyebrow tweezers and report ... View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed with Drive-in environmental chamber needed to test vehicles, -30 to +50C View More

Large textiles company needs ISO fabric testing of a wide-ranging emergency relief goods to Attest BS tensile strength for fabric after exposure to U... View More

Asia or Europe OECD, GLP Laboratory needed for REACH Registration Testing: Pysicochemical and Toxicological testing for REACH Registration (EU Regula... View More

Europe energy laboratory needed with environmetal simulation chamber for Solar Radiation Testing to
According to MIL-STD-810G, method 505.5 Proc. II.... View More

Electroplating manufacturer needs materials laboratory for environmental simulation evaluation: salt spray testing for 600/ hours View More

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for marine environmental testing: IEC Testing to IEC 60945, Maritime navigation and radiocommunication
equ... View More



Large electrical manufacturer needs environmental simulation laboratory for International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Testing of Ground Enhancemen... View More

East Coast Physical environmental simulation laboratory needed for pyrochock testing of pyroshock HZ SRS-G's
50 12
100 47
100 100
2000 1300
2800 ... View More

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for environmental simulation testing of TOOLS for HVAC ( Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome ) for below mentioned ... View More

Eastern USA Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM/ ISTA Testing: Package shipping simulation testing of pharmaceutical product to determine primary/sec... View More

TouchScreen Tablet Mounting Device manufacturer needs physical consumer product safety laboratory for automotive simulation testing: Front/Rear Impac... View More

Automotive laboratory or mechanical laboratroy needed with a "spinning torsional system" for engine simulation testing. View More

USA Mechanical Automotive Laboratory needed for operating simulation testing on an auto engine belt tensioner (specifically a '01-'05 Honda Civic timi... View More

Europe Transportation laboratory needed for ASTM or ISTA Testing : Transport simulation testing for medical devices in shipping cartons View More

Europe, North America mechanical laboratory needed for Power supply testing, measurement and power bus simulation for testing powertrain/propulsion, e... View More

"medical device product and packaging shelf life testing. Require quotation for ASTM,ISO, and ISTA standard conditioning and tests for accelereated a... View More

USA ASTM Dynamics/Mechanical Laboratory needed for simulation testing of long distance over-the-road shock and vibration simulation as per ASTM D4169.... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for Water - Rain Simulation Testing, 8 hr. water test of full size car body w/ doors and glass. Testing seal between do... View More

ASTM Packaging/Mechanical Laboratory needed for the following testing:
SEQUENCE: 1 ELEMENT: A Manual Handling Distribution Simulation Hazards incurre... View More

Canada, Europe or Asia Non-Destructive Laboratory needed for testing in accordance to ISO/EPA: low background gamma spectrometry, elemental/activity c... View More

Montreal NETA laboratory needed for AIS Acceptance Testing: resistance test, relay synchronization and protection (including calibration and configura... View More

EPA environmental laboratory needed for bench simulation testing and air quality testing from the smeltering of green copper wire (blue-green patina, ... View More

Eastern USA Transporation Laboratory needed for Transportation Simulation Testing, Package Testing
Salt, Fog & Cyclic Corrosion Testing
Temperature ... View More

Bangalore Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for Altitiude test:
Cat A2: Amb temp, Altitiude A2: 15000ft, operate for 2 hrs.
Cat D2: Amb te... View More

FDA 510(k) Preclinical Contract Research Organization required for:
Medical Device Design and Modelling of Systems
Medical Device Compliance Testin... View More

Kazakhstan laboratory needed for sour oil and gas process simulation testing. Specifically, we are going to contract a laboratory sometime in the next... View More

Toronto ASTM F1980 Medical Device Testing Laboratory needed to perform as per - ASTM F1980 without testing the sterility clauses - Aging & Shelf Like ... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for Road load simulation testing of exhaust system. This shall include structural durability,Temperature shok or impulse ... View More

Electronics laboratory needed for Solar Radiation Testing simulation per IEC60068-2-5 procedure A,on cell phone chargers and adaptors:
8 hours at +55... View More