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Laboratory Profile: Enviro Remediation & Research Lab (ERRL), LLP

Laboratory Description:

ISO: 17025 accredited environmental testing (soil, water, wastewater, sludge and compost) and R & D laboratory 

We have fully equipped lab and experienced scientists to perform innovative R & D based projects.
We also provide all the assistance to our clients to scale the projects for implementation for its commercial realization.     

Specialized R & D projects 
1. Biodegradation of chemicals/ oils/ lubricants and plastics testing + toxicity testing 
2. Biosludge/ oily sludge conversion into energy or commercially valued products   
3.Solid waste management- composting 
4. Corrossion testing  
5. Nanotechology based R & D in environmental sector
6. Remediation (Phytoremediation & Bioremediation) - restoration of water bodies and land 
7. Mineral testing & bioleaching 

HDIL industrial park, Virar (East)

Mumbai, Maharashtra 401303 IN