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Laboratory Description:

Since its incorporation in 1969, CANTEST has grown to become one of Canada's leading analytical and testing laboratories. CANTEST's success has been predicated upon providing analytical and testing solutions to those who measure and monitor substances that impact our environment and our health. CANTEST offers integrated analytical and specialized testing in support of industries and regulators assessing environmental quality, pharmaceutical/biotechnology efficacy, food quality, and drug residues.

CANTEST employs approximately 350 scientists, technologists and support staff in Burnaby, BC where it occupies more than 110,000 square feet (or 10,000 sq. meters) of dedicated, state-of-the-art analytical and testing laboratory facilities.

Cantest offers the following list of testing and services:

Method Development & Validation

Early drug discovery

Toxicokinetic studies in animals

Pharmacokinetic studies

Bioequivalence studies

GLP Bioanalysis

GMP Pharmaceutical Analysis

Elemental Analysis by ICP-MS


Leachables and extractables

Material science testing

Drug Discovery Support

Pharmacokinetic & Bioequivalence Studies

Forensic Equine Drug Testing

Drug-drug interaction and therapeutic drug monitoring

Clinical support services

Environmental testing

Food residue analysis

Food labelling testing

Industrial hygeine


Physical-chemical characterization of new chemicals

GLP Ecotoxicology/EcoFATE

Pharmaceuticals in the environment

Acid-rock drainage

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