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Contract Laboratory has received the following detonative shock Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These detonative shock Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their detonative shock Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a detonative shock Laboratory, please Submit a detonative shock Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

SATRA Whole Shoe / Sole Unit

Consumer Product Laboratory for SATRA whole shoe / sole unit for shock absorption including energy return and a insole section for compression set. to... View More

Electrical Sign Certification Testing

Electrical signage company needs Certification Laboratory for IEC certification of exit sign to the following testing requirements:

under the IEC ... View More

Sports Protective Padding Mechanical Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ISO testing on sports protective padding to ISO 10819:2013. Mechanical vibration and shock -- Hand-arm vibration --... View More

ASTM Candle Holders Thermal and Shock Resistance

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASTM Materials Thermal and Shock Resistance of glass candle holders to ASTM( AMERICAN STANDARD TESTING MATERIAL) AS... View More

ASTM Glass Bottles and Glass Jars

Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM testing of glass bottles and glass jars exported to the US per ASTM ( AMERICAN STANDARD T... View More

ISO Anti-Vibration Glove Testing

ISO / iEC 17025 Laboratory needed for ISO Anti-vibration glove test to ISO 10819 Mechanical vibration and shock -- Hand-arm vibration -- Measurement a... View More

ANSI Vibration Glove Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed for Anti vibration glove testing according to ANSI/ASA S2.73 or ISO 10819, Mechanical vibration and shock - Hand-arm vibr... View More

Vehicle testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for the following ASTM Testing on a 60x40x25 Shipping Case:

Hazard Type ASTM D4169, DC 13 Test ... View More

Medical Device ASTM Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM medical device testing to ASTM D4169 Distribution Cycle 12 Test (Shock/Drop, Compression, Vibration, Low Pressure... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for ASTM testing of packaging material for cushioning curve of packaging materials by the ASTM D-1596 test method, Dynamic... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for various ASTM and ISTA testing of engineered parts packaging including 1) Free drop : Reference Specifications: ASTM D ... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for testing on a steel grade silica ceramic blanket.

Flammability to ASTM F 1462.

Thermal Conductivity to ASTM C518... View More

Large automotive company needs packaging laboratory for ISTA industrial packaging resistance testings labs (norm ISO-13194 or ISTA 2B/3E or local norm... View More

Large company needs Optical Properties of 1 cm lenses tested for the following: Transmittance, Comatic Aberration, Veiling Glare Index, Lens Flare, ... View More

Laboratory needed for multiple tests on Oil Cooling System including crash, vibration, contamination, fire, oil leakage, thermal cycling, etc:

1... View More

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory needed for Anti vibration glove testing according to ANSI/ASA S2.73 or ISO 10819, Mechanical vibration and shock - Ha... View More

Laboratory needed for Environmental simulation testing including Temperature extremes , Humidity , temperature cycling , Thermal shock View More

Electrical certification laboratory needed for LED Testing for Certificate for CGT FLAT (LED Light Flat tube)
Length: 1 meter
1) Lumen Test (4PI)
... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for ASTM shock pulse testing : 100 vertical half sine 10G, 11 msec shock pulses on a 6' x 4' crate weighing 2000 lb View More

Physical laboratory needed for Glass strength testing for food container. Glass shock testing for breakage. View More

Europe laboratory needed for AST vibration testing: vibrations as for ASTM D4169 and shocks View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for electrical shock testing services to determine whether a magnetic-coil (custom built) can withstand extremely, high-... View More

Germany / Europe preferred but not necessary mechanical laboratory needed for airbag testing: T-shock with humidity for airbag modules.
Alternative a... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Standard Testing as per
GMW 3172_2008
Power Temperature Cycle test ( 9.4.3)
Water Test (9.5.2)
... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for SAE Impact Testing to
SAE AS8039 7.2.1 Impact Shock

View More

Physical Laboratory needed for CSMU Testing to SAE AS 8039 rev A7.2.1 impact shock7.2.2 Penetration Resistance7.2.3 Static Crush 7.2.4 Fire Test CSM... View More

Europe pharmaceutical laboratory needed for evaluation of pharmaceutical side effects investigation testing for vomiting, pressure drop, anaphylactic ... View More

California Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E228 -11 standard test method of linear thermal expansion of solid materials with a pu... View More

East Coast USA ASTM or ISTA certified Laboratory needed for Automotove Packaging Testing: ASTM D4169 shock and vibration as well as compression testin... View More

Laboratory needed for athletic sock testing for shock absorption, compression (mmHg), and wash test. Thank you,
View More

USA laboratory needed for FDA Physical shock testing of our iPad mount for use in transport category aircraft to FAA limits stated in 14 CFR 25.561 View More

Manufacturer of industrial helmets,Police Helmet & Fireman Helmets need India NABL Laboratory to test safety and protective helmets for Shock Absorpti... View More

Singapore Mechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing. Lab that has the capability to perform mechanical shock/ constant acceleration accordin... View More

FDA GMP Microbiology laboratory needed for Microbiology testing to FDA Guidance: endotoxin testing. Testing whether a product increases the production... View More

Preclinical contract research organization needed for preclinical study with Model of anaphylactic shock in rats View More

Pacific Northwest USA physical laboratory needed for physical testing: Vibration testing, Mechanical Shock testing, Humidity testing, and Temperature ... View More

East Coast Physical environmental simulation laboratory needed for pyrochock testing of pyroshock HZ SRS-G's
50 12
100 47
100 100
2000 1300
2800 ... View More

Asia Acoustics Laboratory needed for acoustics testing: Peak Sound Pressure Level Compliance, Acoustic Shock and Maximum Sound Pressure Level complian... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for DIN Performance Testing for performance of aerobic floor resiliency and shock obsorbency View More

Europe mechanical, physical laboratory needed for Shock and vibration tests, environmental, climatic tests, salt spray tests, Xenotest, Kaesternich te... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC tests to IEC 60811-3-1, subclause 8.2 IEC 60811-3-1, subclause 9.2IEC 60811-1-4, subclause 8.4. These tests only... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing Per ASTM D1596, Standard Test Method for Dynamic Characteristics of Packaging Material Shock Cushioning... View More

Eastern USA physical laboratory needed for Thermal Shock testing and cycling testing -40C to +55C - optical beam stability (movement and placement), m... View More

IACUC Preclinical CRO needed for non-GLP, grant-funded research for pharmaceutical efficacy of an asanguinous resuscitation fluid in canines. Under an... View More

Large Auto Manufacturer needs A2LA Mechanical Laboratory for Mechanical Testing - Fatigue Tests Automotive Parts as per GMW3172 Standard.
Typical Tes... View More

Europe or UK environmental laboratory needed for Environment certification EN 300 019 2-4 or 1-4. temperature, humidity, air, water, radiation, shock,... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for D-value study for our Bioburden which are isolated from environment. We have routine procedure for heat shock test ... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for Essai N° Essai: Bow and Twist, Bending stress measurement, Components Shear and Pull Test, IONIC Contamination, Micr... View More

ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for optical communication testing 1-SDH/SONET tests
1-1-bit eror rate
1-1-3-STM-16... View More

ISO Eastern USA physical labroatory needed for ISO 10819 and ANSI S2.73 shock and vibration testing on gloves View More

Bangalore Electrical Laboratory needed for testing Grounding/Bounding elements as per aeronautic standards. Electrical current injection tests: up to ... View More

USA ASTM Dynamics/Mechanical Laboratory needed for simulation testing of long distance over-the-road shock and vibration simulation as per ASTM D4169.... View More

USA Electrical/Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing 4kW On-Board DC-DC converter for Shock & Vibration, Temperature Cycle, Thermal Shock, Fungal G... View More

India MIL Environmental Testing Laboratory needed for EMI/EMC testing, vibration testing, pressure chamber testing, shock testing as per MIL 810 stand... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for thermal shock testing of spas, fast turnaround time on 4 samples View More

ASTM Packaging/Mechanical Laboratory needed for the following testing:
SEQUENCE: 1 ELEMENT: A Manual Handling Distribution Simulation Hazards incurre... View More

USA/Asia Materials Laboratory needed for DIN 18032- part2 testing with and without black rubber underlayment 0.032lbs/in3 for the 5.2 shock attenuatio... View More

India (UP) NABL Mechanical Laboratory needed for Vibration and Shock Test, Dump Heat Test, Dry Heat Test, EMC/EMI, IP 23, etc. Functional Test after e... View More

India Mechanical Laboratory needed to perform thermal shock experiment on plasma sprayed Zirconia- ceria oxide powder coatings on SUS 304 and Mild Ste... View More

Canada, Europe,or USA Physical Laboratory required for hot temperature tests 1000°C for sensors on exhaust line with water immersion, thermal shocks..... View More

India Physical Product Safety Laboratory needed for Mechanical Shock & Vibration Test with dummy load, Ingress Protection (IP-55),& Pressure test at 5... View More

Eastern USA Transporation Laboratory needed for Transportation Simulation Testing, Package Testing
Salt, Fog & Cyclic Corrosion Testing
Temperature ... View More

Canada Preferred Mechanical and Enviromental Laboratories required for:
1-Mechanical shock to 270 pounds system to ANSI N42.43-2006 standard
2- Dust... View More

USA Transportation Laboratory neededed for Mil-Std 331 Vibration testing, jolt test, Temperature & Humidity, Impact shock (airgun) View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ISO 10819:1996 Mechanical vibration and shock -- Hand-arm vibration -- Method for the measurement and evaluation of th... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed in Europe for MIL-STD Vibration & Shock Testing to MIL-STD-167 and MIL-S-901D View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for Charge Air Thermal Cycle/Shock testing.
The test piece will typically have 3" barb connections on the hot air side, ... View More

AAALAC Preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical in vivo efficacy testing - LPS-induced, or similar model of septic shock in rodents View More

AAALAC pre-clinical lab needed for in vivo efficacy, LPS-induced, or similar model of septic shock in rodents View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP testing 2 species chronic/subchronic toxicity on pharmaceutical NCE for blood volume replacement in truma... View More

Physical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for shock and thermal explodability View More

Physical laboratory needed for ISO testing (ISO 4651) and ASTM Testing (ASTM F355), vertical free-fall shock absorption testing on foamed materials. View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC 601-1 Testing: Impact,Rigitidy,sine,random,Shock View More

Climatics and dynamics laboratory needed for Shock hammer, explosive decompression, salt fog, explosive atmosphere View More

UK laboratory for strength testing and shock absorption qualities of specialised webbing View More

Environmental laboratory needed for physical testing: Altitude testing (-300 to 50,000 feet), Temperature with Solar (49 degrees C with 1120 Watts/met... View More

"Need to identify a CRO who can generate animal models in the fields of hemostasis, trauma, shock and various organ injury etc.
Ideally the site will... View More

Vibration Evaluation to MIL-STD-167-1 (4 to 50 HZ) standard
Analytical Light weight Shock Evaluation to MIL-STD-901
View More

shipping test of packaged medical device: atmospheric conditioning, compression, vibration 1, shock, vibration 2 View More

Manufacturer needs to test the amount of Sodium Hypochlorite in Pool Shock View More

Physical laboratory needed for Drop/Vibration/Shock testing on Desktop PC Chassis Unit with the Modem Card.
View More