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Laboratory Profile: Molzym GmbH & Co. KG

Laboratory Description:

Ever since its foundation in 2003, Molzym has been committed to innovative solutions for biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our developmental efforts are particularly focused on new processes enabling and facilitating the molecular diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

MolYsis, are dedicated to the targeted isolation of pathogen DNA from a variety of clinical samples, including blood culture, whole blood, CSF, BAL, joint aspirates, tissues and other operated material. Ultra-pure, DNA-free PCR reagents and mastermixes allow for the precise detection and monitoring of infectious diseases in humans and animal models.

The latest development, SelectNAT, is an instrument for the automated extraction of pathogen DNA from whole blood. SelectNAT combines highest technical advances with demands for contamination-free and low-hands-on processing of samples for highest detection sensitivity of pathogens.

Mary-Astell-Strasse 10

Bremen, D-28359 DE