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Our oil and gas services cater to organisations and people across the supply chain - from testing, inspection and certification to consulting, technical, engineering and related services.

The oil and gas industry brings a distinctive set of challenges for operators. As reserves diminish and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of support services has become more critical than ever.

Ensuring your people and sites are safe and your processes optimised takes precedence across the supply chain - from extraction that involves increasingly higher pressures and temperatures, to statutory inspection of production assets and asset life extension, all the way through to the transportation of hydrocarbons, which is governed by stringent regulations and standards.

As well as this, organisations need to deliver projects on time, safely and in the most efficient way possible.

Our oil and gas services support exploration and production, engineering, refining, testing, inspection, certification, quality, training, research and related hydrocarbon industry activities across the world. We also ensure regulatory compliance of the raw materials that?s used throughout all stages of the process. Intertek oil and gas and hazardous area scientists, consultants, engineers, chemists, technicians, trainers and other personnel offer clients decades of professional industry experience.

From the reservoir to the refinery and beyond, we have the expert services companies need to meet their quality, safety, compliance, performance, commercial and other goals.

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