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Anti-Microbials Testing Laboratories Contract Laboratories works with International Anti-Microbials Contract Laboratories, Anti-Microbials Contract Research Organizations and Anti-Microbials Scientific Research Facilities. Browse our International Anti-Microbials Scientific Laboratory Directories to help you meet your scientific research and laboratory testing needs.

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Anti-Microbials laboratories may also do the following tests:

  • In Vitro Susceptibility Testing: Assessing the effectiveness of antimicrobial agents against specific microorganisms in a controlled environment Testing
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Testing: Determining the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial that will inhibit the visible growth of a microorganism Testing
  • Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) and Minimum Fungicidal Concentration (MFC) Testing: Measuring the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial that will kill a certain percentage of the original inoculum Testing
  • Time-Kill Assays: Evaluating the rate at which an antimicrobial agent kills bacteria Testing
  • providing insight into the pharmacodynamics of the agent Testing
  • Biofilm Susceptibility Testing: Assessing the efficacy of antimicrobial agents against microorganisms growing in biofilms Testing
  • which are more resistant to treatment Testing

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