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Laboratory Profile: DDL, Inc.

Laboratory Description:

DDL has become many engineers' first choice for package testing. When you really need to know if packaging will perform under pressure, turn to DDL's team of tenured package engineers for quality package testing services.

Will materials stand up to stressful situations? With our extensive equipment background, DDL offers comprehensive material testing using methods such as mechanical testing and tensile testing.

Will products resist the rigors of shipment, operation and storage under conditions that are inevitably less than ideal? Find reassurance with DDL, our product testing services include: environmental testing, leak testing, material testing, mechanical testing, package testing, shock testing, vibration testing, and accelerated testing and shelf life validation.

Familiar with national and industry-specific standards, our packaging & material testing team is equipped for the full range of shock, vibration, leak, product, package and material testing to ensure that your packaging, product or material achieves official validation..

We're well-established experts in medical device package testing, offering a full range of package testing and environmental testing services... from accelerated aging, shelf-life studies and microbial barrier testing to transportation simulations and exploration of package integrity and strength.

10200 Valley View Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344 US