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Need to find contractors, consultants or service providers to provide services to your laboratory such as new lab construction, renovation, chemical synthesis, lab product sterilization, lab equipment calibration, lab instrument validation, training, scientific grant writing or GLP consulting? Save valuable time searching ! Simply, fill in the following laboratory service request form. Your request will be posted annonymously on our Incoming Laboratory Service Requests Database. If service providers can meet your need, they will email us to request your details. If you wish to remain annonymous, simply indicate so and we'll send you the lab contact information and maintain your confidentialty. There is no charge to you for this service and we do not collect commisions from the service providers.If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call Toll-Free 1-877-353-0451 or 1-403-770-1992 or e-mail Contract

Laboratory Services Requests
Laboratory Services Type: If known, please indicate the type of Laboratory Services needed (ie. Laboratory Construction, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, GLP Training, Quality Systems, Contract Manufacturing, Chemical Synthesis, Deformulation, Lab Instrument Calibration, Repair, Maintenance, Sterilization, Lyophilization, , etc.)
Laboratory Services Urgency:
Location: Please indicate the country, state, city or area where the contract laboratory services are needed (ie., US, California, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Toronto, Vancouver Canada, Europe, UK, Asia, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Africa, South America)
Contract Laboratory Services Description: (500 characters maximum) Please briefly describe the type of Contract Laboratory Services needed such as the umber or type of laboratories to be constructed, type of instruments needing calibration, type of laboratory training needed, synthesis or Research ad Development needed etc.
Laboratory Services Requirements: (300 characters maximum) Please describe any requirements needed such as contractorcertifications, licenses, or registrations, etc (ie.,ISO,GMP,GLP, GCP, NIST, AASTM, UKAS, AAALAC, etc.). If you would like to remain confidential, please indicate here)
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