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Nova Biologicals, Inc.

1775 East Loop 336, Suite 4

Conroe, TX 77301 US

Since 1993, Nova has specialized in every aspect of microbiology testing. For the medical device, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food and beverage industries Nova provides FDA/USP related microbiology testing services. Nova also performs U.S. EPA related microbiology testing for public drinking water systems and indoor air quality.

For the medical device, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food/beverage industries, Nova provides USP purified water, USP microbiological, LAL/Endotoxin, and other specialty testing. Nova is a registered In Vitro Radiopharmaceutical Testing facility.

Nova can perform speciality Microbiology Testing including radiopharmaceutical testing and in vitro susceptibility testing of antimalarial drugs.

Nova's Quality Assurance Plan and processes meet the requirements of our clients with GMP, ISO, and FDA manufacturing conditions.

Nova can perform test methodologies including but not limited to: USP, FDA, EPA, ISO, AOAC, ASTM, SM, ASCP, ASM, AAMI and NIST.

Nova is FDA registered (Registration Number 1641521). Nova is designated by the FDA as a private laboratory and complies with the FDA's GLP and GMP requirements. Nova is certified by the U.S. EPA and TDSHS (TDH) and participates in proficiency testing programs established by AAB and MicroCheck.

Nova also serves municipalities, utility districts, vended water companies, and bottled water manufacturers to perform coliform, HPC and more.

Technical Information:

Non-GLP and FDA GLP Microbiology Testing including but not limited to:
Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (Anaerobic MICs also available)
Minimal Bactericidal Concentration
Kill-Time Testing
AOAC Disinfectant Efficacy Testing
Antibacterial/Anti-Yeast/Antifungal Efficacy
Bacteria, Yeast, & Mold Susceptibility to Novel Antibiotic Compounds
Bioburden including recovery testing
Drug Susceptibility Testing (including MRSA and VRE)
Screening and Characterization of Clinical Isolates
Bacterial Capsule Formation
Endotoxin/LAL Testing (Gel Clot, Turbidimetric, Kinetic Chromogenic)
Sporicidal Testing
Tuberculocidal Testing

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