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TSE Energy Technologies Laboratory

100.yıl avenue

Ankara, Ostim Yenimahalle 06374 TR

TSE Energy Technologies Laboratory Services:

a. Boilers and Instantaneous Water Heaters
TS EN 483 Hermetic Boilers
TS EN 625 Domestic Hot Water Operation
TS EN 297 Boilers Fitted with Atmospheric Burners
TS EN 677 Condensing Boilers
TS 615 EN 26 Instantaneous Water Heaters
b. Boilers
TS 497
TS EN 303-1/2/3
TS EN 656
TS 9876 EN 303-4
TS EN 13836
TS EN 15417
TS EN 15420
TS 4040/41 Power, leakage and emission tests
c. Boiler, Exchanger and Expansion Tanks:
TS 736
TS 1996
TS 11424 Dimension and leakage tests
d. Radiators
Leakage and Capacity Tests can be conducted in the radiator stand.
II. Gas Analysis and Pressure Vessel Division
Gas and Liquefied Gas fuel;
Determining the Upper and Lower Heating values
Calculation of the Chemical Percentages in the Mixture
Calculation of Relative Density
Emission Measurements Outside (CO, NO and NO2, SO2, CxHy)