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NiKem Research s.r.l.

Via Zambeletti, 25

Baranzate (MI), 20021 IT

Based on decades of drug discovery experience and now operating at biotech speed, NiKem Research offers a full range of Drug Discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to its expertise in medicinal chemistry related to hit validation and multiparametric lead optimization, NiKem Research has robust chemical skills and parallel synthesis capabilities, and provides also computational and analytical chemistry services. In the last years NiKem Research has expanded its business providing a full panel of ADMET assays together with preclinical in vivo PK tests to allow a full characterization of your products.

Technical Information:

Our Drug Discovery Services Include:

* Lead Generation: Enhanced Rational Drug Design and   Fast-Track Hit Validation

* Multi-Parametric Lead Optimization: Better Candidates in   Less Time

* Explora ADMET and PK: Early Developability Evaluation

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