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Laboratory Description:

Dynalene Lab Services was born out of years of research and development on our heat transfer fluids. Our knowledge of thermal analysis and material and corrosion testing grew from decades of testing the specifications and performance of our unique products. To better utilize our DSC, GC/MS, HPLC, FTIR, UV-Vis and IC instrumentation, Dynalene Lab Services added experts in Chemical Analysis and Method Development to expand our lab service capabilities.

With our growing success, Dynalene expanded our capabilities to include SEM analysis, and brought on board corrosion specialists to add to our already extensive expertise. Whether you need simple sample ID, routine QC, detailed product characterization, method development, stability studies, or material compatibility and corrosion studies, our personnel can customize services to fit your unique testing requirements.

Dynalene Lab Services has provided testing for customers across nearly every industry - chemical, corrosion, food & beverage, cosmetic, healthcare, materials, composites, adhesives, coatings, fragrances, oil & gas, and many more. We also provide contract research work, product development, and quality control testing.

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