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Laboratory Profile: HiTech Analytical and Diagnostic Solutions

Laboratory Description:

HiTech Analytical and Diagnostic Solutions(HADS) Provides services in the area of analytical and bioanalytical sciences.

We provide services in the area of: 1) Bioanalytical chemistry 2) Infectious agent testing in various biological test articles (like HIV, HBV, HCV etc). 3) Sugar and carbohydrate analysis of consumer products. 4) Proteins and glycoproteins 5) vaccine, biological and antibody therapeutics. 6) Endotoxins and residuals 7) antibiotics 8) Fruit juice authenticity 9) Milk hormones and chemistry 10) Real time PCR of gene analysis. 11) Method deveopment and validation

12111 Parklawn Drive

Rockville, MD 20852 US