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Laboratory Profile: Labor L+S AG

Laboratory Description:

Founded:in 1984 as a partnership ("Labor Dr. Leimbeck") in 1987 as L+S GmbH since 1995 a limited company (AG) 230 employees (including 27 graduates, as at February 2009)

Supervisory board: Dipl. Kaufmann Werner Wohnhas (Chairman) Dr. med. vet. R├╝diger Leimbeck (veterinary surgeon specialising in microbiology) Prof. Dr. med. vet. Bernd Sonnenschein (veterinary surgeon specialising in microbiology)

Management team Board: Dr. rer. nat. Lothar Bomblies (biologist) Board: Dr. rer. nat. Frank B├Âttcher (pharmacist specialising in pharmaceutical analysis)

Med. Director: PD Dr. med. habil. Andreas Schwarzkopf (specialist in microbiology and epidemiology of infections)

Mangelsfeld 4