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Laboratory Profile: A & L Laboratories

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A&L   Canada   Laboratories   Inc.(A&L)   was   formed   in   1985   with   the   merger   of   Croptech   Laboratories.   The   new corporation   is   a   wholly   owned   Canadian   subsidiary   of   A&L   Laboratories   which   consists   of   eight   analytical   laboratories regionally   located   throughout   North   America.   Located   in   London,   Ontario, A&L     is     one     of     Ontario's     largest     Agricultural     and     Environmental Laboratories   specializing   in   soil,   plant   tissue,   fertilizer   and   water   testing. For   over   30   years   A&L   has   provided   reliable,   comprehensive,   effective services    for    analytical    testing.    This    includes    having    a    variety    of professionals   in   the   fields   of   chemistry,   agronomy,   and   environmental science,    available    to    discuss    individual    needs    and    provide    technical guidance.    Our    agronomists    and    certified    crop    specialists    can    also provide   complete   nutritional   consultation   and   help   customers   expand existing   programs   through   GPS   (Global   Positioning   Satellite   Sampling) techniques.   Our   Environmental   division   provides   Inorganic   Chemistry, Organic    Chemistry,    General    Chemistry    and    Pesticide    analysis    using state of the art technology and methodology

2136 Jetstream Rd

London, Ontario N5V 3P5 CA