Laboratory Description:

We have 70+ clients in  5 Continents / 50+ countries  and serving them for several analysis such as; Vitamins, Pesticides, GMO, DNA, Halal Tests, Mycotoxins, Ethylene Oxide, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Acrylamide, PAH, Dioxins; Nutritional Facts, Allergens, Packaging & Migration Tests etc. (500+ analysis) with very competitive prices and shortest Turn around Time

We can perform specific parameters of Environment analysis, Soil, Water, Cosmetics, Textiles, Hygiene, Asbestos, Cleaning & Personal Care Products, Disinfectants and Face Mask / N95 analysis.

We have DHL express contract to collect samples from any part of the world and deliver to our central lab in Istanbul within 72 hours.

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