Laboratory Description:

Atlantic Product Services has been providing our customers, a selection of the highest quality of petroleum testing and surveying services for over 40 Years. We offer our services as a neutral third party to determine and certify petroleum products.

Atlantic offers analysis employing Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma AES, Atomic Absorption, X-Ray Fluorescence, Antiknock Octane Ratings and a full range of ASTM/IP/UOP testing equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality control.
Atlantic Product Services, Inc. is a bonded Public Gauger with the United States Customs Service. Our inspection reports are accepted by the New York Mercantile Exchange. Atlantic Product Services, Inc. is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as an independent testing laboratory for Reformulated Gasoline RFG No. 1008 and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Atlantic Product maintains membership in the American Society for Testing and Materials, the American Petroleum Institute and the Institute of Petroleum. We are also certified by New York State Department of Health, as an Environmental Laboratory (ELAP) for non-potable water, Fuels and Solid Hazardous waste.
Our clients are assured that our representation is honest, unbiased and reliable. We guarantee inspections of quality.
Atlantic Product Services, Inc. is entirely American owned and operated. Our headquarters are located in Carteret, New Jersey. For more information on Atlantic Product Services, Inc. please visit our website at

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