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DNA Solutions is an innovative company that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to reveal answers contained within the strands of DNA in the areas of human, animal, and microbial identification, relationship and forensic sample testing. Trusted for over 16 years, our scientists customize solutions for the legal community, law enforcement, government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and the general public to provide high-quality, expedited results that solve complex cases.    As a world leader in genetic and human remains testing, our laboratory utilizes advanced technologies to facilitate forensic sample analysis, degraded DNA testing and animal identification that provides  legal and law enforcement agencies the data needed to solve forensic cases. These technologies combined with our scientific expertise, enable the detection of DNA from a single human cell.  DNA Solutions provides accurate, superior results for their cases, giving clients peace of mind and confidence.  Contact DNA Solutions today if you require DNA Testing for your case at 1-866-362-9778