Laboratory Description:

Metrology Testing Laboratory Services

A variety of microscopy and spectroscopy tools are available for precise measurements from the nano to the meter scale in our metrology testing laboratory. Standardized techniques are used for the essential characterization of materials- composition, microstructure, chemical or physical properties, and performance. Validated and widely recognized testing methodologies are used for chemical analysis, purity measurement, failure analysis, thermal testing, microstructure analysis, and mechanical testing. The use of a specific technique and the appropriate standard of measurement varies with the type of problem, related industry, and material system.From raw material testing, product testing, quality control, regulatory compliance to industry certifications, our laboratory strives to provide comprehensive solutions to make products safer, reliable, and compliant.Metrology testing experts at Infinita Lab assist our clients based in the USA and other countries across the globe in choosing the most appropriate test strategies, that are performed in our testing labs, to ensure that all projects are accurate, timely, and cost-effective.

Materials Testing Laboratory Services

At Infinita Lab, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions to address your product problems faced during materials selection, design, compliance, performance testing, failure, and root cause analysis. In our materials testing laboratories the chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, corrosion, radiation, and biological properties of materials are evaluated. Both non-destructive and destructive testings are employed for metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, thin films, elastomers, resins, semiconductors, and nanomaterials in our testing labs. Services range from benchtop techniques for high-volume testing, simulated studies in large testing chambers, to in-line testing for quality and reliability checks on the manufacturing line. A specific problem focussed approach helps our clients to achieve the best probable solution.

Product Testing

Product testing is a crucial stage in the development and growth of a product's life cycle. Product testing aims at evaluating product properties and performance under normal and stressed conditions. The finished product is often subjected to heat, humidity, temperature shock, vibration, drop, electrostatic discharge, or a combination of environments. Service conditions are simulated to test product susceptibility to failure. Visual and other in-line inspection methods are also used for a quick quality check. Certifications are required for product compliance with safety standards set forth by regulatory bodies. Regular product reliability testing will ensure your product performs as expected, reduce warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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