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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Service Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Service Requests are received from a variety of sources and range from Corporate Internal Quality Control Laboratories, Independent Contract Laboratories, University Research Centers and Government Laboratories. All actively seeking Laboratory Service Providers to provide services for their laboratories. If you have any questions, please contact us or call 1-855-377-6821 Toll-Free 24/7.

Number Industry Description Status
16-00024 Sterilization and Lyophilization Pharmaceutical company needs Contract Sterilizer for Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Irradiation or Autoclaving services for disposable items, inclusive of packaging and delivery.... Open
16-00023 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for monthly contract sterilization of medical devices 5-10 x per month. Medical Devices are medical office procedure devices. ... Open
16-00022 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for gamma irradiation sterilization of equipment, which is 0.914 meter X 0.30 meter X 0.15 meter, a piece. ... Open
16-00021 Consulting and Advisory Services Pharmaceutical CRO involved in Preclinical studies needs FDA Regulatory Consultant to assist with USFDA Registration, Inspection and approval... Open
16-00020 Sterilization and Lyophilization Large Diagnostics Group needs Contract Sterilizer for Gamma Sterilization... Open
16-00019 Cleaning and Disinfecting R&D laboratory needs contract glassware cleaning service in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area... Open
16-00018 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory consulting firm needed for assisting in setting up an FDA laboratory for testing e-liquid for e-cigarettes.... Open
16-00015 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Large Organization needs Laboratory Service Provider for repair of FPLC machine... Open
16-00016 Sterilization and Lyophilization Biotechnology Company needs Contract Sterilizer for Gamma Sterilisation Services.... Open
16-00014 Consulting and Advisory Services Individual wants to start my own small buisness testing dairy cows to determine whether or not they carry the A1 or A2 beta-casein protein needs laboratory consultant to determine if licenses or certification are necessary. ... Open
16-00013 Consulting and Advisory Services Africa Government Laboratory received funding to train staff in food microbiology and seeks host laboratory for four weeks of food microbiology training to help get accredited to ISO17025 of four staff. program towards accreditation have already started.... Closed
16-00012 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory consultant needed to advise Agriculture Bussiness on starting testing laboratory for Agri products ... Closed
16-00011 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory Service Provider needed for Smith microscope cleaning. ... Open
16-00010 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed to re-package + sterilize certain products for us. When we place an order through vendors, products are sent to us in bulk (pack 500 stoppers , tray of 50 vials). We are looking for someone to re-package these into smaller quantities (25 stoppers, 10 vials), and have them... Open
16-00009 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory needs company to provide annual maintenance on culligan water systems (Aries high purity system ARS-105) in our laboratory a (change filters etc) d... Open
16-00008 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory Service Provider needed for laboratory repairs, calibration & CMC of laboratory instruments. The instruments are autoclave, Ovens, Incubators, Water still , Spectrophotometers( Visual), pH meters, Turbiditymeters etc.... Open
16-00007 Sterilization and Lyophilization E-beam contract sterilizer needed for E-beam sterilization of medical devices... Open
16-00006 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Africa Laboratory needs training on laboratory equipment repairs and maintenance... Open
16-00005 Moving and Relocation University Laboratory needs Laboratory Service Provider for AKTA FPLC setup & maintenance as required. Requires putting the pieces together, checkout of functionality... Open
16-00004 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for industrial sterilizaton of medical gloves by Etyhlene Oxide ETO Sterilization . Volume per operation (chamber capacity) - 45-70 CBM. ... Open
16-00003 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory needs New Jersey ISO:9001 or ISO 17025 laboratory service provider for calibration, validation and preventative maintenance service provider of laboratory equipment... Open
16-00002 Architecture, Construction and Design Arbor company needs USA laboratory architect, construction or engineering firm to quote for building inside BSL2 laboratory facility in their headquarters. ... Open
16-00001 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair University Molecular Biology Laboratory needs laboratory service company to calibrate and make sure all their instruments are in compliance for new molecular biology / histology laboratory... Open
15-00029 Consulting and Advisory Services Large company seeking strategic partnership with regulatory consulting firm global regulatory and quality compliance services for nutraceutical products. Detailed quote from a reputable and dependable organization that can provide regulatory reviews, assessments and registrations on products to be... Open
15-00028 Consulting and Advisory Services Consultant working on establishing food company and testing laboratory needs American company for assistance in development or project plans ... Open
15-00027 Consulting and Advisory Services Regulatory consultant needed for assisting a pharmaceutical company on registering a GMP laboratory with the FDA?... Open
15-00026 Advertising and Marketing Advertising and Marketing Firm needed to help on video on ICT equipment conformity and interoperability assessment ... Open
15-00025 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboaratory Construction / Engineer needed for renovating a California laboratory. Our first priority is to replace the draining system and doors, but are also open to other changes to the lab that will make it fully functioning again. If you have any representatives that can come take a look at the... Open
15-00024 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Engineering Laboratory needs company for maintenance of all Laboratory instruments used in Water Lab and Oil Lab with periodic calibration, Partial Maintenance and Full Maintenance with replacements of defective Spare Parts as well as Standard solutions, including all consumables with that of OEM as... Open
15-00023 Training and Education Africa Health Institute needs consultant to provide training on oil analysis using (GC/GC-MS and HPLC), for chemical, vitamin, mineral & fatty acid profile quantitative and qualitative analysis. ... Open
15-00022 Architecture, Construction and Design University needs laboratory engineer / architect for renovation of an university histology laboratory.... Open
15-00021 Consulting and Advisory Services Toronto Company needs laboratory consultant to assist in opening laboratory in pakistan ... Open
15-00020 Sterilization and Lyophilization Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for outsourcing EO Sterilisation & Gamma Sterilisation in Asia... Open
15-00019 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Northeast USA University laboratory needs laboratory service provider to repair shaker that there are some problems with the shaker, it is not easy to control the temperature now. ... Open
15-00018 Architecture, Construction and Design Manufacturer needs design of about 85 labs , each labs about 150-180 m2. The labs consultants need to provide design of laboratory furniture, in additon to selection of full equipments, room data sheets, fully loaded drawings, and BOQ.... Open
15-00017 Consulting and Advisory Services Corporationcurrently researching into getting it's own FAA Flammability Test Chamber needs laboratory consultant to advise on what is needed to become a Approved Lab for Flammability Testing. (Specifically FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part I)... Open
15-00016 Consulting and Advisory Services India Laboratory Consultant needed for consulting on the lab set-up of an in-house small laboratory in a food manufacturing company. ... Closed
15-00015 Consulting and Advisory Services "India Laboratory Consultant needed to provide consulting services on establishing a soil testing laboratory "... Closed
15-00014 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair New Jersey Laboratory needed On-Site repair of Agilent 1100 HPLC Channel A is failing gradient test criteria and needs repair"... Open
15-00013 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair """Academic Research Laboratory needs Contract Service Provider needed for lab equipment repair. protein purification an AKTA FPLC has a valve A pump error and is unable to run. The instrument belongs to an academic research laboratory""""... Closed
15-00012 Training and Education "Technology consultant needed to provide classes/training in lyophilization"... Closed
15-00011 Training and Education Middle East Laboratory needs Laboratory Consultant to provide training on Technical Handling of Experimental Animals In Vivo Tests for Quality Control of Biologics ? Pyrogen Testing. ? Abnormal Toxicity ( Safety Test ). ? Hormone Bioactivity test ( FSH, LH, GCH ). ? Determination of LD50 ? BCG safe... Closed
15-00010 Training and Education "Sterilization Consultant needed for sterilization training on proper laboratory glassware sterilization techniques and practices."... Closed
15-00009 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architect needed for lab design consultation / construction on 3 geochemistry and hydrology laboratories... Closed
15-00008 Sterilization and Lyophilization Asia hospital laboratory needs gamma contract sterilizer for contract sterilization by gamma radiation of polycaprolactone (PCL) samples "... Closed
15-00007 Cleaning and Washing Large biotechnology company needs contract laboratory service provider to wash small amounts of glassware for 4 to 5 months while construction is being completed to that Lab area."... Closed
15-00006 Consulting and Advisory Services ""Consulting microbiologist needed to consult on the relationship between bacteria and concrete. ""... Closed
15-00005 Consulting and Advisory Services ""Laboratory Consultancy services needed for establishment of a forensic laboratory that will provide the physical facilities to host an internationally accredited forensic laboratory to be used by the National Police service in Africa.""... Closed
15-00004 Method Development and Validation Diagnostics laboratory needs LCMS expert consultant to perform method development for Testosterone, Progesterone, Vitamin D, Glutathione, and Estrogen on AB Sciex 6500 triple quad MS with Shimadzu front end. Need experience in method development for blood and urine using a mass spec.... Closed
15-00003 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for ethylene oxide sterilization of 15 printers go through EO Sterilization. We do not need Validation. They need to be packaged in breather bags. "... Closed
15-00002 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Large chemical manufacturer needs USA contractor needed for repair Waters GPCV 2000 high temperature chromatograph. A yearly service contract could be signed."... Closed
15-00001 Sterilization and Lyophilization Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed for Autoclave killing of live attenuated bacteria in active drug substance.""... Closed
14-00252 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair New Jersey Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for laboratory renovation: Repaint cabinets and replace counter tops/ work benches."... Closed
14-00251 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Southern USA laboratory service company needed to provide preventative maintenance to Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor""... Closed
14-00250 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for gamma ray sterilization service for 500kg of clay (humidity of 35%). ... Closed
14-00249 Education and Training University Laboratory needs Laboratory consultant needed laboratory training for expert team to train us in our Lab.... Closed
14-00248 Sterilization and Lyophilization Central or Eastern Europe Contract Sterilizer needed for Gamma sterilization at 10kGy"... Closed
14-00247 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Development laboratory needs laboratory services for HPLC repair in Southwest USA: HP 1050 HPLC that has been sitting on a shelf for a few years that I would like to see if we can get up and running again."... Closed
14-00246 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory Engineering Firm needed to help set up a clinical Laboratory in Sierra Leone. "... Closed
14-00245 Architecture, Construction and Design Massive Tree Nursery needs laboratory engineering firm for designing Horticulture laboratories, are expected to be furnished and fully equipped with specialized Horticulture instruments, the breakdown of which is readily available. Need US laboratory engineering firm for designing of the labs. Plea... Closed
14-00244 Education and Training "Laboratory consultant ased in Africa needed to provide laboratory research training "... Closed
14-00243 Consulting and Advisory Services "Laboratory consulting firm needed for ongoing advisory services to construction firm that is building 4 types of Quality Control Laboratories : 1- Electrical materials , 2- Food 3- Chemical and Petrochemicals 4- Textiles & Fabrics I am looking for a company who can assess me in : A- Choice of Lab ... Closed
14-00242 Architecture, Construction and Design "REQUEST FOR QUOTE: International Health Organization needs Laboratory Consultant needed for Technical Assistance for renovation of 4 (four) selected laboratories to meet with bio safety standard, including for site selection, design, budget plan, construction supervision, revise protocol, certific... Closed
14-00241 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair University Laboratory is seeking a laboratory water system maintenance service provider for a Milli-Q Gradient ZMQK6V001 System (SN # F7PN07885I) located at our Medical School email: "... Closed
14-00240 Architecture, Construction and Design Corporation building biomedical lab needs the services of a Biohazard level 2 lab designer. ... Closed
14-00239 Training and Education """University research laboratory needs Africa consultant needed for Comprehensive training on how to operate laboratory apparatus, ranging from XRD, XRF, geochemical apparatus, geophysical, petrographic, etc.""""... Closed
14-00238 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair ""Biotechnology Laboratory having trouble with laboratory cabinet we have had especially made. It is a ductless fume hood which protects the samples as well as the operator. We may need the same type of cabinet built as the one we have has been damaged. ""... Closed
14-00237 Architecture, Construction and Design US Architecture and Engineering Firm needed for designing and building toxicology laboratory and a pharmacogenetics laboratory . I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. ... Closed
14-00236 Architecture, Construction and Design Engineers on new manufacturing plant needs to subcontract building of 3 laboratories for a Water Treatment Plant, Melt Shop Plant and Rolling Mill Plant. We are looking to tender the package as a complete package (all works to be done my contractor accept civils works). Please contact me if you... Closed
14-00235 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Pharmaceutical Laboratory neeed Michigan laboratory contractor for HPLC maintenance and repair"... Closed
14-00234 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture / Construction firm needed for USFDA GMP Construction and Design of BSL-4 laboratory. ** Urgent ** "... Closed
14-00233 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair University Laboratory needs Laboratory Contractor for repair of western blot rockers . I am looking into buying new ones and the cost is substantial so I thought I would investigate repairs before I pull the trigger on new equipment ... Closed
14-00232 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Maryland Engineering Laboratory needs contract service provider for Laboratory Preventative maintenance and calibration Steris VHP 1000ED""... Closed
14-00231 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Maryland laboratory needs service provider for Preventative maintenance and calibration Steris VHP 1000ED"... Closed
14-00230 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture and Design company needed to build a inorganic syntheses lab as per Health Canada and FDA GMP specification with 8-10 fume hoods , and all related tables , eye wash stations , shower cubicles, in Toronto. "... Closed
14-0029 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Long term contract laboratory maintenance technicians needed for a Fortune 500 company in Africa. Contractor will be expected to visit client site as per agreement to ensure equipment functionality. Client will handle transportation, accommodation and security. Very attractive pay package and premi... Closed
14-0028 Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Systems India Quality Consultant needed for Quality Systems Consulting. ... Closed
14-0027 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Large multinational firm's in-house technology laboratory needs India ISO 17-25 contract service provider for calibration of Dielectric with stand tester for the 50Hz/60HZ parameter for the AC 5KV. ""... Closed
14-0026 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Pharmaceutical manufacturer needs FDA cGMP contract sterilizer for contract sterilization of 10 ml sealed clear glass vials containing 11.6 ml of 30% sucrose, surfactant and perfluorocarbon. ""... Closed
14-0025 Sterilization and Lyophilization "New Zealand Contract Sterilizer needed forMining, Ethylene Oxide sterilization of our minerals, preferably based in Auckland? "... Closed
14-0024 Sterilization and Lyophilization ISO Medical Device company needs Europe COntract Sterilizer for EO sterilization of Closed suction System device. We would like to receive quote for sterilization validation process and for sterilization"... Closed
14-0023 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Contract Packaging Company needs medical device contract sterilizer for Gamma and EO Sterilization of medical devices in Saudi Arabia. "... Closed
14-0022 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Medical Laboratory needs contract service provider for incubator repair of Nuaire Co2 Incubator Model NU-5510 will not hold calibration. May need a new sensor or other part.""... Closed
14-0021 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract Manufacturer needed for contract synthesis, characterization and synthesize PET resin. We have ethylene glycol (EG), and we would like to compare PET synthesized from our EG with conventional PET""... Closed
14-0020 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Singapore Electronics Laboratory needs calibration service for -40 deg C freezer. Would like to know the quote for it. "... Closed
14-0019 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "Contract Manufacturer needed to contract manufacture manufacturer eco friendly cleaning products """... Closed
14-0017 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to advise on Medical Equipment calibration centre start-up in Chennai. I need the basic information like what are the certification required for this and how to register my lab. ... Closed
14-0016 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory Architecture and Engineering Firm needed to assist in establishing molecular biology ad hematology laboratory at medical college..area is 4000 sg mt already constructed."... Closed
14-0015 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Medical Device Manufacturer needs ISO contract sterilizer for contract sterilization of different medical devices""... Closed
14-0014 Consulting and Advisory Services Asia University needs laboratory consultant for advising on development of new university electronics laboratory ... Closed
14-0013 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture or Engineering Firm needed for building a ISO BSL laboratory in China... Closed
14-0011 Sterilization and Lyophilization Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for medical device EO Ethylene Sterilization to sterilize 3 pallets of medical devices in one chamber? What costs are associated with validation of the product through one fractional, 4 half and one full cycle? ... Closed
14-0010 Architecture, Construction and Design ""Pharmaceuticals importers are installing operations in Mexico but according with Mexican law, a local quality verification of pharmaceuticals laboratory shall take place before distribution to the market. It is a good opportunity to abroad your business to Latin America.""... Closed
14-0009 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis FDA Liquid contract manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing E-LIQUID juice line. Contract Manufacturer needs to have chemist on staff for formulation of the e-liquid blend.... Closed
14-0008 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Northeast Ohio CLIA laboratory instrument service provider needed for instrument inspection to maintain CLIA certification"autoclave, centrifuge that spins bloods/urine,2 microscopes for oil immersion and low and high viewing"... Closed
14-0007 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US Medical Device Contract Manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing lyophilized injectable device. ... Closed
14-0006 Training and Education Biotechnology Laboratory consultant needed for setting up training program for Technical training of Biotech product analysis ... Closed
14-0005 Training and Education Expanding Laboratory needs laboratory training provider to enhance the analytical competency and skills of the microbiology laboratory analysts on various microbiological parameters. This is to inquire about individualized training package in the field of Microbiology. It should be a 2 week laborato... Closed
14-0004 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed byTesting & Certification Laboratory that is Planning to Set up an analytical Laboratory for testing of required test of environments, Water and hazardous chemical etc. For the above we need a consultant who will guide us how to set up such laboratory , What instrument w... Closed
14-0003 Consulting and Advisory Services India Laboratory consultant needed to provide advisory services on starting a soil testing laboratory in Pune, India... Closed
14-0001 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Environmental Laboratory needs company to repair Perkin Elmer graphite AA furnace ... Closed
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