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Dow Corning Analytical Solutions

Rue Jules Bordet

Seneffe, B-7180 BE

Our well-equipped, ISO 9001:2000 registered, global analytical laboratories are staffed with knowledgeable experts who have practical experience characterizing a multitude of materials from a variety of industries. We can help with troubleshooting problems related to development, manufacturing and application performance, silicone testing including environmental - biogas, air and water samples, and organic analysis.

Benefits to working with Dow Corning Analytical Solutions laboratories include: 1) Proven quality and easy access to experts. 2) Total analytical solutions. 3) Advanced capabilities for complex problem solving. 4) Higher level of expertise compared to most contract laboratories.

Our service offering includes: Material Analysis and Characterization, Problem Solving, Product Deformulation, Method Development, Contamination Analysis, Contract Research, and Training and Consulting

Technical Information:

Measurement and identification of volatile components,quantitative identification of trace metals in a raw material,surface composition of a failed substrate,size and distribution of filler in a material, identification of chemical structures in research samples, identification of reaction by-products, molecular and chemical analysis. microscopy and surface Analysis, physical and thermal analysis, elemental analysis, product deformulation, method development, develop test methods for determining silicon(e) or other components in materials, modify existing test methods to meet new needs,provide written procedures for conducting the analysis, train your laboratory personnel or conduct testing

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