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RxCelerate Ltd (RxC) is an "Architect of Drug Discovery" based on the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK and has now been in operation for over 5 years.

RxC is an outsourced drug discovery and development platform. Our experienced team design and deliver on integrated programs to drive your asset through drug discovery, preclinical research to clinical proof-of-concept.

We specialise in bespoke experiments design with data-rich endpoints, especially is in all aspects of biomarker research, from biomarker identification using 'omics technology through assay design, development and validation to multi-site clinical studies designed to validate or test biomarkers. We optimise translation from preclinical research to clinical studies by early integration of mechanism validation and biomarker-development into preclinical pharmacology strategies. - Maximising your chances of reaching the clinic.

RxC are also in the process of applying for GLP accreditation so we can perform experimental analysis to support your preclinical and clinical studies.  

In addition to the above biomarker related activities, we also provide a wide range of laboratory services including: Biacore (SPR) to study the binding of two molecules in real time. Multiplex assays, using Luminex technology. Enzyme and binding assays. Data management, network analysis (PHEWAS) and biostatistics. 

We have recently started offering a new LC-MS/MS service. We will be using a triple-quadrupole instrument (Waters Xevo TQ-XS) to perform highly quantitative analysis in a variety of sample matrices. The resulting data can be used for pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic or toxicology applications.

We like to think that our honest, flexible and bespoke approach means that we are often one of the first CROs our clients turn to for something a bit different, whether that is plugging a gap in a project plan or a complete development project.

Our clients include biotech, virtual or early stage start-ups, diagnostics and universities.

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