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Laboratory Profile: Avacta Analytical Ltd

Avacta Analytical Ltd Services :

spectroscopy, microscopy and biophysical analysis to provide molecular characterization and scientific R & D solutions for a variety of industry sectors. The company specializes in advanced optical spectroscopy including Raman, fluorescence and infra-red, and in surface analysis using electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, XPS, Auger spectroscopy, SPR and ellipsometry,Pharmaceutical characterisation Biopharmaceutical structure, stability and formulation characterisation AFM, STM and Related SPM Techniques SEM Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Raman Imaging, Raman IR Absorption Optical Absorption Routine Fluorescence State-of-the-art Fluorescence Time Resolved Fluorescence Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Circular Dichroism SpectroscopyDynamic Light Scattering Analytical Ultracentrifugation Differential Scanning Calorimetry Mass Spectroscopy ITCXPS Auger Spectroscopy Ellipsometry Surface Plasmon Resonance Healthcare, personal care and household materials characterisation Polymer, plastics and fibre characterisation Expert witness services in pharmaceutical patent / IP disputes Bespoke instrumentation design and development for analysis and process monitoring, polymorph development, product screening, process analytical technology

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