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SLC Laboratories

204 - 4475 Wayburne Drive

Burnaby, BC V5G 4X4 CA

SLC Laboratories offers analytical and bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, natural health product, and functional food industries. We are located in Technology Place next to the British Columbia Institute of Technology near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We specialize in high-throughput, automated testing of biological samples using HPLC and Ultra Performance LC coupled with various detection methods such as UV absorbance, fluorescence, and mass spectrometry.

Our mission is to provide efficient, customized analytical services to a diverse clientele ranging from start-up biopharma firms to natural health product manufacturers .

Technical Information:

SLC provides expert analytical and bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, natural health product and functional food industries. We also offer natural health product and site license consulting services.

Our bioanalytical services include:

** customized method development

** method validation for the parameters of accuracy, precision, calibration fit, recovery and stability

** instrumentation including conventional HPLC (UV-Vis and Fluorescence) and state-of-the-art UPLC-MS/MS

** high-throughput sample analysis of biological fluids such as blood plasma for active ingredients or oxidative stress biomarkers

We also provide natural health product services, with focus on testing antioxidant constituents. These include:

** testing for antioxidants such as anthocyanins and catechins

** specialized Oxygen Radical Absorbtion Capacity (ORAC) testing

** testing for oxidative stress markers in pre-clinical and clinical samples through our bioanalytical services

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