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PINNACLE MATERIALS LABORATORY was established in 2013. PML is an independent testing laboratory located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goals are to provide testing and expert analytical
services specializing in thermal analysis (TA) techniques relating to polymeric and composite materials; and to provide solutions in industrial problems. We offer materials characterization and consulting services to a variety of industries. Our clients include companies in the aerospace sector, alternative energy sector, and biotechnology sector.

Laboratory Services:

Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysis refers to a suite of analytical techniques that evaluate material properties with respect to temperature. These techniques are useful for a wide range of materials and can be especially useful for studying polymeric materials. Sample is typically held under a constant heating / cooling rate or at a constant temperature in order to study the property of interest.

Pinnacle materials laboratory offers the following thermal analysis techniques:

DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry): We provide DSC services with the TA Instruments Q2000. The instrument is capable of maintaining a constant heating and cooling rate. It is also capable of performing modulated DSC (MDSC) test.
TGA (Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis): We provide TGA services with the TA Instruments Q500. The instrument is capable of performing high-resolution TGA test.
DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis): We provide DMA services with the Mettler Toledo DMA 1 and the TA Instruments Q400 EM.
TMA (Thermo-Mechanical Analysis): We provide TMA services with the TA Instruments Q400.
TEST METHODS: The thermal analysis services we provide range from standard test methods to user-designed methods.

MATERIAL PROPERTIES: Thermal analysis is used to determine many thermal, physical and chemical properties of materials. Here is a partial list of material properties that can be evaluated using thermal analysis techniques in our laboratory:

Glass transition temperature (Tg)
Decomposition, degradation or weight loss
Crystalline melt and crystallinity
Heat capacity (Cp)
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
Softening point

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