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Laboratory Profile: Radix BioSolutions

Laboratory Description:

At its core, Radix BioSolutions is a group of scientists and business people who believe that bringing efficiency to science adds value. Radix BioSolutions develops Luminex xMAP microsphere-based assay products for customers in the research community, the drug discovery/diagnostics industry, and other allied markets.

Radix BioSolutions employees have over 40 years of combined experience in developing and managing in the xMAP Technology space - and a focus on the UNIQUE customer. Our experience and operation produces an environment to very efficiently PRODUCE high quality, cost efficient assays for our customers. The use of the xMAP Platform for the production of these assays provides the ability to simultaneously perform multiple biomolecular reactions simply, quickly, accurately and economically on a single test sample.

At Radix we continue to extend the capabilities of xMAP technology, strive to enhance the integrity of every result, and utilize the quantity of data obtained from each sample. Combined, enhanced result integrity, leading to enhanced customer confidence, and enhanced technology capabilities, leading to enhanced functional range, promises to augment a user's experience.

111 Cooperative Way

Georgetown, TX 78626 US