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MNG Labs

MNG Expands Global Reach with Several New Distributors


ATLANTA(BUSINESS WIRE)MNG Laboratories is pleased to announce the signing of several key international distributor agreements in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. MNG now has active distributors representing our extensive menu of over 500 neurogenetic and biochemical tests in Mexico, Hong Kong, Turkey and Chile. Each distributor was chosen for their clinical expertise, excellent customer service, and technical leadership in their respective markets.

?This is just the start of MNG?s expansion strategy for global markets since we brought on dedicated business development talent to address this market opportunity late in 2017,? noted MNG?s President & CEO Terry Conrad. ?We have additional pending agreements in different phases of development across the globe and are active in seeking additional partnerships in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and University research arenas. MNG has a leadership position in neurogenetic and complex biochemical testing and our products and experience are trusted by research and development interests who are focused in neurology.?

MNG recently launched an updated and innovative approach to exome testing. The MNG Exome? is the only exome test on the market that guarantees 100% coverage of all ClinVar expert panel approved pathogenic variants and detection of uniparental disomy. It also includes mtDNA testing allowing for complete coverage of all coding regions that may be potentially pathogenic. Also, MNG recently launched the MNG Transcriptome? and has been a pioneer in bringing RNA sequencing to the clinical testing market. MNG will soon launch its innovative MNGenomeĀ® whole genome sequencing test, made possible by the recent addition of the Illumina NovaSeq platform. The technology upgrade is also expected to further improve our already industry-leading short turnaround times.

About MNG Laboratories MNG Laboratories is an internationally recognized clinical diagnostic leader specializing in neurogenetic and complex biochemical testing. We are committed to a patient-centered testing menu, high-quality diagnostics, and first-in-class reporting driven by our Genome MaNaGerĀ® analysis pipeline. Our Neurogenetic Answers? reporting process helps us stay at the forefront of the evolving genetics field and our team-based approach to data interpretation ensures we provide a reliable, guideline compliant, short list of variants that cause or are likely to cause disease. Our comprehensive approach to diagnostics is accompanied by a team of customer support and scientific personnel available to answer your questions regarding our process, technology, and reports. With over 16 years of neurogenetic experience, and powered by a culture of discovery and advancement, MNG Laboratories delivers results that make a difference for patients and their families.

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