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ST&T Consultants (Science, Toxicology & Technology) is unmatched in its expertise, resources and ability to be responsive to your objectives and needs. Link to an overview of ST&T services: ST&T Consultants have the experience and expertise necessary to help you create and package effective and safe products, properly label your products, obtain governmental approval of your products, and if necessary intercede with legal, political and/or scientific support to help resolve US and/or foreign regulatory issues. We can assist in the research of your US competition and the US consumers to help you determine the receptiveness of your targeted consumers to your product(s). ST&T can also assist you through its Pre-Post Market Consumer Product Research Center, in building brand awareness, and understanding the data needed in expanding your product identity/brand & distribution. From FDA issues & clinical research support for your product label claims, to QA/GMP, (to validate your product meets a high standard in its manufacturing), to being able to help you determine what the consumer thinks about the effectiveness, and appeal of your products and their presentation and packaging.

- FDA & Customs Registration Of Your Company

- FDA & Customs Registration Of Your Products

- Serves as your US Agent for as required by Law

- Provides Label Review & Proper Formatting

- Provides Translation Work For Label & Brochures ( for most major industrialized Countries)

- Provides Formulation Assistance When/If Needed

- Provides Consumer Product Research & Sampling

- Regulatory & Compliance assistance with, FDA/FTC & CUSTOMS