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Laboratory Profile: SafePharm Laboratories Ltd

Laboratory Description:

SafePharm is one of the World's leading contract research facilities involved in the safety evaluation of speciality and performance chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, intermediates and medical devices.

SafePharm provides a service to more than 800 companies in over 30 different countries, to enable them to meet the requirements of increasingly complex regulations relating to the safe use of these products.

Our services to the Chemical Industry covers the notification of new substances (NONS), testing for existing substances, high production volume chemicals (HPV program) and testing for endocrine disrupters in the environment.

Services to the Agrochemical Industry covers testing for the Biocidal Products Directive as well as storage stability, ecotoxicology, physical chemistry properties and environmental fate & metabolism.

Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry include testing of intermediates.

Services to the Medical Devices Industry includes a full test package compliant with ISO10993.

These are supported and implemented through our Project Management and Registration Departments.

SafePharm are committed to contributing to the development of in vitro testing as alternatives to the use of animals. The development and validation of several techniques have already been completed and are currently underway.

Shardlow Business Park

Shardlow, 0 DE72 2GD GB