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Avacta Analytical Ltd

Formed in 2004, as a spin-out from The University of Leeds, Avacta is The Biophysics Company specialising in solving high value problems through provision of contract services and innovative new technologies for the biopharmaceutical and other sectors. Avacta's technology development programmes are aimed at creating step change improvements in the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing process, delivering huge value to its clients and shareholders.

Biophysics is the use of rigorous techniques developed by Physicists to understand and control the properties of biological molecules. It is a discipline that underpins efforts to harness the power of biological systems for therapeutic applications and for other new technologies. Avacta aims to be a world leader in the commercialisation of Biophysics.

Avacta's detection and analysis technologies are also finding applications in homeland security and defence, plant, animal and public health protection and, in the longer term, in point of care screening for human health. Avacta works with many large biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as clients from other industrial sectors, and has significant technology co-development projects with the UK government and UCB Celltech.

Avacta was founded by colleagues Professor Alastair Smith, one of the leading Biophysicists in the UK, and Simon Webster and Kurt Baldwin, two highly experienced molecular physicists and technology developers. Avacta was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM in August 2006 via a reverse takeover of Readybuy plc which was renamed Avacta Group plc (AVCT). The Group comprises Avacta Analytical Ltd, the rapidly growing contract research services division, and Avacta Ltd, an innovative technology developer.

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