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PBR Laboratories Inc.

9960-67 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T6E 0P5 CA

PBR Laboratories Inc. (incorporated in 1984) is a leading Canadian laboratory that provides quality research and bioanalytical services to environmental, agricultural, pharmaceutical and other industries and agencies. PBR is a leader in genetic and environmental toxicology, in vitro mammalian cytotoxiccity, microbiology and biotechnology in general as applied to human health and the environment.

PBR's scientific staff includes Ph.D.'s with specialization in microbiology, genetics, toxicology and cell biology. Equipped with a modern laboratory and highly trained technical staff, PBR offers analytical services to evaluate carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, bioreactivity, and toxcity of chemical and pharmaceutical products, medical devices and environmental contaminats. Our R & D program is geared towards the development of diagnostic kits and test methods for rapid detection of environmental toxins and pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Technical Information:

PBR is an OECD-GLP compliant Canadian laboratory offering the full range of genetic toxicology assays.PBR has developed a series of rapid, cost-effective in vitro screening assays that can be used to determine the carcinogenic and mutagenic potential of new pharmaceutical compounds during the early stages of product development.For product safety evaluation, we offer clients a wide range of in vitro mammalian cytotoxicity assays as well as chronic and acute general toxicological studies based on bacteria (e.g. the Microtox test) and higher eukaryotes (e.g. aquatic algae and terrestrial plants).PBR offers HACCP implementation services and microbiological testing services using the standard testing protocols and applying new biotechnology based rapid screening methods to restaurants, food manufacturers, retailers, dairy, meatpacking and beverage plants, and other sectors and companies of the food industryOur services include: screening for pathogens, mycotoxins (aflatoxins, ochratoxin, zearalenone, vomitoxin, T2 toxin, etc.) and antibiotic resistance profile of probiotics, HACCP program development, shelf-life studies, sterility audits and indoor environmental monitoring.

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