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Unicus Pharmaceuticals (Unicus) is a Product Development and Contract R&D facility serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic (skin and hair care) and personal care sectors. 

Unicus provides non-sterile topical and oral product development, optimization, and scale-up support services to industry clients. We can design and develop over-the-counter (OTC), cosmetic, homeopathic, and pharmaceutical products based on your own product development ideas and targeted product profile. We would love to work with start-up, medium, or large companies that are facing innovation challenges and working on new brands or optimizing their existing brands.

Our Services include:
Our 4,000-sq. ft. R&D laboratory facility is located in Myles Standish Industrial Park, Taunton, Massachusetts. We can formulate starting from scratch or reformulate/optimize your existing formula. We have formulation expertise in different dosage forms such as solutions, sprays, suspensions, creams, gels, ointments, and others for topical and/or oral applications. We bank on our reputation for novel and innovative product development capabilities. We can provide you services on idea generation, selection of raw materials, development and screening of prototypes, design of stability studies, evaluation of dosage forms, selection of lead formulation, and sourcing of packaging materials.  

We can assist you with scale up and commercial manufacturing of batches for non-clinical, toxicology and clinical studies, preparation and review of documents for regulatory filings, and quality assurance. We can support you in identifying vendors, drafting/editing/reviewing technical documents, solving scale-up and manufacturing challenges when you need technical expertise.

Currently we are taking projects in the following areas: Non-sterile Personal Care, Skin Care, Nailcare, Hair Care, Body & Bath, Spa, Baby/Children care, Homeopathic and Natural/Herbal Skincare Cosmetic & OTC products.

We can help you with 510K medical devices, novel/innovative formulation technology development, and platform/proprietary technology development around your compound of interest.

Laboratory Services:

Unicus Pharmaceuticals (Unicus) is a Product Development and Contract R&D facility serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic (skin and hair care) and personal care sectors.

Unicus' founder, Dr. Pinaki Majhi, has extensive experience mainly in Skincare Cosmetics, Personal care, and Rx (Dermatological and Ophthalmic) product development. Before founding Unicus, Dr. Majhi, has held scientist and senior executive positions in several companies including Denison Pharmaceuticals, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Precision Dermatology, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, and others. He was involved in the product development, scale-up, manufacturing, and regulatory filings of more than 120 Skin Care Cosmetic, Oral Care, and Pharmaceutical Products which fall under OTC monographs, 505(b)(2), 505(b)(1), and 510K Medical device regulatory pathways. He either formulated, reformulated, optimized, or scaled-up industry leading brands in the area of Dermatology, Skincare, Nailcare, Oral care, Pain relief, Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat care, Baby/Children care, and Women's Health Care Products. Dr. Majhi is well connected with industry leaders and lead vendors in all areas of product development and launch. He can work with you side-by-side in helping you to achieve your business goals.

Unicus is also currently working on developing Proprietary Drug/Ingredient Delivery Technologies for its own potential product lines as well as for out-licensing to its  corporate customers.  

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