Laboratory Description:

ACT Lab, a member of the Cotecna Consumer Product Services (CPS) laboratory group, was founded in 2008 and quickly emerged as an internationally recognized source for CPSC and ISO 17025 accredited bicycle and personal protective equipment testing for US domestic as well as international markets.  ACT has evolved to incorporate a wide variety of chemical and hardgoods testing including children's products, food contact, and e-mobility to name a few categories.  With locations in the US, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Czech Republic, ACT has followed many of the hubs of manufacturing to provide convenient compliance testing services. 

Joining Cotecna CPS in 2022, ACT now has access to even more global locations (including India and the Middle East) as well as capabilities expanding into softlines/textile, food and cosmetics, appliances, and minerals testing.  Cotecna CPS and ACT provide a single source to cover the wide range of products existing in most modern consumer product lines.

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